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    Steinism is the political beliefs of the American physician, Jill Stein, the presidential candidate for the Green Party of the United States in 2012 and 2016.

    Steinism believes capitalism tends to accumulate wealth in the hands of a few which destroys the free market and also destroys democracy. Steinism supports economic democracy "which is the parallel of political democracy", and she supports small government, local decision-making with regional coordination and guidelines. [1]

    2016 Platform: Our Power to the People Plan

    • Climate Action: Protecting Mother Earth and Humanity
    • Jobs as a Right, and Key Support for Labor
    • End Poverty
    • Health Care as a Right
    • Education as a Right
    • A Just Economy
    • Freedom and Equality
    • A Just Immigration System
    • Criminal Justice Reforms
    • Justice for All
    • LGBTQIA+ Platform
    • Peace and Human Rights
    • Empower the People: Fix our Broken Elections with Real Democracy
    • A Humane Federal Budget with Fair Taxes
    • Financial Reform
    • Housing
    • Autism
    • Military and Veterans’ Rights
    • Tribal Nations and Indigenous Rights
    • Strong Federal Laws Against Animal Cruelty [2]



    In 2002, Stein began her political career by running as the Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor of Massachusetts (against Republican Mitt Romney). Her running mate was Tony Lorenzen, a high school theology teacher. She finished third in a field of five candidates, with 76,530 votes (3.5%).

    In 2004, Stein ran for state representative for the 9th Middlesex District, which included portions of Waltham and Lexington. She received 3,911 votes (21.3%) in a three-way race, ahead of the Republican candidate but behind Democratic incumbent Thomas M. Stanley.

    In 2005, Stein set her sights locally, running for the Lexington Town Meeting, a representative town meeting, the local legislative body in Lexington, Massachusetts. Stein was elected to one of seven seats in Precinct 2. She finished first of 16 candidates, receiving 539 votes (20.6%).

    In 2008, Stein was reelected, finishing second of 13 vying for eight seats. Stein resigned during her second term to again run for governor.

    On March 4, 2006, at the Green-Rainbow Party state convention, Stein was nominated for Secretary of the Commonwealth. In a two-way race with the three-term incumbent, Democrat Bill Galvin, she received 353,551 votes (17.7%).

    On February 8, 2010, Stein announced her second candidacy for governor. Her running mate was Richard P. Purcell, a surgery clerk and ergonomics assessor. In the November 2 general election, Stein finished fourth, receiving 32,895 votes (1.4%).


    In 2012, Jill Stein ran with Cheri Honkala as her running mate. Her campaign was for a Green New Deal that would aid the environment in it's struggle against the terror capitalists have brought upon it. In total, Stein got 0.36% of the popular vote, 469,501 votes. Only three states did she get over 1% of the vote; Maine (1.3%), Oregon (1.1%), and Alaska (1.0%).

    In 2016, Jill Stein ran again with Ajamu Baraka as her running mate. Her campaign was once again with a Green New Deal that would aid the environment. In the end, Stein got fourth place in the election with 1.07% of the popular vote (1,457,216 votes). In Hawaii, Stein got over 2% of the vote.




    • Sandersism - I offered you the presidential nomination in 2016; the DNC was never going to let you win.
    • American Libertarianism - We can work together on ballot access issues.


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