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    Stefithought otherwise known as Stephanie's ideology is characterised as being libertarian-progressive + others, it is based off of the creators (steph here, hi, :3) Stephies political stance, this is half of a joke and half serious wiki page of her ideology, she is currently learning about Market Socialism

    What it is

    Stefithoughtball is well, based off of Stephanie's ideology and her political stances and opinion, economically she is neutral or split on Capitalism or Communism, but advocates for a free market and mixed economy, most likely CapCom, socially she is libertarian, she wants to maximise people's rights and their liberty, she also wants to progress forward but at a not-so fast pace, she is a non-extreme Nationalist, an American Isolationist, a light Statist, but shes just Syncretic, (jokingly) she calls for the consolidation of democracy ran by Autistics, you're probably questioning Statism and Nationalism, I'll explain, by "light," she means a State temporarily or there to only enforce the NAP and to practice rights and interests against crime, Nationalism isn't extreme, it can be borderline culturally left patriotism anyhow, on the other hand, she isn't a big fan of Internationalism and Globalism as she wants to pursue her nations interests, though she keeps her borders open as a supporter of diversity and multiculturalism as it can be useful for uniting a nation, she can be considered an anti-Anarchist but she doesn't really like it, not hate, as she doesn't understand how it'll work and generally don't like it, as of now (30), Stefithoughtball is looking into Market Socialism and looking to incorporate such ideas


    This is, again based off of the creators (Stephanie here, hey!) Personality so therefore, yeah, anyhow, Stefithoughtball can come off as mean or "assholeish" but she really isn't, is just the way she is, she's also quick to prove, she really likes arguing, debates and discussion, she's kinda shy though and really doesn't like to talk as much (will update)




    • Hacheonism - cool person who helped w my page !! creds to them :3
    • TIIKKETMASTER Thought - fellow minarchist !! you too, are quite based in fact, but the ruralism..? eh whatever
    • Macdeko's thought - another libertarian! you seem pretty cool honestly !!
    • Brazilian Liberalism a Brazilian, i see, you follow libertarianism, you too also seem pretty cool

    (sorry if it seems bland !! ill work on it later !!)

    How to Draw

    WIP(kinda, still) 1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a black triangle on the left side
    3. Add 2 new lines ontop of the triangle
    4. Fill the top line with #24FC24
    5. Same thing but with the bottom line, FF0D00 instead
    6. Add a pink bow tie (#F3A9B6)
    7. (Optional,) Instead of a pink bow, a fez instead
    8. (Optional,) the middle can be a Sickle and Hammer or Crescent and Star, or even both
    9. (Optional,) The triangle can be an eyepatch


    (put whatever, drawings(?), help, requests, contact, hello, criticism, "add me"s mate, reallyanything ig !!) (alefbeys <- discord if you wanna contact me)

    To-do List

    • Fix and add the alignments and influenced by
    • Make the page look more cleaner
    • Add more content and relationships
    • Input the Polcompball Icons for each time they're first referenced
    • Add more to the Personality page
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