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    State egoism is an ideology that only cares for itself and wants it's country to be the best. It doesn't care about anything.

    It's literally just Egoism applied to a Nation/State rather than individuals


    State Avaritionism

    State Avartionism believes in a Jingoist Diplomatic policy rather that a pacifist one of State Egoism. It believes that it's in the nation's best interest to Conquer and Destroy weaker nations, it also rejects international Law im the same way that Avaritionism rejects the NAP

    State Soulism

    State Soulism Believes that it's in the nation's self interest to help others, it adopts a similar diplomatic policy of that of Switzerland or Early North Korea in that the nation is self reliant but will gladly ally and cooperate with other nations to achieve world peace.

    Personality and Behavior

    It rarely cares for anything. It is egocentric and egoistic




    • Anarcho-Egoism - My family member. He has some views I don't like.
    • Hive-Mind Individualism - We are not the same. You want to reduce suffering whilst keeping individual self interests, I just want the best for MY people only.
    • State Avartionism - Son, you're incredibly based, but please chill out.
    • State Soulism - Same as above, but instead why do you have to be a globetard, son?
      • - It's simply because I want to, I want to end suffering in this world and minimalise it, and thus I'm doing it in my self interest.


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