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    Starmerism is a centre left ideology that is mainly concerned with winning elections even if it means not promising much, and cold hard pragmaticism. Starmer however did praise Corbyn in 2020 for making Labour the party of Anti Austerity though according to several Corbynites, Starmer is in favour of austerity himself and is full of lies.


    He is a self-proclaimed Socialist, but with some pro-business, fiscally conservative rhetorics like the support of tax cuts though only for the middle class. He's somewhat patriotic and supportive of the Queen and veterans. Being the former Head of the Crowns Prosecution Service, he is supportive of law and order and was rather lenient during his tenure. His most solid stance is his opposition to Anti-Semitism which he believes had a large presence in Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and must be eradicated following and ECHR report.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw two Frankenstein bolts on either side
    3. Draw stitches dividing up each part of the ball
    4. Fill in each piece with an ideology listed as an influence.
    5. Draw the eyes and you're done.




    • Paternalistic Conservatism - Labour MUST take back our red wall voters!
    • Blairism - Thanks for your support in the party leadership election. But you were pretty right wing, I don't want to just repeat history.
    • Democratic Socialism - Bit too left wing and sympathetic with them but mostly cool.
    • One-Nation Labour - Thank you guys too! However you do need to take a stronger stance on, well most things.
    • Eco Socialism - Yes, I'm a green-red myself but why don't you like me?


    • Corbynism - You ruined the party!
    • Illegalism - Your gangs hurt people!
    • Borisism - The most corrupt and incompetent prime minister in British history. You should resign before making further embarrassments. I am glad that you are finally gone, bozo.
    • SNPism - I will not be giving you Independence and you are actually Tartan Tories disguised in Labour clothing to steal our tartan wall voters! Only a matter of time until Labour takes back our ancestral home!

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