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    Starlight Equalism is based on a character that came from My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic and his name was Starlight Glimmer who has founded Our Town that is located north of Equestria to get rid of cutie marks to make every pony equal.

    Starlight Equalism thinks that cutie marks will cause division, bullying & poverty while but Starlight Glimmer keep his cutie mark in a disguise to prevent every pony that he is a fraud and after a nasty incident with The Mane Six he runs away to get revenge on them by using time travel but in the end forgives was given to him.

    Starlight Glimmer has worked with The Mane Six along with the Equestrian Government after he is reformed but in the alternative universe he keep his old ways and let Our Town survive to thrive even Double Diamond has taken over for Stalliongrad.



    • Bronyism - Ghost says that Bronies where actually Socialists but it was true thank you cowboy skeleton.
    • Marxism - You looked like a normal god in person but you where mortal and created ideas for me.
    • Brony Kakistocracy - Awwwww you are so cute even you given birth by Alicorn Tyrants.


    • Harmoist Theocracy - Long Live The Mane Seven Even It Was The Mane Six.
    • Equestrian Nationalism - You gonna keep the Racism to a tiny bit.
    • Brony Progressivism - Sorry I can not let Twilight Sparkle distracted me from having friends with Trixie.
    • Brony Moonlitism - Please no more nightmares even you warned me about danger.
    • Brony Fascism - You wanted to protect your wife & flurry but you are a Fascist also brother of Twilight Sparkle.
    • Brony Epistocracy - You're the one that ruined my image with Alicorn Policies but I forgive you with Alicorn Policies.
    • Harmophobia - Maybe not after Twilight Sparkle shows me the near truth.


    • Pink Capitalism - You have exploited the poor with sick promises even you are a Crystal Nationalist.
    • Silver Legionism - Oh god you wanted to get rid of equality by killing groups that you don't like.
    • Anti Bronyism - You are worst and I feel bad about you including myself.

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