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    This article will be have some part written in french for some time
    The Star-Thought, or basically, Star's current ideology, is an economically socialist, culturally progressive, and civically moderate ideology. He is the most radical member of the Montilien-School (fictionnal), but one of the least popular due to it's radicality. Much like the other Montilien-School member, he figth capitalism, liberalisme, nationalism and fascism.
    Despite being member of the Montilien-School, He is very opposed to Le Helleyism and Thorelism about the topics of economic growth, space exploration/colonisation, the use of nuclear power plant, the necessity to use technology in the figth against global warming and transhumanism. In these conflicts, he is very often on the side of Thitism. Notably on the subject of space, and the opposition to degrowth. But but despite these resemblances he opposes Thitism on the subject of Reformism and Revolution, the necessity of a cultural revolution, and very often he is much more progressiv than thittism. There are some point of agreement with Thorelism, notably on the possible necessity of a revolution. With Le Helleyism these point are often vague points of agreement or relatively simple statements.

    The Party

    He advocate the creation of an vanguard party when it is necessary, and whe it is not, the creation of a mass party.

    Space Exploration/Colonisation

    Star think that the colonisation of space is the next stage of development of Humanity. Like humanity expanded outside of africa, and into harsher territory, it is the goal of the Humankind to expand into the solar system and beyond.
    The deep reason that should push humanity to expand into inhospitable and remote territories of the earth is to discover life elsewhere or to propagate it if it does not exist outside the earth.

    The State

    Star Think that democracy is the best form of government possible. be it a semi-direct democracy or a Total-democracy (direct democraty and a large federation of commune). During the socialist phase of society (achieved by a revolution or through a proletarian revolution) the best form of government is a semi-direct democracy (or a "Democratie Partielle"). The communist phase of society will be a local direct democracy (or "Démocratie Totale/Entière").

    The Economy

    L'économie durant la phase socialiste de la société sera organisé de deux façon, la première sera une autogestion totale par les travailleurs dans le secteur "privé", la deuxième sera une gestion par l'état de certaine entreprise clé ou qui atteigne des tailles gigantesque ou qui sont nécessaire a la planification dans les premières années du socialisme. Plusieurs Plan pluriannuel seront organisé afin de transformer, premièrement la production du pays afin qu'elle soit presque entièrement tourné vers les besoin directs de la population (décidé par l'autogestion, la consultation populaire et des assemblées locale), deuxièmement le territoire national et les centres de populations afin de transformer notre façon de vivre et de respecter la nature cette transformation aura pour but principal de limiter recentrer les villes afin de limiter l'étallement urbain et ses dégats et de rendre respectueux de l'environnement nos modes de transport de communication et de vie quotidienne.


    Stylistic Notes

    • Timid, softspoken
    • Likes to think in term of system
    • Often found thinking about thinks he is watching
    • LOVES speaking about Dam
    • Likes complaining about socdem destroying any leftist movement but does not act that much to create a mass movement.

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