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    Stalinism is a totalitarian, mostly culturally left in his time, economically far-left ideology occupying the upper left corner of the political compass. He believes in rapid industrialization, socialist commodity production, socialism in one country, a totalitarian state, and collectivization of agriculture. A cult of personality was established under his rule, but Stalin expressed his personal distaste and resisted the cult multiple times.[4]


    Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili) was an ethnic Georgian Bolshevik member of the USSR who rose to power due to the promotion as the General Secretary of Lenin for the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). After he came to power, he won the power struggle against the left dissents ( Trotskyists) and right dissents ( Bukharinists.

    Shortly after coming to power, Stalin declared the end of Lenin’s New Economic Policy and enacted the the Collectivization of the USSR. During the period of collectivization, resistance from the kulaks (whose land was being confiscated), such as the burning of crops, and bad weather conditions, endured a famine, that led to a lot of pain and suffering in the USSR. In countries like Ukraine, this was remembered as the holodomor.

    With the rise of the Nazis in Germany, the Soviets fear an invasion by Hitler's remilitarized army, which had annexed Austria and focused itself on Czechoslovakia. In hopes to crush the Nazis, Stalin proposed to Britain and France an alliance to surround Germany and prevent further expansion toward Central Europe. Even with the progress made, Britain and France were heavily opposed to communism and refused the pact. After Czechoslovakia was invaded in 1938 Stalin believed Britain and France let Czechoslovakia get annexed by to appease Hitler, which backstabbed Stalin. Stalin, in 1939, enacted a neutrality pact with Nazi Germany, to give time for the USSR to prepare troops. They invaded parts of Poland, as a way to stop Nazi Germany from taking it. After 1941, when nazi germany violated the treaty, the USSR managed to go into to war, and eventually, managed to defeat it. In the process, it freed much of Eastern Europe from fascism, and helped communist movements in the area take power.

    Stalin died in 1953 and his successor started to gradually move away from his influence. Nikita Khrushchev gave a secret speech in 1956, marking the first wave of De-Stalinization. Though the shadow of Stalinism on Soviet politics would not diminish before the second wave of De-Stalinization, carried by the reformist-minded General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev.

    As one of the most respected figures in some post-Soviet countries such as Russia, Georgia and Belarus, Stalin remained a highly controversial figure internationally, with most Western scholars and his critics denouncing him, describing him of being a blood thirsty tyrant who killed a range of millions to tens of millions under his rule. Still, Stalin was to his supporters, a great military and political leader, who helped build socialism in the USSR, and sustain the dictatorship of the proletariat, who deserves credit for making the USSR a superpower with rapid industrialization and victory in the Soviet Patriotic War. Many Marxist-Leninists generally see him as one of the most important figures who theorized Marxism-Leninism, along with Marx, Engels, and Lenin.


    Economically speaking, Stalinism is far-left. Stalinism is culturally variable, but mostly left-leaning. Stalinism is a development of Leninism, his main theoretical beliefs are Socialism in one country (until 1939), Aggravation of the class struggle under Socialism, and Socialist commodity production. Although he does believe in the final goal of Communism (stateless, moneyless, classless, etc), he believes that a strong state is needed to progress toward it. He believes industrialization is needed so that the Socialist state won't get crushed by foreign powers and believes that the Kulaks are enemies of the Revolution, which is why Collectivization is needed, however, he does believe that small peasants are friends of the Revolution. He believes enemies of the people need to be purged so that Socialism can be preserved.


    Neo-Stalinism is an ideology used to represent the followers of Stalin in the modern age. It is an anti-revisionist ideology, influenced from File:Hxoha.png Hoxhaism.

    As it is a modern-day ideology, It is progressive in its social views, usually in favor of issues like feminism or gay rights and argues that Stalin was progressive too.

    Contrary to the belief of many people, figures such as Brezhnev and Kim Jong-il were not supported by most Neo-Stalinists, despite using aesthetics and methods originating in the Stalinist area, their economics and general political system is viewed as revisionist by most neo-Stalinists who derive a lot of their work from Hoxha.

    He is stereotyped as being someone who would be willing to deny and defend the actions of Stalin such as gulags, purges of his political enemies, forced deportations of “the enemies of the state”, famines as a result of mismanagement of resources, and Lysenko's biological theories, which people who are opposed to Stalin would consider abhorrent, to defend.

    Personality and Behavior

    Acts like a stereotypical Soviet-era politician often sending people to the gulag.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Dark and misanthropic sense of humor.
    • Paranoid and quick to seek revenge.
    • Violently repressive.
    • Sometimes cooperates with Nazism but only for the NAP and to get ahead of them economically, still denies it though.
    • Hates Tito and Trotsky for factionalism and revisionism.
    • Can either exist alongside Marxism–Leninism as a representation of the ideology as understood by Stalin or will not exist and be replaced ML entirely.
    • Speaks with a Georgian accent

    How to Draw

    Flag of Stalinism

    The symbol used for Stalinism in the polcompball is the symbol of the Worker's and Peasants' Red Army, more famously known as just The Red Army which was a military force led by Joseph Stalin through much of its existence.

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in red (preferably CC0000).
    3. Draw a golden hammer and sickle inside of a star (feel free to make the red inside the star darker, to mimic the USSR military badge).
    4. Draw Stalin's military cap
    5. Add eyes.

    And you're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #CD0000 205, 0, 0
    Gold #FFD700 255, 215, 0


    ამხანაგები (Comrades)

    • Leninism - I am merely a student of Lenin.
    • Marxism–Leninism - Made by me, Stalinism actually doesn't exist. Marxism-Leninism uses the foundations of Marx and Lenin. I am merely a student of Lenin.
    • Maoism - Great ally, but why did you criticize me later in "Stalin's place in history?"
    • Juche - Korean comrade! Here have a tank!
    • Hoxhaism - Albanian comrade! I love how he upholds anti-revisionism!
    • Socialism - I helped implement you in the USSR.
    • Marxist Feminism - A revolution without women's emancipation isn't a revolution. Make more babies for the state though.
    • Industrialism - It is time to put an end to the rotten policy of noninterference in production. Increase production!
    • Autarky - Soviet industry is best industry!
    • Neo-Bolshevism - Says he’s me but “Off Compass”, whatever that means
    • State Atheism - I was very harsh on religion but loosened up after 1941 to gather a support coalition in the war.
    • Police Statism - Thank you Yezhov and Beria for helping me to purge my enemies and political dissents.
    • Totalitarianism - NKVD go brrrrr. Though I don't really like the personality cult thing.

    ლუმპენპროლეტარიატი (Lumpenproletariat)

    • Anti-Fascism - Thalmann was based but you are kinda anarkiddy and/or lib now. Regardless I will never forget the Great Patriotic War, and the march to Berlin was based.
    • Posadism - FOR THE RED LINE! FOR COMRADE MOSKVIN! Too deranged for my tastes plus he's another Trot.
    • Gay Men - Contrary to popular belief, while I did ban sodomy, I don't actually care about homosexuality, more about pederasty which was common at the time. And I nor Lenin don't remember writing about you at all. Just keep your head down, alright?
    • Rooseveltianism - Thanks for the lend lease 'Velt, but I'm afraid our little alliance ends here.
    • Conservative Socialism - I am not you, but a lot of people seem to think I am.
    • Zionism - It’s complicated…
    • Chiang Kai-Shek Thought - Our relationship started at a rough place as I supported the Chinese communists against him in the 1930s. Because this bastard forgot how I and Lenin supported him all the way for his Northern Expedition Campaign with military experts and aid! But I saved him from the Xi’an coup and backed him against Japan at the beginning of the Sino-Japanese War. But still, I only did it to let Mao enter Manchuria later and funded the CCP with massive aid support and Japanese weapons. I still tried to help negotiate a peace agreement between the communists and the nationalists to divide China to give him a lifeline when the nationalists were losing the war, though. At least we both like your son.

    კულაკები (Kulaks)

    • Fascism - Biggest enemy. My gulags can fit all of your followers. Although I signed the Italo-Soviet Pact[5]and built friendly relations with him when the USSR was very isolated internationally.
    • Nazism - You backstabbing reactionary rat! I will defend Stalingrad and Leningrad until the last Soviet man! Prepare to die!!! Wait, you killed yourself? Rest in piss fascist bozo!
    • Showa Statism - XAXAXA Manchuria is MINE now you useful idiot!
    • Social Democracy - You revisionist scum! You're just Social Fascism and you're a capitalist in disguise. Also, you killed Rosa (who I don't like)!
    • Liberalism - "The bourgeoisie has its own ideology - so-called liberalism. The proletariat has its own ideology - this, as is well known, is socialism."
    • Welfare Chauvinism and Peronism - I told you about welfarism being fascist.
    • Anarcho-Communism - Silly anarkiddy, you aren't a proletarian, your gathering of peasants is petite-bourgeois anarchism!
    • Anarcho-Syndicalism - Are you not just anarkiddy again? (And stop saying I didn't help you in Catalonia, we had sent limited resources but then Japan ruined it by clashing with my country in the east.)
    • Trotskyism - *sharpens ice pick* You should have minded your own business when Germany fell, but instead you resorted to factionalism just to be salty! But thanks a lot for your help in the Russian Civil War.
    • Bukharinism - YOU ARE THE KING OF KULAKS!!! But thanks for helping me to purge Trot.
    • Left Communism - So, I'm not a real communist even though I ruled the biggest communist country in the world and spread the revolution to half of Europe and Asia, but you are a real communist even though you just sit in an armchair?
      • - Yes.
    • Reactionary Socialism - Don't care, didn't ask. Plus you're a reactionary.
    • Khrushchevism - DAMN REVISIONIST NIKITA! You just had to denounce me! Also, you hate the purges and "cult of Personality" even though you helped me with them in the first place XAXA. Defending Stalingrad during the great patriotic war was based though.
    • National Liberalism & Revolutionary Nationalism - Bourgeois nationalist reactionary scums. You want liberation from my glorious rule? I will liberate you from your pathetic lives! NOW GET IN THE GULAG!!!
    • Neoconservatism - GODDAMN NEOCONS! You killed my entire movement!
    • Hayekism - Yeah, I'm a big government commie. Problem?
    • Objectivism - I should have killed you in the gulag instead of approving your leave to America!
    • Titoism - Dubious Marxist! Why can’t you just f*king die! Throwing fascists into the pit was extremely based though.
      • - Stop sending people to kill me... if you don't stop sending killers, I'll send one to Moscow, and I won't have to send another.
    • National Communism - You are a revisionist who wants to divide the proletarian movement. I killed several natcoms in the 1930s for trying to divide USSR and I don't regret it.
    • Goulash Communism - Gulag > Goulash
    • White Nationalism - American cuck who wants to import racism to our glorious Soviet Union, prepare to get exiled!
    • Other Theocracies - My lack of god, imagine still believing in these regressive institutions. I'll forever be thankful to the Orthodox for supporting me during the war.
    • Seperatism - You are all collaborators with Nazis, get deported.
    • Reza Shah Thought - Monarchist, social fascist, capitalist, what else is there to say? And you sympathized with Hitler during the war.
    • Cardenismo - Why did you harbor Trot?
    • Revisionist Zionism - Unironic social fascist.
    • Scientocracy - Reject genetics, embrace Lysenkoism.
    • Agorism - Stop smuggling capitalism into the glorious Soviet Union!
    • Illegalism - You're going to the gulag forever greedy capitalist pig! Ignore that I robbed a bank in 1907.

    Further Information


    By Joseph Stalin

    By Other Authors



    Online Communities




    1. Mikhail Borodin is a Communist International member who helped Kemalist Turkey and Nationalist China, especially the latter, in their revolutions and national struggles against imperialists. He was later purged by Stalin.
    2. "Stalin and the Soviet Famine of 1932-33 Revisited", Michael Ellman
    3. From Lenin: "when we are told that the victory of socialism is possible only on a world scale, we regard this merely as an attempt, a particularly hopeless attempt, on the part of the bourgeoisie and its voluntary and involuntary supporters to distort the irrefutable truth. The ‘final’ victory of socialism in a single country is of course impossible."
    4. https://press-files.anu.edu.au/downloads/press/n2129/html/introduction.xhtml
    5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italo-Soviet_Pact


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