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    Sr Deyvid Thought is the new ideology of Krano.png Sr Deyvid as successor to Krano.png Kranoterism

    This new version of Deyvid is Clib.png liberal,Cap.png capitalist,Marketslibval.png free market (with some low regulations),Christy.png christian,Envi.png environmentalist,Religious.png religious,Conmon.png monarchist, Consti.png constitutionalist,Nation.png nationalist, Catheo.png catholic and PCB-Trad.png culturally right to center-right, considering itself a Conserv.png conservative.


    Conmon.png Clib.png Civic Axis Consti.png Semidirect.png

    Consti.png The Constitution Consti.png

    A very important thing that each country must have to give stability and a limit to the power that the state can have within any type of society is a constitution, with the objective of exercising power by the legislative bodies, executive and judicial of the state, this new constitution would be written based on a large part of the Spanish Constitution of 1812 that has clear overtones Clib.png liberals, in addition to having ideas such as limited government, defense of the culture and traditions, defense of Spain and their people and respect for freedom and property.

    Clib.png Liberal State Clib.png

    One thing that must be clear is that the state is a tool that can easily be used to oppress the rights of individuals directly or indirectly, so the idea here would be to seek to reduce the size it has in society, this it is linked to the previous point since the constitution will be one of those methods where it will be tried to make limited government possible, the state as you know it will continue to exist but it will not have as much power as before.

    Unitary.png Unitary or Federal State? Federal.png

    The short answer to this question is that of a federal state, where it grants a certain autonomy to the states that make up the country of power, they govern their regions with the possibility that they can implement laws for their regions as well as if they want to contribute to the National government.

    Reform.png Reform against the Revolution Reform.png

    In order to cause political changes in the country in a successful way and at the same time that these changes do not have large sudden consequences in the population, it will be done through reforms progressively, where the changes proposed in society will be put into process. But these changes will be noticed in a gradual way so that people get used to it until reaching the expected final phase.

    FreeSpeak.png Freedom of Speech FreeSpeak.png

    I support the idea that each individual, regardless of the opinion they have on a subject, can freely express their opinion without having any type of consequence, we must learn that any type of opinion can be valid and have its certain coherence within this why it does not mean that it is a waste not to listen to her, if you simply do not want to hear someone's opinion on a topic, you just ignore it and that's it, or on the contrary, you try to counter it to show them that he/she are wrong

    Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democracy Semidirect.png

    In this type of democracy I have thought that there must be some politicians and deputies in charge where they have a certain power to administer the laws of the country but at the same time that the people have the power to control their governments and laws through different forms of popular action such as votes and initiatives that the people want to propose.

    Conmon.png Monarchism Conmon.png

    I support the idea that there is a type of "head of state" that is a monarch, but the monarch as we know him will be a position more like any other in the government, only in this case the king would be the position with more functions than must comply, as a tourist symbol (since in Spain the current figure of the king is a reason for which tourism is generated in Spain) in charge of giving a good relationship to the country in international relations and to enforce the constitution.

    Cap.png Market-icon.png Economic Axis GRights.png Econlib.png

    Austrobert.png Subjective theory of value Austrobert.png

    A basic theory in which the market always complies regardless of the circumstances of this is the subjective theory of value, it is simply based on the fact that the human by nature will always buy the things that interest them and that any type of product that do not see any type of interest, you simply will not see why you should buy it, giving the case that the value of a product will always be subjective.

    Property.png Private Property Property.png

    Another important engine that must be in an economy to be successful is the existence of private property, where each individual who participates in the economy has a legal designation of a possession of any type of good from which they can benefit from it, without having any type of government entity that intervenes in this property, since private property is something natural to human beings and it is impossible to try to eliminate this and all attempts to eliminate this have been a failure.

    Econlib.png Low Regulations in the market Econlib.png

    In the market as we know it, it is more efficient if the owners and workers have the freedom to freely negotiate and manage among themselves both in the international and national framework where, based on the law of supply and demand, they can set the price that they see just to then buy them (due to the fact that the value of an object/place is subjective), obviously there will be times when the state intervenes just so as not to harm the national industry, such as the entry of monopolies.

    GRights.png Right to keep and bear arms GRights.png

    I support the idea that a person can freely have the right to carry a firearm in order to use it for self-defense in terms of his life being at risk or when the country is at war or is threatened in this way. since I mainly support the idea to keep your life much safer while I want this form of security to be through an individual effort, this right would be written in the official constitution of the country, to clarify that the minimum age What would I wear to carry a serious weapon of 18 years.

    Fiscon.png Low Taxes System Fiscon.png

    Taxes within the economic sphere should exist but these should not be very high so that the adult population can continue to contribute to the economy in an easier way. In my opinion, the percentage of taxes should be between 15-20 % in all types of taxes and thus to get them to pay what is necessary.

    DvCommerce.png Free Trade DvCommerce.png

    One essential thing that I believe that every economy must have in order to be successful is that it be very permissive with free trade, where goods can be exchanged without any type of restriction, whether it is a level of trade at the local, national. or global level should trade freely without any problem, I am also opposed to any type of restriction on trade that only leads to economic delay, for which I am opposed to high tariffs.

    Trustbust.png Anti-Monopolies Trustbust.png

    Monopolies are an economic tool that seeks to end all types of business and dismantle the national economy and free trade between them to impose their own, this is detrimental to all economies since it would inevitably lead to an economic crisis with a difficult path escape, what has to be done is basically to destroy all kinds of monopolies that are interested in entering the country with state regulation, prohibiting their products and letting in other companies that have no threat of creating monopolies.

    Cball-Spain.png Isolation.png Diplomatic Axis Euroscept.png Pac.png

    Cball-Spain.png Spanish Nationalism Cball-Spain.png

    I am a person who describes himself as a Spanish nationalist, since I feel identified and proud with the country that he saw born and grew up, I greatly appreciate its culture and identity that was forged over time being directly a treasure. that our ancestors fought to obtain, for this reason it is important for me to defend Spain as a nation as it is and to protect it from any type of thing that directly violates its sovereignty and its right to exist.

    Isolation.png Non-Interventionism Isolation.png

    For me, an idea that I take into account when it comes to diplomacy in most contexts is non-interventionism, since I firmly support the idea that there is no need to intervene in any type of war that is taking place, since in a war there is neither a good nor a bad side, the only reason why that conflict occurs is for pure interests, ignoring the citizens in most cases, for which I think that all existing countries should just not participate in those stupid wars.

    Cultural Nationalism.png The Culture Cultural Nationalism.png

    The main basis of any type of nationalism arises regardless of the ideological characteristics that it has, it is the fact that they are based on the existence of a culture, whether it is an existing one or in some cases the search for it to exist and be given to to know, since if you want the formation of a nation to exist, you must first have a culture from which you want to protect.

    Pac.png Anti-War Pac.png

    The War as we know it is simply a tool to keep the interests of the ruling class in power without them directly suffering the consequences that they have caused, despite the fact that their stupid wars for reasons that can easily being a lie or directly hiding seeking to avoid any type of controversy do not suffer the worst part of the consequences, which is why as human beings we must always oppose raising arms against any type of country and embrace pacifism.

    Euroscept.png Euroscepticism Euroscept.png

    The European Union is an organization that simply should cease to exist, since since Spain entered this union its economy has never been the same again, due to economic measures of the supposed angel of the "welfare state" and raising VAT, but not ending this with its large dose of anti-nationalism, anti-sovereignty and its notorious progressive policies that are not done in an authoritarian way in a very obvious way, so yes, Spain must get out of the European Union so that the economy can be improved.

    Cball-USA.png The West or The East? Cball-Russia.png

    The short answer to this question is none, I am not going to ally myself with any of these axes, since in one way or another they do not benefit Spain and only make it look like one more member of that axis, that is why I advocate sovereignty of my country and neutrality in these types of conflicts, since none of them is perfect, in the West the countries in general tend to be very progressive and globalist, while in the East they tend to be very authoritarian and very much in favor of economies planned, so for me it should be avoided to be related to some of these axes.

    SocialConservative.png Catheo.png Cultural Axis Marilegal.png Assimil.png

    SocialConservative.png Social Conservatism SocialConservative.png

    Culturally speaking, I am a person who admires and appreciates the culture, traditions and identity of my country, for which I support social conservatism as a way to preserve and transmit all those values ​​to the country, valuing them and celebrating them as national holidays, I also have to say that I am opposed to cultural extremism because of its opium views of cultural issues and also because it is full of edgy kids who do not leave their fucking house.

    Catheo.png Religious Beliefs Catheo.png

    I am a person who believes in the existence of a God, specifically with the name of "YHWH" basically the god of Judeo-Christianity as we know it, the branch of Christianity that I follow is Catholicism as well as being a key part in Spanish culture, I consider it to be the branch of Christianity most faithful to the gospels, not like other types such as Protestantism.

    RacismIcon.png Race RacismIcon.png

    The racism as we know it is a stupid concept, the thinking that a person is superior to others in most or all aspects just because they are part of race "x" is simply stupid, races as such in the human being exist due to the conditions of the landscape in which they already human beings develop to be able to better adapt to that ecosystem, obviously an African and an Asian are not the same, but that does not mean that they are inherently inferiors to another race, that is why I believe that racism a we know it must be combated.

    Abort.png Abortion Abort.png

    The abortion for me I see it as a deplorable act, since it basically tries to prevent the basic birth of a future life of a human being and it is an unfair act and please for the love of God do not come to me with things like "my body my decision " I remind you that a baby is an individual separated from the mother and the baby can not directly decide whether he wants to be born or not, so I would only make abortion legal in cases of rape and the mother's life was in danger.

    Marilegal.png Legalization of Drugs Acidcomf.png

    I currently support the legalization of drugs, such as the consumption of cannabis, cocaine, heroin, etc. and it is not because I am a drug addict or anything like that, but rather that this would be the most effective method for more people to stop consuming them, since that if we look closely the legalization of this does not mean that there will be more consumption since the drug will be so easy to obtain that independently its value will drop in the market and will cause drug dealers to go bankrupt, the prohibition the only thing that it provokes is more curiosity and desire to get drugs, if something is already prohibited in the economic context, it does not mean that it is not negotiated in another type of market, so basically the best solution for a lower consumption of drugs is legalizing them but the legal age to consume it is 18 years old.

    Les.png Gay.png The LGBT Question Bix.png Trans.png

    For me the people who belong to the lgtb community are normal and ordinary people and human beings like any other, only that their sexual orientation, gender identity, etc is different from what can normally be found in real life, si I have no problem with the lgtb community in terms of how they identify, I have to clarify that there are things that I do not agree with the lgtb community, but as long as they do not disturb the lives of others they are completely welcome.

    Assimil.png Cultural Assimilation Assimil.png

    I believe that a person who decides to want to live in a country that is different from the one where he was born or where he grew up must assimilate culturally into the country where he is now going to live, knowing the language, culture, traditions and history of that country. so that he has a basic knowledge of where he is going and that the individual in itself considered if it is really worth it or not, so that he can live better in his new environment, in Immigration issue I am against illegal immigration because this type of immigration is very detrimental to the country in the sense that this kind of immigration make that crimes and violations are greater and that therefore governments are more authoritarian, I prefer regulate the immigration before that happens.


    Ok, now i'm going to say my plan of myself can stay in the power obviously this being a plan, so possibly not everything that I have employed will pass 100% but it is more or less how I could implement it


    To begin, I would present myself as an independent candidate and I would try not to join any political party or coalition since I simply want all my effort to come to power to come on my own merit, for this I would try to create a web page where I expose all my purposes that I plan to do it in Spain, the dissemination method that I would use is to promote myself through social networks of all kinds and try to participate in debates and expose my points and when I have more money I will begin to start doing more propaganda, it should be clarified that ideologically speaking, I would sell myself in a slightly more moderate way than I really am, trying to be as conservative liberal as possible, the reason for this is because I want to avoid any kind of approach to the extreme right as much as possible, since in addition to not be an extremist politically speaking, if the majority of the media considers you "extreme right" simply the possibilities of reaching coming to power will be less and it's understandable that you don't like extremes and stuff, but it's so easy to misunderstand someone's political message that it can happen, so I would have to make my opinions more moderate to come to power.

    In the power

    Already in power as the new prime minister of Spain, I would begin to reform the system as it is known, first I would try to make economic reforms, such as lowering taxes on citizens, putting fewer restrictions on getting a weapon, building more hospitals, universities, colleges, etc., private, regulate the economy less and leave it more in the hands of the market and make the welfare state participate more in economic issues and the same thing but with social, diplomatic and civic issues, all this change towards society that I want will be a gradual progress that could be more radical and possibly it will take a while to arrive, but if people continue to choose me until all the plans are 100% fulfilled, the peolpe be able to see my society perfectly

    (The relations of this page is based of how much I like that ideology and how "based" it seems to me, does not count anything personal about the person, only about their ideology)











    Neoml.png Neo-Marxism–Leninism - For the love of god, what shit is this?

    Ormarxf.png Marxism - The 14 of March 1883 is one of my favourites day of the world Troll.png

    Succdem.png Sanchismo - Mira a Pedro Sánchez como sube los precios con cada cagada que hace, mira lo coqueto que se pone al ver a un golpista haciendo una pose, se la pasa diciendo muchas tonterías y mentiras como si estuviera en una borrachera, pero cuando el este cerca de llegar a su madriguera, el se va a llegar a encontrar con una agradable sorpresa 😉

    Pinksta.png Pink Stalinism - AAAAAA!!

    Mao.png Maoism - Go fuck yourself

    Fash.png Fascism - The Nuremberg trials it's coming 😉

    ML.png Marxism-Leninism - This ideology is a pure dystopia

    Natbol.png National Bolshevism - Ideology meme was dropped


    Strasser.png Strasserism - Oh god please no

    MLM.png Marxism–Leninism–Maoism - 💀

    Incel2.png Incelism - Where to start? This movement is made up of some virgin men who are like that only because some woman treated his badly, but really how this rejection was treated is done in a very extreme and stupid way, generalizing the cases in a silly way and hating women when literally a woman gave you life, the solution to that is just stop behaving like an douchebag and try to socialize with girls, in reality isn't so hard but well


    Gabduff-icon.png Gabrialduffeyism - Very Based Gay Conservative and passionate for the music

    Chcknwngsbll.png Chcknwngs Thought - Oh you're basically me but more moderate you still based, SLAVA UKRAINI!!!


    Icecream6969.png Davilandism - Based in general, but you know i hate that you can be very extremist with your political opinions i hope that you can be more moderate with the time.

    METBOL.png Metbolism - Well actually you are not so bad, but you are very homophobic, statist and culturally radical but you are cool in general

    Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism - In reality this ideology would be in the based section, but the fact that you hate Hispanics for stupid things is absurd, leave that

    EpicConIcon.png Patrick - Christianity, culturally right, monarchism and conservatism are quite based, on the economy meh and on the civic axis meh the same, in general it's fine


    Queerprim.png Queer Primalism - You usually was based... the anarcho-individualism for me is an ideology that is meh, I kind of support the idea of ​​individualism that it has, but for me I think it takes it to a very extreme point

    Syntridem2.png Applethesky2021 - Well, I have mixed opinion about you, you're something statist and leftist economally, but you're at least you're socially conservative and you hate the actual government of China


    TonyNew.png South Floridan Socialism - I don't like socialism, transhumanism, progressivism and separatism, at least you are civically liberal and an environmentalist, which is fine

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup Thought - Progressivism, Socialism, Neo-Marxism being an important base in your ideology I just don't like it, at least you are anti-authoritarian and environmentalist

    NeoAlphadonialism.png Neo Alphadonialism - Well, from what I see you have a post-leftist thought of the world, your civic points are fine but anarchism seems extreme to me, your economy and social points are not my thing and I have no idea about diplomacy, so for now you stay here

    - Socialism mixed with the postmodernism is not my thing, in the civic axes you are meh, I'm not a fan of anarchism


    GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought - You're a very cool guy and one of my greatest friends of here, but your ideology... it is simply a dystopia for me, I say it in the sense that implementing a Marxist-Leninist republic in India is not a good idea, I do not support communism, authoritarianism that you present to me and it is true that nationalism and your conservatism (even if it is in the first world) is fine, but generally speaking I don't like your ideology

    NeoImmorx.png Novoimmorxism - Something very similar happens with you, but in this case you are a little more moderate in the cultural question and you are a feminist

    File:Slavreichismsmallnew!.png Slavreichism - Lmao this is ideology is pure bullshit, but for i can see you're futurist now, that's more worse and wacky wtf

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