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    Squid Gameism is an economically off-compass right, moderately authoritarian ideology, advocating for the societal implementation of Squid Game, a survival game where a group of volunteer players (456 in the 33rd edition from 2020) gamble their lives on children's games, for a tiny chance at winning a massive jackpot.

    Squid Gameism is a huge fan of free-market capitalism, as it provides the conditions necessary to provide an ample supply of Squid Game players, for the entertainment of an elite class of gamemasters. Squid Gameism has a fondness for eliminating the weak, turning their lives into cash and harvested organs.

    Squid Game has been running since 1988 and was founded by Oh Il-Nam. It is most famous for its 33rd edition in 2020, which was comprised of 6 games, all themed around classic children's games:

    1. Red Light, Green Light - Players have 5 minutes to fully cross a large field from one end to the other, while being only allowed to move when the game sings "Green Light". Any players who move after the game sings "Red Light" are shot. Any players still on the field after 5 minutes are shot.

    2. Sugar Honeycombs - Players have 10 minutes to use a needle to carve out 1 of 4 specific shapes: a circle, a triangle, a star, or an umbrella, from a piece of dalgona candy. Any players who either break the candy inside the shape, or exceed the timer, are shot.

    3. Tug Of War - Self-explanatory. Players have to form teams of 10, stand on opposing sides of a deadly chasm, and drag the other team into the chasm with the rope, to which all players are chained, causing all 10 to fall to their deaths.

    4. Marbles - Players form pairs, and within each pair, the players play any game of marbles they agree on, with the only objective being to win all 20 marbles, originally evenly split in 10's between the 2 players, without violence. The winner walks away, and the loser is shot.

    5. Glass Stepping Stone Bridge - Players have 16 minutes to cross a chasm, using 2 flat, parallel bridges, each made of 18 evenly spaced glass panels. Each panel can be made of either tempered glass, which can hold the weight of 2 players, or regular glass, which shatters on impact, sending any player on it falling to their death. After the time is up, all panels will explode, removing the bridge and potentially injuring successful crossers.

    6. Squid Game - Players are separated into teams of offense and defense, and are placed on a sand arena, made of a triangle and square. The offense starts on the bottom of the square, and must cross the arena and tap on a small circle located on the tip of the triangle in order to win, while the defense must either push them out of bounds or kill them. Both sides carry steak knives. Any player who steps out of bounds is shot.

    The death of every player adds a large sum of money (100M Korean won, in the Netflix series) to the winner's jackpot. The last player alive wins the full jackpot (45.6B won in the series).

    The gamemasters and (especially) the guards, by protocol, never remove their masks. Anyone involved in running the game who removes their mask (thus revealing their identity) is shot.

    This ideology is based on Squid Game, a Korean Netflix series depicting a society that has the death game described above.



    • Capitalism - My best friend.
    • Social Darwinism - I greatly admire your ideas. I hope you like how I'm implementing them.
    • Kraterocracy - We might not agree on manipulating people into an illusion of choice and freedom, but still, "rule of the strong"? What can I say except BASED?
    • Oligarchy - It's optimal that power over society is controlled by a small group.
    • Plutocracy - Literally me, except I take it to the next level.
    • Eugenicism - I'm doing the gene pool of my nation a huge favor.
    • Fordism - A bit of a cuck, but has most of the right ideas on organizing society.
    • Corporatocracy - I'm a corp.


    • Panemism - Has good ideas about using survival games to turn my subjects on each other. However, I'm not a huge fan of the lack of nuance, manipulation, or incentive.
    • Neoliberalism - You're headed in the right direction, but you're too hesitant to harness your full potential.
    • Conservatism - Good political framework, but your attachment to "Christian morals" is disgusting.
    • Illegalism - Depends on whether you give me a bribe.
    • Avaritionism - Empathy is indeed a spook, but how do you expect to maintain a monopoly on power with no rules or organized security?
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - See above.
    • Gambliarchy - You're a pathetic weakling. You do give me valuable entertainment, though.


    1. Equality is considered a core concept of the game. In Squid Game, the gamemaster made remarks emphasizing how equality, as in in equal chance to win, is an important part of the game. When a few pink soldiers were caught assisting a contestant, they were all executed as it was considered cheating.
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