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    Not to be confused with Arachnism, the ideology of humans wanting to implement a spider-like system.

    Spider Nationalism is a non-quadrant, culturally progressive traditionalist and nationalist ideology that advocates for spiders to rise up against arachnophobes and then continue on with their lives without having to worry about being stepped on. The main difference between it and Arachnism is that while the latter is practiced by humans wanting to implement an anarchist spider-like system, the former is practiced by actual spiders themselves.



    • Indigenism - We are extremely similar.
    • Species Nationalism - Long live spiders! (Though some of you are eerily similar to the humans who kill us and the animals that prey on us).
    • Scorpism - A human that likes us! Proof that not all humans are evil arachnophobes.
    • Arachnism - Not really an anarchist myself, but it's nice to see more humans who likes us.
    • Traditional Progressivism - Wants to combat racism and then continue their traditional way of life. BASED!
    • Islamic Theocracy - You see us as a sign from Allah? That's based as fuck!


    • Human Nationalism - Look, I don't hate humanity as a whole. There's people like him who support us, which is cool. But some of you are racist shits, ESPECIALLY your brother.


    • Arachnophobia - The root of all evil in this world. And no, I am not a "spawn of Satan" just for making webs and eating bugs.
    • Human Chauvinism - I literally kill and eat the same mosquitoes that you clearly hate, why do you want to kill me?

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