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    Spectreicon.png Spectreism is the ideology of the shadow organization known as Spectre from the webcomic Unordinary by Uru-Chan. Spectre initially was formed with a dream to bridge the gap between the weak and strong until Spectre figured out how to make ability dampening drugs, since then Spectre has became greedy and force people to join in its ranks using ability dampening drugs as a bargaining chip.


    Spectreism believes using ability amplifying and dampening drugs to rule society. There will still be a hierarchy in place where people with strong powers and abilities rule the weak but thanks to ability amplifying and dampening drugs, the high and god tiers end up being the executives who control the drugs. While the high and elite tiers are higher ups in Spectre company and low tiers and mid tiers are those who work for or are against Spectre. The world is ruled by a Corp.png corporatocratic structure de facto wise within a Hightier.png High-Tier Hierarchycracy society.


    Spectreism is often very sneaky and is often seen wearing a disguise to prevent himself from being known. Spectreism often loves spying and trying to gather info and then backstab them either instantly or gaining their trust and backstabbing them. Spectreism's true personality is a greedy psychopath who will do anything to recruit people and use them as slaves to gain more power and money like a true big corporation.




    • Proto-Spectreism - Sorry but dampening people's abilities is way more fun than trying to dampen the hierarchy.
    • Unordin.png Unordinaryism - Same as above AND JOHN DOE IS MY NEXT TARGET!
    • Arlothought2.png Arloist Thought - Terrorist hater and also YOU BEAT UP ALL MY AGENTS!!!
    • Remithought.png Remi Thought - YOU ARE ON MY HIT LIST AS WELL!
    • Leilah - TRAITOR!!!
    • Johndoe.png John Doeism - HAHA We disabled your abilities as well! Now bow to me slave!

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