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    Spanish nationalism is the social, political and ideological movement that has shaped Spain's national identity since the 19th century.


    Historically, Spanish nationalism specifically emerged with liberalism, during the Spanish War of Independence against Napoleon I of France, Since then it has changed its contents and ideological and political proposals, The Spanish nationalism that proved decisive in the twentieth century stems from the frustration of the disaster of 1898, in what has been called regenerationism, which claim very opposite movements: from the dynastics, to the republican opposition and through the military


    Cadiz Liberalism

    Cadiz Liberalism is a political ideology part of a political movement that began in the Spanish War of Independence, as a fundamental scenario the Cortes of Cádiz and its constitution, this ideology mixes Progressivism, Liberalism and Nationalism Specifically the Civic Nationalism


    Falangism, is an economically third position, culturally far right-wing, authoritarian and nationalist ideology originating from Spain. It places a large emphasis on hierarchy, authority and order, and is opposed to communism and liberal democracy, This political ideology Defend the unity of Spain and ethnostate, Based on the mix of races and also advocated for the incorporation of Portugal and Gibraltar to Spain


    Francoism is a Authoritarian Right ideology that believes that the beliefs of Francisco Franco should be implemented, In this case the Spanish Nationalism it mixes with beliefs like Catholicism, Militarism, Anti-Communism, Anti-Liberalism and Authoritarianism




    External Links

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