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    Spamtonism is the ideology representing the salesman Spamton G. Spamton, a major antagonist in chapter 2 of the indie game Deltarune. He claims that he became a salesman not for the money, but for the freedom of the job. Additionally, he also has a desire to be a "big shot" and demands an audience with heaven itself. However, he does not hesitate to use questionable means of gaining power, shown by his behavior in the Snowgrave route.


    Before the events of Deltarune Chapter 2, Spamton G. Spamton was an ordinary businessman as one of the Addisons. He was rather unsuccessful in sales, but still would always tell the others he will become a "big shot" one day. Desperate, Spamton looked for a way to hit it big, by any means necessary. Eventually, he came in contact with someone who can help him via phone. Suddenly, Spamton will become successful as an advertiser and would sell a variety of products, one of which was a car called the "Cungadero" which was sold by a company called "Big Shot Autos". He would even gain his own room in Queen's mansion, and the other Addisons would get so jealous that they would stop going out with him. Unfortunately for Spamton, the newfound fame would soon disappear as fast as it came. Both Spamton's fame and his mysterious helper would soon vanish. Once again in desperation, Spamton started praying in the basement of Queen's mansion and became obsessed with an "artifact", presumed to be the machine he used to gain access to the NEO form. The machine was allegedly created by a Lightner with the help of Swatch, digitally visualizing their hopes and dreams. Those dreams never came to be however, and the machine was abandoned in the basement along with the rest of the corrupted data. On the day of Spamton's eviction from Queen's mansion, one of the Addisons came to visit Spamton, but found he had already left. His phone was left hanging off of the handle, and the Addison heard "garbage noise" from the other end. Spamton would then be reduced to living in a dumpster with no friends, but he never got over his obsession with the machine. Multiple attempts were conducted to sneak back into the basement, such as when he impersonated Swatch and when he asked Sweet Cap'n Cakes to try to sneak him in (they refused).


    Stylistic Notes

    • Spamton has a complex and unpredictable speech pattern:
      • All letters should be capitalized.[1]
      • Brackets should be used every so often.
      • References to advertisements and usage of business lingo are encouraged.
      • Intentionally make grammar/punctuation/spelling mistakes. [2]
      • Common phrases said by Spamton:
        • 1997
        • ”BE A [[BIG SHOT]]”
        • [[Hyperlink Blocked]]
        • pipis
        • Kromer


    [Business Partners]

    [Little Sponges]

    • Sansism - WHO THE [@$@!] ARE YOU??!


    • Jevilism - YOU DAMNED [[Clown Around Town]]!! UNLIKE YOU, I'M GONNA [[Shoot For the Sky!]]
    • Mike - YOU TOOK [[Everything Everywhere All at Once]] FROM ME! I DON'T NEED YOU! Please come back...
    • Addisons - ALL OF MY FRIENDS, [[Abandoned me for the slime]] I WAS? SALES, GONE DOWN THE [[Drain]] [[Drain]]?? LIVING IN A GODDAMN GARBAGE CAN???

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    1. Use proper capitalization only with text in brackets
    2. (However, don’t do this if you want to be more accurate his dialogue in the snowgrave route)
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