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    Spadist Libertarian Noocracy

    Spadist Libertarian Noocracy is a left-libertarian iteration of noocracy that seeks to provide the proper basic education to the people to ensure that good decisions are being made by those who are the most directly affected by them. With that basis, it seeks to create a well-run, educated society upon which the population can have their liberties maximized as ethically as possible.


    Civlibert.png Civics Nooc.png

    Spadist Libertarian Noocracy advocates for civil liberty supported by a hierarchically horizontal noocracy. It looks to ensure that the most possible amount of interested citizens gain enough knowledge and wisdom to partake in the decision-making process. Rather than just teaching them what they need to know, they should also be teached how to think for themselves, ensure the validity of their sources, and defend themselves against any sort of manipulation, among other skills. Under this model, censorship will have even less of a reason to take place, as it is already harmful and inefficient.


    Civil Libertarianism - I live by your words, my mentor
    Social Libertarianism - I'm still unsure about my economic stance, but as far as I know you're pretty neat!
    Noocracy - Knowledge and wisdom are indeed needed for proper decision making, just don't turn into a dictatorship pls the people deserve a voice
    Environmentalism - We can't be free in a planet that's gone to heck
    Anti-Authoritarianism - Our wits will be our sharpest weapons in this joint battle, brother
    Democracy - I believe no one knows one's needs better than themselves, we just need the tools to act upon those needs effectively
    FALGSC - If I ever find myself in a gay interstellar post-scarcity star-trekkian society, you won't see me complaining
    Nordic Model - You must be doing something right, but I think we can take this a bit further..
    Alter-Globalization - Now this is some proper globalization
    Feminism - People deserve to be treated with respect regardless of gender, no arbitrary division will restrict what roles we play in society.
    Men's Liberation - Same sentiment as above, men should be allowed to embrace their masculinity while also not falling into harmful stereotypes.
    Queer Anarchism - I have yet to find any reasonable argument to not support LGBTQ rights!
    Technogaianism - The only form of transhumanism that won't lead to our destruction
    Bi-Piratism - Love your aesthetic.. and policies too, but mostly the aesthetic
    Christian Socialism - Based interpretation of christianity and the true meaning of Christmas
    Cartoonism - Animation is an underrated medium
    Laicism - Keeping religion as a purely personal matter is the best way to achieve religious freedom for all
    Deistocracy - The existence of spiritual beings is a possibility that could be worth exploring
    Post-Colonial Anarchism - Only based form of nationalism I've met so far. Those colonialists won't take away our culture!
    Situationism - I do love your artistic approach and your critique of the commodification of the media nowadays
    Cottagecore Neoluddism - My ideal retirement plan ngl

    Friend -sonas

    Liberal Technocracy - I think I agree with almost every stance you hold, that's neat
    Ethnic Welfarism  - Egalitarian, pro-global alliance, welfarist and a desire to reduce conflict peacefully, I'd say you're the only based ethnonationalist I've met so far
    Conseilism - You made traditionalism cool again by making it domestically libertarian and egalitarian. Plus, living in the 1920s sounds pretty swell ngl
    Inkyism - An extremist in all the right ways. The only reason I'm not entirely libleft is because I still think some capitalism can be channelled to promote individual liberty.
    Caressism - Form what I see, you're adamant on finding ways to achieve a society where people lead happy, healthy lives, and I just think that's wonderful! Laicism could be a way to get everyone to practice their religion as ethically as possible, just saying..
    Tomassciism - Your views seem great on almost all fronts.. I just don't know whether scientists can be able to run a government on top of making advancements in their fields

    Neo-Sorcerersilasism - Incredibly based fellow mixed-economics progressive libertarian! Only thing that's missing is a nice icon

    Neo-Airisuism - You're damn right no unjust hierarchy should be left untoppled! Still unsure about getting rid of private property tho, but eco-communes sound really nice.
    Progressive Neo-Corporatism - Most of your ideas sound great overall, but this neo-corporatism sounds like too much unnecessary bureaucracy for some small businesses that might not need it.
    Chaosocialism - You apply libertarian and authoritarian policies very effectively and in a way that can prevent tyranny; and you seek to properly channel the creative power of human free will.. it's beautiful (as well as your design)
    Potashism - An extremist fighting for the right cause, but I think you should focus in fighting in a way that gets others to join you
    Rutabagism - A reasonably thought-out way to achieve a socialist society that serves the people through reform; a tad too far left but that's understandable


    Transhumanism - You're too powerful, you can either free us all and save the environment, or become the conveyor belt to our doom
    Conservatism - Of course there's value in preserving certain traditional values, just don't enforce them upon everyone!
    Nationalism - Like it or not, we're not alone in this planet. Learn to cooperate.
    Crypto-Totalitarian Entertainment - Like any artist, I'm all for making the world a bit more interesting.. but I prefer by far to make it better and freeer
    Ethnopluralism - I like your intentions, but let's keep the ethnostates to the ethnostatists
    Multiculturalism - I fully support the harmonious cohabitation of different cultures, but if this goes to an extreme where all of humanity converges into only one global culture.. I worry about what that would do to individuality
    Pink Capitalism - I like some of your products ngl, but activism under unfettered capitalism is merely performative

    Mixed feelings -sonas

    Gabrialduffeyism - I think we differ on most stances, but you still see a bit of value in civil rights and progress!
    Quarkism - You value economic fairness and the pursuit of rationality, but I do fear you might be trampling a bit too much on some civil liberties for the sake of efficiency. Also "capital can be freely used to avoid the law as a reward for productivity", seriously? Side note: Your eyes unsettle me on both a character design and a visceral level.
    Aeirinism - Using a strong militarized institution to get rid of institutionalization and oppression, fascinating yet dangerous strategy. I do have to say the rest of your government and economic stances confuse me.

    Rather not interact with

    Alt-Right - Dude you can't just call everything different from you "degenerate"
    Futurism - The fact that you're also a progressive artist has me a bit conflicted.. but not enough to shill for a fascist
    Totalitarianism - Good grief..
    nazis - I vow to stay as far away from you as I can
    Egoism - Sure plenty of these institutions are arbitrary, but they're needed for society to work for everyone. No man is an island.
    Counter-Enlightenment - I can't believe ideologies like you even exist in this day and age
    Theocracy - "My God says so" is not an argument

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