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    Space Colonialism is an ideology that is about colonizing other planets and the space, space colonialism also support that humans should run into the space and expand its influence over the space.

    Phases and Praxis

    So umm, this section will be an in-depth space colonialist guide based of the teachings of our master, Kurzgesagt.

    Phase 1: Moon Base

    The first step to space colonization is to colonize the planetary object most closest to us, the Moon! In real life, we have already landed on the Moon several times before with the first time being in 1969. Creating a moon base is a hard and difficult task but can actually be done in our modern day! Currently, NASA says that a moonbase could be possible and would cost 20-40 billion dollars over the span of an entire decade.

    Firstly, we will send a small rocket ship with about a crew of 12 people to land on the Moon. The landing site would preferably be somewhere with natural defense and protection to protect teh crew from hurling asteroids. The crew will consist of scientists and engineers who will study the natural rock of the Moon and try and find a way to use it to their advantage. It's also possible to extract Ice from the moon and find a way to create water, this water can then be seperated into Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules to provide air on the Moon. As for energy, it would most likely be harvested using solar panels that collect sunlight. From their, lots of different corporate and buisness entities arrive on the Moon trying to start a monopoly on moon resources. This will then bring more people onto the Moon and soon enough a self-sufficient colony will be created. Things like hospitals and schools will, be created to tend to human needs and entire Moon cities will be formed.




    • Galactic Imperialism - He created me but he's always asking me to pay him tithes.
    • FALGSC - How can i pay my tithes to the empire if there's no money?


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