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    Flag of Southern Integralism

    Southern Integralism is both a democratic Ideology based around Integralism[1], Catholic Fundamentalism[2], and Cultural Nationalism[3] .


    In economics it resembles many aspects of market socialism[4]and distributism[5] where large corporations are split up into small businesses which hold corporate elections to find the future head of business. There are also regulations to keep corporations equal and small enough to have little impact on the national economy preventing the rise of monopolies. This also means the limitation of corporations to local communities with the end goal being the improvement of the community instead of the benefit of the individual.


    It advocates for a Catholic, Fundementalist, and Nationalistic society where the worlds borders are drawn upon cultural lines believing that culture should be the main division of nations. It is also greatly opposed to Individualism believing it leads to greed and self absorption which degrades nations and leads to collapse. It also advocates that the main goal amongst people should be the betterment of the collective and the betterment of their relationship with God.


    Abortion should be extremely limited. The only excuse for Abortions should be rape or when the mothers life is threatened as all other instances are the fault of the woman who should have avoided sexual intercourse if she did not seek to have children. Both women and men should not be left unpunished for sleeping around.

    Race and Culture

    Race is insignificant in the grand scheme of things and adds no value to a person. Racism simply hinders a society from growing and leads to wars and conflicts. Many aspects of systemic racism are still present in America but its intentions are misunderstood by most people who assume that its just the government or corporations hatred of minorities. This is not the case as systemic racism is only used to keep minorities in poverty leading to depression and sadness which along with the consumerist nature of the modern world leads them to live consumerist life styles with short term pleasure being their main focus in life. This consumerist lifestyle leads to increased consumption of corporate products meaning more money for corporations. Without any intervention from the masses this will continue on as most parties in modern day democracies are puppets of corporations and will do nothing to fix this. In the end Race as a concept should be completely destroyed. My neighbor is no longer a Black Man or a White Man he is a Southern Man (If we want to end racism we need to stop categorizing people by race). With technology advancing in the field of editing the genetics of a baby during pregnancy we should look towards forming a procedure to convert all children being born to a single race in order to completely wipe race as a concept. This will be an equal mixture of all races in order to not make this a race supremacy concept. (Also the concept of removing race is more idealistic rather than pragmatic and I realistically don't see it coming true.)

    Culture along with class is one of the many things dividing people and borders in the world, but unlike class this cannot be changed without leading to dystopia and chaos. Culture is the driving force of many wars today due to Europe's stupidity while drawing borders leading to nations full of different cultures which then leads to war (Israel Vs Palestine, Somalia Vs Somaliland, Russia Vs Ukraine, The Entirety of the fucking Balkans.) Culture should be embraced and people should respect their culture as it brings beauty to the many nations of the world. Borders internationally should be redrawn to account for the many different cultures that cover this Earth.


    I am against homosexuality, transgenderism, and the rest as it goes against my beliefs and the nature of the human body and the idea of its acceptance is a regressive concept. But I'm not one of those edgelord losers who says "Kill all the gays!" because I actually respect human life. I believe therapy should be used (and no not modern conversion therapy which has no funding and does not work) to help the thousands of people being manipulated by corporate influences in every part of our life. This is not hate that influences me, it is my love for my fellow man and woman who I do not want to see live a life of hedonism, depression, and short term pleasure. In no way should this justify any discrimination at all, we are all sinners in one way or another.


    Immigration should exist, but the process must be slowed down and improved upon so that once the immigrant begins to settle down they aren't left to working as cheap labor. They should be taught cultural norms and language and should be given assistance finding a stable workplace based on their past professions or skills. Illegal immigration should still stay illegal and will result in a fine but upon being caught they will be put into this immigration process. If the immigrant has a history of crime or terrorism they should be denied access to the country for obvious reasons.

    Role Of The Government

    The role the Government plays is as the regulator of the economy and the enforcement of state laws and church laws within a nation. It advocates for an Authoritarian style government with the head of state holding great power over the system which is managed by appointed leaders down to the local level, whos job is to interpret the laws formed by the head of state and integrate them into their district in a way that best fits the region. Once corporate influence on society is for the most party gone democratization should begin with the goal being a council democracy using a system similar to that of present day Israel (Seats in the council are determined by the percentage of votes for the parties so if "1st Party" gets 30% of the national vote they get 30% of the seats, and if "2nd party" get 70% of the vote they get 70% of the seats.) The main goal of the government is the betterment of the people which means the betterment of the collective.

    Role Of The Church

    The church will not control the nation directly, but many of the church social teachings will influence law making. Though I think Catholicism should be spread as much as possible, it simply is Impossible to truly convert an entire nation and the banning of other denominations and religions is simply pointless and is overly authoritarian. The state will still advocate for Christian belief through other means.

    How to Draw

    1. draw red circle

    2. draw white circle and then a blue circle within it.

    3. Draw a white sword in the blue circle

    4. Draw confederate hat


    Relations - Ideologies


    • Catholic Theocracy - Vivat Christus Rex!
    • Integralism - Pretty much my main inspiration.
    • Colorblind Neoconfederatism - Supports the return of an independent Southern nation but still entangled in libertarianism and old southern thought.
    • Cultural Nationalism - Culture is the main division in the world.
    • Longism - EVERY MAN A KING! Fellow Southerner and Regulationist. Took authoritarian power and used it to benefit the people, simply a great guy!
    • Fusion Feminism - A woman should be allowed to make the choice between a traditional life and a working life, but this should not be extended to men as they should strive to live a masculine life.
    • Anarcho-Sports - Mandatory sports is based.
    • Technocracy - Having the most experienced individuals assigned leadership roles can be beneficial as long as their goal is the improvement of society.
    • Architectural Reactionarism - I'm tired of driving down a road and looking around to see nothing but bland concrete blocks built to only bring down the morale of the people.
    • Indigenism - There should be far more reparations for the millions of deaths resulting from our recklessness and greed.


    • Reactionarism - Though protecting tradition is important, some aspects of the past are negative and need to be rooted out.
    • Francoism - Everything but the capitalist aspects are amazing.
    • Democracy - Democracy is desirable but if the existing democratic government is full of corruption and corporate interference then it will have to go temporarily.
    • Feminism - Woman should be allowed to vote, have equal pay to men, be considered equals with men, but some aspects of the modern feminist movement such as sexual liberation and pro-choice will lead to a oversexualized and hedonistic world which will not only regress the human race back to its primitive self but will do the very opposite of promoting an equal society between men and woman, degrading woman into nothing more than sex objects.
    • Ultranationalism - A man should have more loyalty to his people rather than his government.


    • LGBTism - Your mind is manipulated by corporate media. Please find help.
    • Capitalism - Though at first you are stable you will eventually decline into hedonism and greed and will lead to the downfall of societies and cultures.
    • Liberalism - You only are a puppet of big corp.
    • Conservatism - You are the same as Liberals except with the decorations of National Flags.
    • White Nationalism - Though you no longer hold any power you have scarred the image of the south for many years to come.
    • Dengism - You and the Oligarchs of the West are the same
    • Protestant Theocracy - Nitpicks parts of the Bible without context + Removes entire books out of the Bible in order to push forward a more modern friendly narrative that goes against the traditions of the church originating from its very formation.
    • Marxism - Many of your ideals play into the wants of the Oligarchs and your economics are outdated.
    • Enlightenment - Many of your aspects lead to greater quality of life but the anti-clericalism has to go.
    • Hedonism - The freedom you speak of is just enslavement to the temptations of the body.
    • Zionism - A waste of American Investment.
    • Men's Liberation - The main destroyer of modern man. Thinks men being content with weakness and femininity is men "being themselves!"
    • Chomskyism - Corporate backed Socialism.
    • Schwabism - Literally everything I hate.

    Relations - Self Inserts


    • Jed-Pilled Thought - I say we share many characeristics.
    • Zalvuism - We share many inspirations and he seems like a great guy.
    • Patrick_thought - Orthodox, but very based.
    • Casagon Thought - Much more respectable.
    • My Based Argentinian Uncle - Lets go MESSI!!!
    • Savage Granny Smithism - Good economics and great social takes. Only real nitpick is not taking into value culture, advocating civic-nationalism, and the support for decedents of Judah who biblically don't hold claim to the land of Israel.
    • Bingusian System - If I was given the choice of living in the current society we have today or the choice to live in yours I would gladly take the orchardpill.
    • Bman Thought - Fellow enjoyer of Maurras.
    • Altem101 - Though a little extreme with the reactionary stuff you seem like a great guy.
    • - Everything is alright but the Reactionary stuff is a little much.
    • Socialism with Kentuckian Characteristics - Honestly though a bit extreme in some spots your based af. And good choice of music.
    • Waffenikism - We share some characteristics and our goals align. You are Shinto and a monarchist but due to how important the monarchy is in Japan it's fine as long as the populace supports it.


    • Sílas Carrasco Thought - Literally good in every way but you are protestant, so I am mixed.
    • Nekoqingist_Bolshevism - You are a Marxist and secular, but I heavily agree with many of your social beliefs except the Inter-culturalism and allowing homosexuals to further ruin their mental state.
    • BrainRustism - Though you are libertarian I can absolutely agree that the modern school system has failed and is terrible.
    • Pantheonism - Alright economics but worships pagan "gods". Also way too progressive.
    • Glencoeism - Good economics and somewhat alright socially.
    • Floofel Thought - Though you are an individualist and a little unrealistic I can respect the anti-consumerism and the environmentalism. Don't understand why you still support Men's "liberation" and abortion which originate from the sexual revolution which then originates from consumerism.
    • New Lanceism - A little better than your old self but you still have lots of flaws.
    • True egoism - You have managed to piss off almost every egoist dumbass on the wiki.
    • Great British New Left - You have good intentions but I wouldn't put much trust into any modern leftist political party because 99% of the time they are bullshit and are just there to give the illusion that there is a democratic option. Also the existence of the Southern identity is not the result of the rich, the North and the South are culturally different.


    • Braun Spencer Thought - Claims that he wants to improve the economy but supports big corps which only goal is the hoarding of wealth instead of the improvement of the economy and you actually think Globalism could work.
    • Owfism - Ok economics but not a fan of world federation stuff.
    • Noelism - Taiwanese National-Liberalism. Just cringe capitalist.
    • HelloThere314ism - Egoist Cringe. Only believes in theory that can excuse his self absorption and hides behind meaningless quotes.
    • Neo-Kiraism - Just the average Modern Socialist.
    • Yoda8soup Thought - Somewhat alright Economics but way too hippie. But you do seem to have good intentions.
    • Template:UserMatteel - Individualist and hedonistic. The worst problems of the modern era.
    • 13 Year Old Me - Back when I was stupid.
    • Atronism - Average Tankie who relies on the outdated economics of Lenin and Marx.
    • Rocksism - Somewhat alright economics but too progressive.
    • Jd2842ism - Though you "support" tradition you are practically a Monarcho-Neoconservative, a weeb, and a Roman Empire worshiper.
    • File:NeoLukko.pngNeo-Lukkoism - Simply another Utopian Anarchist. No work = No necessities = Total Anarchy which then leads to groups of people working together and forming new Civilizations and then bringing back work.
    • O'Langism - Bourgeois Anarcho-Syndicalism
    • Second Addycakesball Thought - Bourgeois Conservatism. In the past almost every civilization was against homosexuality so you have no fucking clue what your talking about.
    • Neo-Spartacism - Lenin worshiper.
    • Torontoism - We share similar economics and we both respect cultural identity but you are a corpo-progressive. You do seem nice tho. Also born in the same year.
    • Liberty-Loverism - More "We Live in a Society" bullshit. Your idea of a Gay Anarcho Space Individualism Empire will never work.
    • Neo-Glencoeism - On the economic side of things we have a somewhat similar end goal and I somewhat like ideas on elections but there is no way we can allow automation to happen even with programs being made to support those without jobs, there will just not be enough money to fix it. Also peacefully taking away corporations money will not work, you'll either be assassinated or kicked out of office by bribed politicians. America upon its creation was only an alliance and is still an alliance filled with many different peoples and cultures, we no longer have a need for that alliance as it only damages the rights of the international community and its own citizens.
    • Foggism - Literally a Stalinist (A power hungry maniac with no care for the working class). Also thinks I'm a fascist.
    • Jefbol Thought - You for most part dislike everything that I believe. I do like your economic critiques though and you are chill.
    • Neo-Borgism - Consumerist Socialism. Also I don't want to rule people with an Iron fist so I have no clue where you got that from.









    New Model Of Cheesenism - add me pls

    Glencoe- i dont identify as a Socialist and also i am not a minarchist and hardly watch the news . Any way thanks for adding me before i asked.

    Template:UserMatteel - Lol, we'd get along so well. Anyways, add me.

    LancebarnettNice ideology add me pls


    Bman - What do you think of Charles Maurras?

    Rocksmanylobsters - Add me?

    - I’m not an individualist
    • Southern Integralism - Sorry I'll fix. I have the flu right now and I must have read something wrong.

    Glencoe- BTW the way I support Southern Autonomy(Not independence just it becoming a autonomous zone)

    Neo-Kiraism - Could you edit what you put for me? I'm much more than a hedonist lmfao plus I only support hedonism to a degree

    Bman - Bud I should tell you that Bman thought was my old ideology before I became what I am now, sorry if I confused you.

    O'Langism - How am I bourgeois lol

    Altem101 - Add me?

    Amism (Now In Unlabeled!) - You are basically me but statist and more culturally moderate, anyway please add me
    Amism (Now In Unlabeled!) - I have changed from ethnic nationalism I am now full cultural nationalist

    Neo-Glencoeism- add me

    • O'Langism - What influenced you to be homophobic?
      • Southern Integralism - My observations on how corporations influence society.
        • O'Langism - Interesting - so it's not a moral thing for you, you just think they're illegitimate?
          • Southern Integralism - It's still a moral thing, and what do you mean by "they're illegitimate".
            • O'Langism - Like - you don't think they're sexuality is legitimate, its just the result of corporate brainwashing. Also, did religion in any way influence you to come to this conclusion?
              • Southern Integralism - Less brainwashing and more just manipulation but yeah. When it comes to religion I would say it has influenced me when it comes to morals but it didn't cause me to reach this conclusion.
    • Jefbol Thought - add me?
    • WaffeniK − add me~
    • Great British New Left - HOW ARE YOU BACK also add me?
      • Southern Integralism - The wiki admin was a dumbass and banned me thinking I was racist. I talked with the wiki admins and they looked into it and found that I had done nothing to break any rules and unbanned me. Also add me back.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Add me
    • : Add me?
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