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    Sophontism is the belief that humanity is fundamentally set apart from the rest of the animal kingdom by the greater intelligence inherent in the human mind, and that behaving in a dispassionate, logical manner is to exhibit a more distinctly human demeanor. Conversely, being driven primarily by emotion is considered to be animalistic behavior. Sophontism posits that the influence of the animal side of humanity should be suppressed for the sake of the shared prosperity of all human beings.

    In Sophontic theory, emotion is considered an extension of instinct. Sophontists consider instinct to be an obsolete system of guidance for the species in an ever-increasing portion of human life. The advent of civilization has created a means by which the folly of instinctual impulses can significantly affect the lives of many people across the world. Sophontism instructs individuals and groups to suppress such destructive tendencies using the distinctly human gifts of intellect and willpower. A person must understand these impulses and fight them tooth and nail, even if against their own will. One must choose to rise above petty desires and seek truth and the greater good.

    Sophontism views those who are greatly subservient to their emotions as being in a state of chemical slavery. Such "chemites" as they are called are thought to have their potential for free choice shackled to the whims of instinct, thus locked in a state of relative animalism. Only after metaphorically "caging the beast" (which is to say, suppressing such impulses) can one "free the man" (learn to base one's actions primarily on rationality). This is thought to give a person truly free choice in how they live their life, or at the very least, a semblance of free choice.

    Sophontism is opposed to egoistic philosophies and instead aligns itself with stoic and altruist schools. It recognizes that the individual fairly often does not behave in a socially-acceptable manner without the threat of consequences or the promise of reward. Sophontism, therefore, concludes that every human being must be thoroughly conditioned from birth into becoming an ideal member of society. Each individual would be expected to possess a sense of moral duty to the human collective and strict enough discipline to ensure this duty is upheld. However, Sophontism does not reject individuality.

    In line with the aforementioned cognitive theory of human nature (or Sapientism), Sophontism also espouses Personism, the idea that rights are afforded based on respective levels of personhood. Personhood is determined by cognitive capabilities. Baseline humans are considered to be deserving of all rights, while those with severe mental disorders are to be a less privileged, but well-protected second class in society. This also comes with increased protections for especially intelligent animals. Above-average humans are not to receive special legal treatment.



    • Humanism - Humanity first. A bit too soft, but overall aligned.
    • Scientocracy - The right idea, if lacking in strength of will.
    • Technocracy - A definite friend, but sometimes hangs around the wrong crowd.


    • Human Chauvinism - At least you love humanity...
    • Transhumanism - Evolution is good, but your methods are suspect.
    • Cosmicism - It is likely that humanity is a natural occurrence, and science should be given paramount importance, but the rest of this is nonsense.


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