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    SomeCrusader's Dadism is an economically right and culturally right ideology representing the political beliefs of SomeCrusader1224's dad. To grossly oversimplify, it's a fusion of Reaganism, Trumpism, and a little bit of Paleoconservatism.


    SomeCrusader's Dadism is a firm believer in the free market and limited government spending. He sees the welfarist policies of the Democrats and the EU as rewarding laziness and being unsustainable as a result. He supports limited regulation on biussness, hoping that it would help the growth of smaller biussnesses. He also supports a 20% flat tax.


    Despite being against fascism, he still supports a nationalistic foreign policy, believing that America must retain its sovereignty lest the outside world try to bring the U.S. down. However, he's anti-interventionist, seeing the War on Terror as a disaster for the world. He supports Trump's policy on immigration, believing that it should remain strictly monitored. He is also in favor of deporting illegal immigrants and abolishing sanctuary cities, but he still gets miffed when someone is in favor of these things for racist reasons.


    He's firmly culturally right wing, believing that America abandoning traditional Christian values has been part of the nation's decline. He believes that the decline of the nuclear family has been at the root of this rot, thinking that everything progressives push, sexual promiscuity, drug legalization, and greater power to the LGBT has undermined this structure, which he reasons is the bedrock of any successful society. He believes that the best way to stop this is to have another Christian revival, much like the one seen in the 70's and 80's, and that firm moral discipline on Christian principles would heal this aching country.



    • SomeCrusaderism - My son who carries my ideals well, though he's too moderate economically.
    • Christian Theocracy - Good Christian morals were what made the West great and blessed by God.
    • Reaganism - The best president I ever lived under. Great job at reviving the Christian Right!
    • Trumpism - You did an amazing job with the economy and immigration! But stop tweeting stupid shit.
    • American Republicanism - I never voted blue my whole life and I won't start now!
    • Fiscal Conservatism - Government spending really needs to slow down.
    • Anti-Communism - Now, ain't I right?
    • Zionism - Israel's the only country in the Middle East that isn't an Islamic theocracy, so naturally we need to support it.


    • Catholic Theocracy - Your theology is complete wack, but I respect you as a fellow Christian.
    • LGBT - I don't hate you, but for fuck's sake stop shoving your agenda down everyone's throats!


    • Clintonism - Easily the worst president I ever lived under, tied with Jimmy Carter.
    • Obamaism - Same as above but slightly better. SLIGHTLY.
    • Confederatism - Stop making Republicans look bad, damnit! And no, you can't be Christian and call black people sub-human!
    • Communism - Jesus Christ, people still believe in this shit? Have you learned nothing from the Cold War?!

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