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    Sollism is based on the ideas, principles of Colonel and President Tarquin Soll in the video game Suzerain in which you the player play as Anton Rayne, the president of Sordland, and must choose between following the previous president Ewald Alphonso's reformist and liberal agenda or hold strong to the vision of the founder, Soll, essentially a conservative, authoritarian nationalist social democrat.



    The first pillar of Sollism is republicanism which means belief in a democratic system of government led by representatives of the people making laws rather than a family based on blood rights. It also includes viciously attacking symbols of the monarchy to entirely remove the monarchy from public sight and memory in order to stabilise the nation and ensure democracy. Sollism also believes that parliament should be organised in a form of proportional representation with a high threshold of 10% in order to ensure that only the United Sordland Party can be elected to prevent any other party destroying Sordland. However, Soll restricted freedom of speech and created an extensive cult of personality around himself.


    The second pillar of Sollism is nationalism which means belief in a single Sordish nation independent of foreign powers and influence and that women, minorities and workers should all consider themselves Sords before anything else and work to benefit the nation as a whole opposing feminism, federalism, and socialism. It is very centralist and while it does not believe in genocide or apartheid, as that would tear the nation apart from within, it believes that all minorities should be "Sordified" and that specific legislation for them as unnecessary and treats them differently which would tear Sordland apart. Whilst anti-Sollists claims the Sollist regime was racist and prosecuted Bluds, Sollism’s supporters denies this allegation and claims the Sollist regime only prosecuted separatist terrorist BFF members and sympathizers who terrorized Sordland.


    Statism is the final pillar of Sollism and it is the belief that the state should intervene in society and the economy to solve material and social issues to preserve and enrich the nation. It includes nationalisation of private industries, establishment of an in theory universal welfare state, and autarky to prevent foreign influence in Sordland. Soll's economic ideas were called "Sollonomics" and were a form of State Capitalism.



    Neo-Sollism is the idea of advancing Sollism into the modern age and moving past the time of nationalisations and high spending, which although necessary to rebuild Sordland after the civil war, is now stifling growth and a debt crisis would obliterate all Sordish independence and autonomy. However they still support nationalised public services, like education or healthcare, in order to preserve a compassionate and working society. They are also opposed to socially progressive reforms such as; equal pay for men and women, gender quotas, civil rights legislation, childcare and constitutional reform. Though some are open to minor reforms such as increasing the role of the legislature in day-to-day government and criminalising domestic violence and abuse.

    Far-Right Neo-Sollism

    Far-Right Neo-Sollism or Kibenerism is a form of Sollism that is strongly autarkic and xenophobic however agrees with Soll over Holstron and the Young Sords that the Bludish people are Sords like any other Sord based upon their nationality. Their difference from Sollism is their staunch opposition to deficits, nationalisation, welfare and progressive taxation. Which means they are both highly capitalist but also very nationalist.

    Establishmentarian Neo-Sollism

    Neo-Sollism or Toryism is a form of Sollism that accepts the need for change in particular decreasing the power of the executive in favour of more powers to parliament and loosening regulations and lowering the deficit in order to jumpstart the economy. Many neo-sollists are also more open to Sordland joining the world trade supporting expansions of trade with Lespia, Agnolia, and even Wehlen and Valgsland.



    • Kemalism - My irl equivalent We also both did some trollings against the separatist traitors.
    • Peronism - Opposing both superpowers in the Cold War was mega based, and so were most of your economic policies.
    • Assadism - We have our similarities. Why are you so pro-privatization tho?.
    • Autarky - The best way to protect the Sordish economy from foreign control.
    • Kritarchy - My cronies in the Supreme Court make sure Sordland never strays away from Sollism.
    • Social Authoritarianism - Literally me.
    • Social Nationalism - I like you too
    • Maternalism - Excellent social system.
    • Paternalism - My nationalised industries ensured good conditions and protected workers from harm.
    • Stratocracy - The military must be able to protect our great nation from incompetence and treachery.
    • Authoritarian Democracy - DEMOCRACY IS ONLY GOOD IF I WIN.
    • Civic Nationalism - There is no difference between a Sord and a Blud.
    • Cultural Nationalism - There is No Difference between Bluds and Sords.
    • National Conservatism - Literally me with less focus on economic matters.
    • Industrialism - I made Sordland industrialized with good urban institutions.
    • Progressive Conservatism - Granting women the vote, protecting Sordish culture.
    • Evrenism - I have also been compared to you, you're not bad quit hanging out with (N)ATO though! You hate the Kurds, I hate the Bluds too, though.
    • First-Wave Feminism - Good feminist, group politics that aren't the nation are still bad.
    • One-Nation Conservatism - I "sordified" you a little bit.
    • Welfarism - I brought back Renan welfare principles that were destroyed by the Kingdom of Sordland.
    • USP - My party.
    • Artor Wisci Thought - Long live our glorious founding father who destroyed the monarchy and built our republic!


    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - You started of great but became a puppet state of Arcasia- I mean America.
    • Conservative Socialism - Best Socialist.
    • National Syndicalism - Best trade unionist.
    • Nurist Nationalism - I may be a secularist, but I rely a lot on your support to help me beat up reformists and commie traitors.
    • Titoism - You created the Non-aligned Movement to oppose both blocs and was a nationalist, very based. But why do you have to be a communist?
    • NFP - I tolerated his existence and the existence of the Young Sords to counter the influence of the commie Red Youth. But he reminds me of Luderin and is too nationalist and extreme.
    • Lukashenkoism - We are similar economically but you are an self-hating Russian puppet who simps for commies and Nazis.
    • National Communism - The nationalism is part is based, communism is not. Good on Ceaușescu for standing up to the west and east.


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