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    Socialist Separatism
    is a political strategy which believes Soc.png socialism shouldn't (or can't) be reached through Dsa.png reform or Commie.png revolution, but should instead be reached through Sep.png separatism. This means that the separatist movement is lead by a socialist party or group which takes over the state as soon as it gets independence as the first government of the new country, thus requiring neither reform nor revolution.



    Socialist Separatism believes that a Soc.png socialist state should be reached by forming a new state which's first government is to be socialist, thus requiring neither Dsa.png reform nor Commie.png revolution to establish the system.

    Like with all independence movements, this can either be reached through insurrection (therefore effectively still having a revolution), or through a independence referendum (therefore still requiring democratic participation). However other ways of gaining independence also exist, they are very uncommon and unlikely to lead to a favorable position on the international stage.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Socialist Separatism
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. The ball will be split vertically into two hemispheres/sides.
    3. One will have a flag facing away from the center in gold on a red background.
    4. The other side should have the same flag facing away from the center, but with the colors swapped, having an red flag on a golden background.
    5. The flag poles should touch the bottom of the ball, and notably be separate from each other.
    6. Add the eyes.
    7. Done!


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