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    Socialism with katariman charectoristics

    File:My brother ho steals my shit when Iam not loking So that he may share them whit hise friends.pngAlexism is a libertarian-communist ideology of the anarchist school of thought created by Alex Andrei, the founder and committee member of Katarima. Its characteristics are Libsoc.pnglibertarian socialism, Dem.pngdirect democracy, humanitarianism, Antifa.pnganti-fascism, and Anticap.pnganti-capitalism.

    Alexism is for a system of anarchist socialist democracy, where people decide the issues within a commune with direct democracy in the soviet. The soviet then puts in motion the solution that has the most votes, and the solution or law can be remove or abolished by a another vote.

    They are no hierarchies in Alexism, as everything is decided communaly, and the workplace is lead by a Workers' Council which works with workplace democracy, and everyone works for everyone on the principal of, ”From each according to his ability to each according to his needs." Whit the goal of in the future to abolish work throw technological improvment

    An Alexist state will need to transform itself into a federation comprising of autonomous republics. These republics will have itself autonomous communes where a soviet comprising of the elected people and the commune citizens represent it and act as the legislators. The nation also has a soviet that represents all the republics. This soviet comprises of elected people from every city and the president that is a delegate elected by the people in the soviet to be the president, and they act as the representetives of the State.


    Ormarxf.png Communism

        Alexism belives that money , privet property

    and social classes are spooks . He advocates for the colectivized property in Wich the Workplace is rule by the worker on the principale of “from evryoane acording for hise skills for evryoane acording for hise needs” Becouse sharing is in evryoane intrest . He Also thinks that One day work wuld be abolish and evrything wuld be made by the robots and redistribuite comunally But until that day the Workers need to work for them And for evryoane


    Alexism also advocates for anti-regulationism because he doesn't like being told what to do.Becouse he considers comands as spooks And anganst hise own individual freedom


    Alexism sees markets as tools of the buswagi to opress the individual through hypnotic tactics like modern christmas Wich he sees as a capitalist blastemy to get people to buy hise happyness. He advocates for direct sharing of the comoditys the farmers And factorys produces


    Alexism unlike anthore leftists hates the idea of work considering the hole thing a societyle And capitalistic way of taking Away the individual freedom .Although unlike Anpostleft.pngleftists ho want to abolish work Alexism dosent want to abolish work directly But rather to abolish it throw robotic So that when the finale step towards true freedom Wich is abolishment of work there wuld still be a production of things Wich people wuld share



    There is No state like No state

    Fed.png Federalism

    A decentrelized state whit atonomys republics is What i need


    =Antr.png Anarcho-Transhumanism

    Alexism belives that besides social And economic freedom there shuld be a third freedom establish Wich is the freedom of the DNA Wich he claims will help people more

    =Childism.png Age restriction abolishment

    Alexism advocates that children have: freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.He Also says that age restrictions are a spook And children shuld have the rigth to drive cars , vote , drink ,etc And own the school through student counsils

    Philosophical positions


    Alexism unlike most leftists believes all humans are motivated by self interest. He also believes it is only rational to act in self interest. And to opress the ego Is foolish and injust

    Philoanpostleftupdated.pngPhilosophic Anarchism

    Alexism belives that eny state lacks eny real legitimicy And the people shuld not have eny obligations to serve it . He Also belives that the state shuld be brougth down throw vilont insuraction



    Awaj.png Anarchism- the best Grandma culd i ever ask for LONG LIVE ANARCHISM

    Egocom.pngEgo-Communism - my good brother

    Ancom.pngAnarcho-Communism -Mama

    Ego.pngEgoism -ur basecly my papa

    Pixil-frame-0.pngAeirinism - my nihilist sister

    Indust.png industrialism- hell Yah more factorys means more jobs And more comoditys to share


    Illeg.png Illegalism-u call me a comie bastard but we Both agree on not payng to the Store

    Mutalist.png Mutalism-U have some good points But wtf socialism whit What ? Markets?!!! Hell No


    Ancapf.pngAnarcho-Capitalism - just Why ? No litarary go comit sucide

    Fash.png Fascism-You are a litarary spook

    Markets.png Markets-Get Away from me u 1% bastard

    Orthlen.png Authoritarian socialism-U litarary want to put people to work in state run factorys all there lives And u suport the idea of authoritarian state , i wuld happaly Take arms anganst u !

    Feud.png The medivale regime-u litarary want people to be obligated to serve a king’s ego rather then them , screw u

    Legion.png legionarii-Daca legionarii nu mor atunci dece mor de fiecare data când îi împușc in cap ? CODREANU SUGE PULA

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