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    Social Unionism is the ideology of the organization called Solidarity Oceania in which the organization seeks to create a united, socialist, and self-sufficient Oceania. The ideology is economically socialist, socially variable, pan-nationalist, and authoritarian. Views of Social Unionism may vary with each believer due to the ideology accepting any leftist that supports republicanism and pan-nationalism.

    Notable believers involve Anti, Darko, Jack C, Doggo, and Apple. All with varying views but still united under similar beliefs.


    Huey Long (1893-1935)
    Jack Lang (1876-1975)
    Bob Katter Jr, Bob Katter Snr & Robbie Katter
    Josip Broz Tito & Joška Broz
    Milovan Đilas (1911-1995)
    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938)
    Muammar Gaddafi (1942-2011)
    Juan & Eva Peron
    Mikhail Gorbachev (1934-2022)
    Sukarno (1901-1970)
    Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970)
    Ismet Inonu (1884-1973)
    Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975)
    Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
    Aleksandr Kerensky (1881-1970)
    Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964)
    Otto Von Bismarck (1815-1898)
    Getúlio Vargas (1882-1954)
    Sun Yet-Sen (1866-1925)
    Teddy Roosevelt (1858-1919)


    • Apple - Fellow Aussie, can you check my page and tell me what do you think about it?


    Darko - Hey Mate, your page looks awesome and your views look very similar to mine. I’ve got a discord server for Aussies with similar views to you and me and I’d love to have you join up if you like?

    Serbian Socialism despite our similarities, you condemn Communism and support Vargas. Why?

    • Killer Kitty - Because Communism is an unrealistic crap
      • You are that, dickhead
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