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    Social Progressive-Conservatism

    Social Progressive-Conservatism (SocProgCon) is an economically centre-left, culturally left (but incrementalist) ideology, combining Social Democracy's mixed economy, moderate redistribution of wealth and strong welfare state with Progressive Conservatism's drive for progressive social reform, scrutinized against conservative tradition.



    SocProgCon, like most any progressive and culturally left ideology, is built around the idea that progressive social change is generally fairer for all people, and beneficial to society. However, unlike most progressive ideologies, SocProgCon believes that conservative voices are not a hindrance, but in fact a great help towards achieving progressive goals, valuing their scrutiny and skepticism of culturally left-wing ideas, considering doubtful examination of policy suggestions as an integral part of the refining process.

    Additionally, whilst being culturally left-wing, SocProgCon shares the conservative belief that change should be incremental and reversible, rather than revolutionary, so that unforseen obstacles can be more readily navigated when rolling out social reform. SocProgCon is very contemptuous of "woke culture", viewing it as something that is creating negative stereotypes about the left being self-righteous and lacking pragmatism.

    Ultimately, SocProgCon seeks to leave many conservative ideals behind, but believes that having got us this far, traditional values and their related policies are what all others should be measured against in terms of their functionality, with the burden of evidence resting with the innovator.


    SocProgCon takes its economic outline from Social Democracy, valuing government spending, a healthy balance between private and public sectors, and a safety net for the people through strong welfare policies. SocProg Con also believes in a competitive and dispersed market; one without monopolies, where state branded goods and services compete against private ones, with close contention ensuring that tax money invested in social enterprises is spent well, with an output that is up to the market standard.

    SocProgCon sees some overlap between their cultural and economic views, believing that an open and competitive market, where success was determined by merit, and industries weren't cornered by a small circle, would inherently nurture the idea of equality between the different sects of society.


    SocProgCon finds himself a bit frustrated with both the left and the right, admiring progressive goals, but cringing at a lot of the efforts towards achieving them. Meanwhile, he admires right-wing conservative scrutiny of new ideas, but has no attachment to the concept tradition when it's at someone's expense, and disagrees with right-wing economics entirely.

    He likes to play devil's advocate when he's around other progressives, since there are no conservatives around at the meetings, and echo chambers can be a real problem when trying to come up with policies to propose. This gets him called anything from a boomer to a nazi by the other progs.

    Conversely, when invited to tag along with the conservatives, things tend only to go well when he's listening to their scrutiny. Once he mentions some of the practical solutions he's thought up to make left-wing ideas more viable, he usually gets called a cuck (they already bully him and PatCon for being a trojan for the Commies).

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    Flag of Social Progressive-Conservatism




    • Social Democracy - Social Democracy - Mother, you have taught me everything I know about sharing wealth with others, and free healthcare being neat.
    • Bullmoose Progressivism - Teddy knew what it was about. Such a shame his progressive ideas are talked down because they wouldn't be progressive by today's standards.
    • Reformism - Slow and steady wins the race.
    • Keynesianism - Grandpa was cool. Taught my mother how to create public sector jobs.
    • Paternalist Conservatism - Still a little more conservative than me, but at least it's to keep people safe, and your economics are on point.
    • Democratic Transhumanism - Potential for advancing the human experience? Doing it incrementally, through the electoral system? I think I'm in love.
    • Pacifist Feminism - Progress on an important social issue? Achieved through peaceful cultural change? Let's go de-stigmatise polyamorous relationships with Democratic Transhumanism!
    • Gender Accelerationism - Over time, gender roles and stereotypes will become so obsolete that they won't even be an issue any more. We will just be happy being ourselves, and we won't worry much about what gender we are.


    • Progressivism - Your ideas are good, but you've got to think them through. Look before you leap.
    • Conservatism - Your ideas are not good, but I guess they've got us this far. I admire your thorough scrutiny. We progressives have something to learn from you there.
    • Neoliberalism - I guess we get along ok. But low taxes and flavour of the month pandering on social issues get under my skin after a while.
    • Radical Centrism - I never know what mood you're going to be in. But sometimes we get on like a house on fire.
    • Third Way - You're economics are pretty much ok. But if you're going to habitually apologise, why apologise for things that happened before your parents were born, instead of... I don't know... what you did in Iraq?
    • Utopian Socialism - Socialism is stupid, but your trial and error method of doing it, whilst being able to co-exist with the rest of us is admirable.
    • Conservative Feminism - I'm glad you're looking for gender equality, and your conservative scrutiny is on point. But traditional values aren't the best. They're just a stepping stone to hold us over until the progress is fully cooked.


    • Traditionalism - Why are you so intransigent about new ideas? If we think them through and properly plan them out, they could be a big improvement on what we have.
    • Alt-Right - I hate all of your ideas, and you called me a soy boy.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - You threw a milkshake at me for asking how much we should defund the police. This is why everyone calls us soy boys.
    • SJW - You actually are a soy boy. This is why we lose elections.

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