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    How many ideologies will Goober disown? Who knows!



    Social Moralism is an ideology inhabiting the top left of the centre of the political compass. It follows a set of "4 core principles", those being:

    • Social Economy
    • Democracy
    • A new syncretic National culture
    • Social Morality


    I believe that the old and the new shall be syncretised. Both the Renaissance artists and internet memes are cultural heritage in a way, and they both should be considered part of a nation's culture. This belief is Palingenic in a way.
    As the name suggests, I strongly support morality in society. Morality should be promoted in every person's life, which includes everything from communication to dating culture.
    I hold a more-or-less neutral stance on LGBT, it is okay for people to have non-traditional sexual orientations, but the content that constantly slips through on pride parades is absolutely disgusting, which is why I believe they should be regulated.


    I value the uniqueness of each region, county, and town in all countries, which is why I believe in a very Decentralised government. I also believe that democracy should be protected at all costs, even if that means violence, a form of action that I despise.


    Even though I believe in economic autonomy of each region, there are a few laws I insist that local governments shouldn't be able to exempt from:

    • Widespread property ownership
    • Social Security
    • Only land value being taxed
    • Class Collaboration

    Aside from these four, each local government will have the right to administer it's economics separately.

    Foreign Policy

    I believe in complete diplomatic independence. Any Social Moralist government should not take part in the "Second Cold War". If it doesn't end in the next decade, we would have to try and balance out the influence of both sides in a way that benefits the nation in the most ways possible.


    The environment is very important. I strongly believe in heavy environmental regulations and harsh punishments for polluters, animal abusers and other "Climate Criminals".
    I also suggest green-ifying cities by making a nation-wide law that forbids buildings being built closer than 50 meters from each other, giving space for pedestrian zones and parks.


    I believe in a complete educational reform in my country. The new system should generally look like this:

    • Elementary School (Grades 1-6) - Basic subjects like maths, language and nature studies(Basically an elementary version of biology+geography).

    After an Elementary Exam is passed, the students will go to one of these schools depending on their level of intelligence:

    • General School (Grades 7-10) - Basic continued education that will prepare a student for high education at a "College"(More on that later) or a lower-salary job right away.
    • Real School (Grades 7-12) - For one, yes, that was an actual name for a type of school in the German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires. This type of school gives a middle level education that prepares students for a higher education at a "Specialised College" or a job in business or logistics.
    • Gymnasium (Grades 7-13) - These schools are for the pupils that have shown actual interest and dedication to getting an important career in science or mathematics. After finishing the final exam in a Gymnasium, the student will be able to apply for University education.

    A thing to note is that if a student at a General or Real school shows signs of major improvement or desire for Gymnasium-level education, they will have the chance to switch to a Gymnasium.

    • College (4 Years) - Higher education for a specific orientation in careers like manufacturing or store jobs.
    • Specialised College (4 Years) - Higher education for pursuers of more "Prestige" careers like management, logistics, etc.
    • University (4 Years) - The highest level of education. Not much to explain with this one.

    Overall, my proposed system is similar to the German education system, but it's more lenient towards students that ended up with poor Elementary Exam results.


    I believe in my own philosophy I call "Corruptionism". In short, while humans are naturally good, society has been corrupted, but not beyond repair. Gaslighting, lying, prostitution, pedophilia, crime and discrimination are widespread nowadays, which goes against human nature - Humans are the only creatures that are endowed with creativity and innovativeness, and such foul acts go against that morally. As such, morality should be promoted as much as possible.

    What I define as "moral"

    In my definition, morality consists of 4 main points:

    • Neighbourly love

    Love others like you love yourself.

    • Peace

    Violence and anger are tools of the antichrist made to divide humankind and must be avoided at all costs.

    • Chastity

    No handholding before marriage, you horny fucks.

    • Equality of opportunity

    Everyone should have the same chances of success.

    Agrarianism, Ruralism, etc.

    The culture of urbanism in modern society has led to an increase in consumerism, depression and loneliness. Life has been reduced to nothing but a capitalistic slug that leaves people in a state of not being able to express themselves. So I support helping rural communities modernise (slightly) so that more people have an incentive to join them for a better life.
    In the case of my nation, Ukraine has always been the "Breadbasket of Europe" - an Agrarian haven. The forced rapid industrialisation and urbanisation in the 1920's and 30's led to multiple famines, the Holodomor being the worst of them. This fact made me have quite a large bias towards Agrarianism.

    My stance on modern politics

    Basically this joke my friend sent me:
    A boy asks his dad:
    "Dad, what is politics?"
    The dad replies:
    "Let's describe it using our house. I make the money, so I am the financial ministry. Your mom organises everything - she's the government. Your grandpa checks if everything is okay - he is the labour unions. And the maid works for everything to be in order - she is the working class. We are doing this for you, so you are the people, and your little brother is the future."
    "I don't get it, dad."
    "Then go to sleep."
    The boy wakes up at 2 A.M. due to his little brother screaming because he pooped his diaper. He went to his parents' bedroom to wake their mom up. After mutliple failed attempts, he goes to the kitchen and sees his dad having sex with the maid while his grandpa peeps through the keyhole. The boy goes to sleep.
    The next day he wakes up and tells his dad: "Dad, I realised what politics is. It is when the financial ministry fucks the working class, the labour unions do nothing while the government sleeps, everyone ignores the people and the future is covered in shit."



    Distributism - The true people's economic system.
    Christian Socialism - "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." - 18:25
    National Palingenesis - We must create a new national culture.
    Frankoism - A great poet and a man of the People. Thanks to your writings I embraced the eternal revolutionary spirit.
    Longism - There will be peace without end, every neighbor a friend, with every man a king...
    D'Annunzianism - QVIS CONTRA NOS?
    Bull Moose Progressivism - Ah yes, the best American president.
    Femboyism - Wow, literally me UwU.
    Austrofascism - The only acceptable Fascist, period.
    Patchwork - D E C E N T R A L I S E.
    Linguistic Conservatism - Languages are better when unique, and as so many based people said "Write how the folk speaks".
    Universal Nationalism - Every nation deserves some form of self-governance.
    Liberation Theology - Based Third-World comrade.
    Multiagriculturalism - I sure do love me some local, diversified farms.
    Ruralism - Ah yes, the countryside truly the best place for a social vegetable like me.


    Futurism - I like the manifesto and some of your ideas, but we shouldn't abolish the past.
    Fascism - You had so much potential. You showed it in the first decade of fascist rule in Italy, but then you decided to side with the Reich instead of Austria to gas Ethiopia and then commited a lot of atrocities during WW2, so absolutely no respect to you post-1937.
    British Fascism - A fairly respectable fascist that became more moderate and agreeable later on. But your original stances on Hitler and the Jews were horrible, so I can't fully sympathise with you... Wait, you had tomboys? I guess you aren't so bad after all.
    Yellow Socialism - Based views on class collaboration and labour unions, but please don't hate Jews...
    Neosocialism - Similar to the above, but also a nazi collaborator, so somewhat worse.
    Ba'athism - I love the sentiment and Aflaq's ideas, but Saddam was a maniac and Assad is a corrupt dictator that sold his country out to the east to prevent it from... Being sold to the west... When will people learn that two wrongs don't make a right?


    Marxism - The ruiner of the name of socialism. A disgusting human being and a horrible economist, whose radical, deranged ideas caused to much death and oppression in the world. Rest in piss, won't be missed.
    Marxism-Leninism - Red fascist. "Thank you" for "helping the working class" by starving all of it instead of actually supporting it's interests like accessible property and worker unions.
    Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - The above, but with a reputation of terrorism and baby-boiling... Yeah, nope.
    Nazism - Do I really have to explain this one? The madman that ravaged Europe for 6 years, the only good things he ever did were protecting the environment and then shooting himself.
    Esoteric Fascism - Excuse me, but killing minorities won't get you to "Hyperborea".
    Alt-Right - And fapping to underage anime girls definetely won't get you there.
    Anti-Fascism - How the fuck did you fall from men like Sikorski and Beneš to being a Marxist woke mob that beats people up left and right. "Smash the fash" my ass, you are the one using fascist tactics here.
    Fourth Theory - Ah yes, the "Not Communist, not Liberal, not Fascist" bloke that is a Fascist through and through.
    Neoconservatism - Just because I hate the above with a burning passion, doesn't mean I support you. I see little difference between you and the modern east. Both are imperialist, but one of them holds a faked, corrupted cross while the other a rainbow flag.
    E-Girl Feminism - How the hell does borderline prostitution "liberate" women? Isn't it literally doing the opposite?

    Sexocracy - Fucking degenerate.


    - The biggest G of this wiki.

    Sane Ayafantoho Thought - There is very little we disagree on. Also you influenced me to re-visit the left.
    Altemism - Basically like me, but more radical in every regard.

    - Big G number two, also fellow Bauernkrieg enjoyer, repeat it with me: From👏The👏Donau👏To👏The👏Nordsee👏Every👏Bauer👏Shall👏Be👏Free👏 (I don't support HAMAS btw)
    - Good economics, a democracy enjoyer and a fellow cultural syncretic, but I have one problem: nowadays it would be very tricky to implement Eurofederalism, due to the EU leaving a sour taste in some countries' mouths, which is why Brexit happened and there is a possibility of a "Huexit". That's about it.
    - Honestly, pretty good, I might disagree with the stance on drugs, but otherwise I can ride with this.

    Uzarashvilism - What can I say, based, I thought I was the only Quasi-Socialist that was inspired by D'Annunzio before I saw your page, so that's a bit of a relief. But one question: What is "Religious Feminism"? Is it "Women should have rights *insert religious book* says so", or is it just a mommy fetish? I am down either way.
    Yoda8soup Thought - I can agree with everything here, except for the Neo-Marxist influences, yeah, that's it.


    - I appreciate the patchwork and some cultural stances, but the economics and government... Yeah, not as much.

    Temujin Leeism - I am not really a fan of anarchism, but holy shit based aesthetics. Also a fellow cutie-patootie that was such a bad boy that he became a girl because of how bad he was at being a boy UwU.
    Revolutionary Conservative Socialism - We are so similar, yet so different at the same time... Similar to Ayafantoho, but much more radical.

    - The free market, as much of a good tool for rapid growth it is, will eventually lead to monopolisation and a too well-defined and unfair class system, that divides nations and leads to Commie parties becoming popular, and we know how that went. Another issue is the foreign policy, because you seem like a typical Neocon in that regard.

    Pantheonism - Ideology shopper 300 mfw. Jokes aside, there are some parts of the ideology I like, such as the economics, but world federalism is just horrible and won't realistically work.

    - Similar to Neo-Humanism, so... mediocre at best, but you seem like a chill dude.

    Niiloism - I guess conservative socialism is okay. Holy shit you have so many videos. And some of your esoteric beliefs are very concerning.


    Meowxism - Generic progressive Communist, not really much to say here. But you seem friendly.

    Movements I support/would have supported

    The Hussites
    The German Peasants' Revolt
    Münster Rebellion
    German Revolution of 1848-1849
    Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
    Italian Unification
    Co-operative movement in Eastern Galicia
    The Zapatistas
    The Xinhai Revolution
    Socialist Revolutionary Party
    Italian Regency of Carnaro
    Vaterländische Front
    Yugoslav Partisans
    National Liberation Front of South Vietnam

    Test Results

    Aesthetics, 'cause why not

    • Italian Futurism
    • 1700's Northern and Central Europe
    • Ruralism/Quiet small towns
    • Vienna Secession Architecture


    • - Add me, goober? I'll add your new perspective
    • Altemism - Add me
      • Oke.
    • Temujin Leeism - add me fellow femboy UwU
      • Okii Dokii OwO.
    • Meowxism - add me?
      • Okay.
    • - Holy Based
      • Same can be said about you.
    • - Beware of the pipeline Liberal -> Soc -> Christian Socialist-> Stransserist
      • I actually started on "Germany Tomorrow" yesterday as a matter of fact, I fell into the pipe harder then my self-esteem.
    • - The pipeline is real 😅
    • - Can't believe you abandoned right distributism lmao. Wanna readd me bro?
      • I wasn't really right-distributist anyway, because RightDists believe that the free market will somehow end monopolies which is just... Yeah, re-added.
    • - Hello, Can you add me?
      • Sure.
    • A former PCBA user - I made a Discord server for PCBA Users try to run a country. The link for it is here. Is it okay if you could incorporate the server in the Pecebia project?
      • Yeah, that would be nice, but I won't participate in the server due to no interest in making a Discord account, sorry, add the server if you want.
    • Niiloism - Add me?
      • Yeah sure.
    • - Can you add me too?

    1. I am still as straight as a ruler, I am just effeminate in some ways, especially physiologically, and being called a Femboy makes me feel warm inside. So, basically, I'm a demiboy or whatever the word for that is.
    2. I don't support Juche or the DPRK, this song is just too good to not be put here, also I really like potatoes.
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