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    Social Modernism is a form of Liberal Socialism that focuses heavily on technological and social progress , environmentalism , and radical democracy .

    It is the personal ideology of User:JimousApollodorus.


    Eduard Bernstein
    Huey Long
    Sun Yat-Sen
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Charles Fourier
    Valery Sablin
    Sid Hatfield
    Hu Shih
    Karl Kautsky
    Slavoj Žižek
    David Ricardo

    Economic Views

    Anti-Capitalism and Socialism

    Capitalism has only brought so much innovation, and too much suffering. The capitalist system goes against human nature, as it oppresses the people into becoming mere pawns in the greater scheme of things and removes the human essence.

    Capitalism is also seen undemocratic in Social Modernism. It is an oligarchy applied to economics. Socialism, meanwhile, is where workers, where the masses, control the economy. If people had control over their own destiny, especially the economy, they would gear it towards advancement and towards a better future for the planet and for their children.

    However, to truly become a socialist society, Social Modernism seeks to work within the capitalist system, by reform or revolution, to give more power to the workers and people. This is why Social Modernism seeks to create a market socialist economy and then gradually move into a participatory system .

    Social Programs

    Free universal healthcare, free public transportation, free higher education, universal basic income, expanding access to mental health services, free childcare, commerce insurance for small businesses, improve public infrastructure based off of new technology and environmental awareness, better parks, and easier access to start urban farming are all part of Social Modernism.

    Urban Farming

    Agriculture is a large industry, but it cannot easily sustain a growing population all on its own. Nor is it a very forgiving industry, as farm workers are frequently subject to long hours, very little time off, and very small pay. The first thing (obviously) would be to institute laws to protect farm workers, but the next part would be to encourage urban farming. Urban Farming is where residents in suburban and urban areas grow their own food, like fruits and vegetables, to help sustain them.

    Civic Views

    Put simple, Democracy is the only legitimate form of government. A government that is accountable to its citizens, made up of its citizens, and works for its citizens. It is a government's responsibility to protect its citizens and provide for its citizens.

    Structure of the Government

    The form of government that Social Modernism seeks is a federalist, constitutional presidential republic, similar to the US. An overarching Federal government, State or provincial governments, and municipal governments. There would be four branches of the government: Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Control Branches. The Executive would execute the law, the Legislative would create the law, the judicial would interpret the law, and the control would moderate the branches. Checks and balances and rule of law are absolute in this government. Political Parties would also be banned, but not different modes of political thought. Parties are often corrupt, self-serving, and make the people suffer.

    Taxes and Finances

    Social Modernism believes in a progressive tax system, with incomes taxes, property taxes, wealth taxes, inheritance taxes, and sin taxes (taxes on alcohol, drugs, pornography, and prostitution). Social Modernism also believes in wealth limits, no wealth exceeding 200 million dollars.

    Free Speech and Press

    People must be able to think for themselves, so that they can participate in a democracy. This is why free speech should be protected. However, this does not mean that people are free from the consequences of their words. Hence, there must be an accountable press and media to prevent dangerous or wrong ideas, such as fascism , communism , anarchism , and false conspiracies .

    Police and Prison reform

    Police reform and reevaluation is absolutely critical to the success of law enforcement. If a society advances, but the police do not, the police will become dead weight and a rotting corpse that will poison the people. The solution to this is at least a year long police academy, a database of police misconduct, demilitarization, giving mental health crisis and drug addiction cases over to social workers, and weakening the powers of police unions to be accountable to the public. That said, unlike many socialist movements, Social Modernism does not discriminate against police officers. Good police officers want to help their communities, and they should be welcomed in with open arms.

    Prisons must be turned from being places to punish a person into a place to help build a new person. The abolition of private prisons and prison slave labor is a high priority, as well as for-profit prison industries. Prisoners should be able to work a minimum wage job while they serve their sentence, be able to have easy communication with their attorneys and families, live in adequate living conditions, be able to eat healthy food, have access to good medical care, have access to vocational training and education, and after they have served their sentence, be able to vote and not be discriminated against for employment. Solitary confinement, beatings, and torture must be banned. Juvenile prisons should become, in essence, schools that teach the basic subjects, as well as ethics, philosophy, and vocational training, so that juvenile offenders can get jobs. Juvenile offenders should be given equal access to higher education, with their criminal record present, but not damning.

    Recreational Drugs

    "Your right to swing your arms ends where another man's nose begins." is a quote that applies to drug use for Social Modernism. If one wants to do drugs, they can do so, given that they do not harm or force it upon others. Drug addiction should not be treated as a black mark for people, but a sign that they need help. They should be seen as someone who is depressed, and not a monster. So, resources for being able to quit drug use should be made available, clean needles and safe injection sites should be open to reduce the risk of infection, drug manufacturers should be accountable to the state for their actions and have strict regulations. Drugs should not be made available to minors or those under the age of 21. If a drug addict commits a crime while under the influence, they should be held accountable, but drug use should not be a crime itself.

    Social Views

    Social Modernism supports abortion liberalization, LGBT rights, police and prison reform, decriminalization of some recreational drugs with supervision, legalizing prostitution, and secularism. However, he believes that these ideas and policies need to be accepted, and not forced on people, lest they turn against the thing that's meant to uplift them. Forced progress is not progress at all.

    Technological Views

    Social Modernism supports rapid technological advancements through studies in the arts and sciences, especially if they help in the fight against climate change. This is meant to help humanity as a race, free laborers from tedious work, and build a better world. This can be done through massively funding research for arts and sciences, giving scholars and artists both the resources and funding for their research.

    International Views

    Social Modernism is pro-western ideology. It maintains a pro-western stance. It believes that NATO is the best option for defending democracy and advancing socialism.

    China and Russia are both totalitarian semi-fascist states. North Korea is a pathetic excuse of a socialist nation that oppresses its people.


    Social Modernism is basically the chilliest person and simultaneously the most energetic person. Obsessed with learning about anything he can (most language, history, art, poetry, and philosophy), helping others out, and just trying his best. Not the best debater, but he can hold his own. He got kicked out of his chapter of YDSA because of many disagreements.




    • Marxism: Hey, don't get me wrong, you said a lot of good stuff, but you take it too far. (Also, you made my freshman year of college horrible.)
    • Democratic Socialism: Why did you kick me out of the YDSA? I was just trying to help. Still, I'm basically you.


    • SJW: Forced progress is not progress.
    • Marxism-Leninism: You killed millions, destroyed chances for democracies, oppressed billions, and brought the world the brink of destruction. You would have sacrificed everything on the altar of your own spite and ignorance.
    • Fascism: You are worse than communism. You are the most disgusting thing that mankind has ever thought. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about you.
    • Anarchism: Look, I don't hate you, but you are just destructive.
    • Maoism: Aside from how dumb your thought process is, you killed millions. (Thanks for making learning Mandarin easier though).
    • Champange Socialism: You're an embarrassment to all of socialism.
    • Capitalism: You have enslaved the world, stalled advancement, propped up dictatorship after dictatorship.


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