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    Names: Georgist Social Minarchism- Humanistic Minarchism- Social Capitalist Minarchism- Almost social anarchy.

    Social Minarchism is an economically centre-right to right-wing sometimes centrist to center left, ultra-libertarian and usually socially reformist ideology that seeks to establish a system of governance in which state intervention is kept as minimal as possible, combining a minarchist system with some form of social welfare, usually through a single-tax system (often a land value tax in the vein of Georgism) or through UBI (Universal Basic Income). Social Minarchism can be interpreted in multiple ways, as an ideology in which the state's only duty is to enforce the rights of the people, having very limited spending because of how limited these duties are, and with the fiscal surplus finance certain kind of social welfare, it might be in form of UBI or NIT, or a version of Minarchism which puts big emphasis on charitable action.

    It could also believes that to finance this welfare state Laissez-Faire Capitalism is the best way to generate the wealth that would be partially re-distributed in one case or given away in charitable actions in the other case, while also bringing innovation and progress to society as a whole.


    Minarcho Social Georgism

    A similar variant with a higher emphasis in welfare and markets.

    Minarcho Yangism.

    Minarcho Yangism is a version of Social Minachism with a strong emphasis on human centered capitalism and universal basic income. It is very interventionist in foreign policy and pro radical centrism. It often is considered quite close to big tent liberalism due to its position on unity.



    Social Libertarianism- We tend to have disagreements regarding taxation but overall he is a less extreme version of me.

    Classical Liberalism- I am technically a variant of you but with slight differences.

    Minarchism- Look I know we disagree on taxation but I also believe in a minimum state just with UBI.

    Georgism- The best way to fund a small government and UBI that is quite BASED!

    Libertarianism- Likes me more then his son....

    Helvetic Model- A simply less extreme version of me more close to my friend. You are him???

    Democracy- BASED!

    Anarchism- I am very close to you but less extreme. Dissolving the state is cool but a little far.

    Geo Libertarianism- Me but with an emphasis in Georgism and anti welfare.

    Jaiver Milei- A little too extreme and anti welfare but I do like how you are getting rid of unnecessary government!

    Hayeksim- Basically me.


    Minarcho Socialism- You are a socialist....

    Anarcho Capitalism- You hate my welfare and regulation but at least we are brothers right......

    Social Democracy- I love you mom but not your statism.

    Social Georgism- Too statist for my taste but kinda based.

    Welfarism- I believe in welfare in the form of UBI and small public services but everything else is slightly far.

    Democratic Confederalsim- We both are libertarians and pro democracy but abolishing capitalism is slightly far why not reform it?


    Land Lords- Listen I don't hate you but you are in the way of getting the best tax.

    Climate Change Deniers- Regulation in economy means regulation in environment!

    State liberalism- FREEDOM NOW!

    How to Draw

    Flag of Social Minarchism
    1. Fill a ball with yellow (fce434)
    2. Draw a blue (184beb) diagonal line and fill the rest of the ball with blue
    3. Draw a rose in a third color
    4. Fill half the rose with yellow and half with blue depending on location
    5. Draw sunglasses and you're done!


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