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    Social Libertarianism in One Nation

    Social Libertarianism in One Nation is a libertarian center and culturally right ideology that is the fusion ideology of Ethnic Welfarism and One Nation Libertarianism.



    Ethnopluralism is a value taken from Ethnic Welfarism (even though One Nation Libertarianism is not opposed to it as it believes that every Nation has a right to self-determination). This ideology believes that the only way to stop ethnic hatred is the peaceful separations of ethnicities encouraged by tax cuts and welfare benefits.


    Ethnic Welfarism supports the welfare state while One Nation Libertarianism opposes it, so the compromise is replacing much of the bureaucracy of the modern welfare state with an Universal Basic Income (funded through a Land Value Tax), like social georgism , to allow everyone to buy food, clothing & shelter for themselves. There is still an incentive to work so people can afford more luxury items and occassional pleasures, such as going to restaurant


    Ethnic Welfarism supports Alter-GLobalism and global cooperation between the ethnically homogeneous countries, while One National Libertarianism is against alliances, especially global ones, so the ideology is still Alter-Globalist, but it refuses to enter any alliances, and only supports free trade, but on a global scale.

    Land Value Tax

    This ideology believes in a single tax - the Land Value Tax. This tax would be placed on owners of land depending on the value of their owned land. The main goal is to raise revenue through the tax in the short term, before acquiring the land and value to use in the long term. It would fund both institutional powers given to the Government and an Universal Basic Income


    Both ideologies support environmentalism, so this is an important value for Social Libertarianism in One Nation. It values environmental preservation both from a nationalist perspective of protecting Nation's environment and an eco-conservative of protecting it as an element of the past which needs to be preserved. It believes somewhat regulated capitalism is the best way to solve this problem. The ideology also supports animal rights. Unlike One Nation Libertarianism however, Social Libertarianism in One Nation values international action to defend the environment as well

    Chicago School of Economics

    One Nation Libertarianism supports the Austrian School of Economics while Ethnic Welfarism supports Keynesianism. So the compromise is supporting the Chicago School of Economics


    This ideology is civically libertarian, supporting the legalization of marijuana, freedom of speech , free press and the right to privacy, the right to keep and bear arms, freedom of internet and rehabilitative justice.



    Religious Revival



    This ideology, like One Nation Libertarianism, supports counter-economism to achieve its goals as the State is pressured to reform after its ability to collect taxes was undermined. However it only supports grey markets, not black markets making it more moderate than ONL.


    Ceremonial Monarchism



    One Nation Libertarianism - Hi dad! You are very based, but you should be more welfarist , interventionist and feminist.

    Ethnic Welfarism - Hi other dad! You are very based but should embrance libertarianism, agorism and traditionalism.


    Multiculturalism - Both oRange and Polish Italian despise you, and for a good reason!

    Airisuism - See above!

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