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    Social Libertarian Market Socialism

    Social Libertarian Market Socialism, clipped to SocBertMarkSoc, is a libleft ideology that leans culturally left. He advocates for a robust decentralized government, co-ops, and social welfare. SocBertMarkSoc believes that both negative liberty (ie freedom to do stuff) and positive liberty (ie freedom from forces (such as poverty, bad health, pollution)) are equally important and therefore libertarian ideology should be reformed to view liberty & justice as being free from all forms of domination instead of only freedom from the state. Socbertmarksoc tends to agree with libertarian market socialism on most issues, but disagrees on economics and welfare, believing that a welfare state (ideally a UBI) and some forms of regulation are needed to guarantee positive liberties.


    The SocBertMarkSoc ball is a very altruistic, happy, energetic, and pro-freedom ball. Although he likes a lot of people, not that many people like him back. He's too much of a "socialist" for libertarians, so he's called a "fake libertarian". On the other hand, called a "Libertarian Trojan Horse" by socialists. Usually, he hangs out with his mom Social Libertarianism and his dad Libertarian Market Socialism every other weekend.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Color it orange
    3. Draw a black rose in the center
    4. Add the eyes and you're done




    • Social Democracy - Me and my mom would’ve been nothing without you, but you can be a bit too bureaucratic for my tastes.
    • Social Capitalism -You’re more market based than the above, but you should be open to worker cooperatives.
    • Social Authoritarianism - Sorry, but I prefer liberty to a dictatorship. But at least you like welfare, unlike this guy.
    • Market Socialism - You gave me and my father our economics, but have you thought of having a welfare state alongside your cooperative economy?
    • Classical Liberalism - A market economy is good. Liberty is also good. But they are pointless if the workers are impoverished. So, some worker control and welfare is needed in order for them to prosper along with the economy.
    • Georgism - Too capitalistic, but common land ownership doesn't sound that bad.
    • Mutualism - I like your economics, but you’re too anarchistic for me. Also, what on earth are labor notes?
    • Titoism - You’re like Social Authoritarianism, but with co-ops. It’s a shame that you are authoritarian and broke up after Tito’s death.
    • Syndicalism - We both care about the workers, but why are you so hostile towards markets and welfare?


    • Paleoconservatism - Get with the times, old man!
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Everything that I hate (Authoritarianism + Capitalism + No UBI) rolled up into one.
    • Libertarianism - Your love of liberty and markets doesn’t erase the fact that you don’t consider freedom from poverty a freedom to defend.
      • - But isn’t Classical Liberalism also guilty of the same thing that I’m doing?
        • - He was a MAN OF THE ENLIGHTENMENT!!!
    • Corporatism - I think that I’m going to vomit 🤢.


    • - Thank you for contributing to the Eco-cooperativism page!!! :D
      • User:BLNFLM - Your welcome. Hey, how many edits do you have to do on PCB or PCBA in order to make a user page?


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