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    Social imperialism is a perjorative term describing a supposedly socialist regime that use imperialist practices of colonial empires like conquering non-socialist countries, political domination of puppet regimes, practicing the capitalist mode of production in international exchange, and economic exploitations of other states. The term was first used by Vladimir Lenin, as an accusation against what he perceived as fake socialists serving imperialist interests. It has often been used by Anti-Revisionists, such as Maoists and Hoxhaists to accuse the post-Stalin USSR that they see as no better than the west. But sometimes, anti-Stalinist socialists like Tito and Djilas describes Stalinist USSR’s hegemonic policies towards global communist parties and economic exploitions of Eastern European satellies as imperialist in their writings. It can also be used to accuse non-Soviet countries of being imperialist, an example is Hoxha once accused Titoist Yugoslavia of being social imperialist for its ties with the west. Post-Soviet communists and anti-revisionists also believe Dengist China is social imperialist and capitalist, and believe the supporters of Putin in the official communist parties such as Zyuganov are social imperialists or Red Putinists.

    Alternatively, however, social imperialism is also occasionally used to describe other non-ML socialists with imperalist views or policies, such as Attlee and some Reformist Marxists. The term, "Soviet Imperialism", has been more commonly used by anti-communists, especially anti-Soviet nationalists, but were also occasionally used by anti-revisionists during Cold War against post-Stalin USSR.


    Soviet Union

    Main article: Marxism-Leninism



    Main article: Dengism



    Main article: Pol Potism





    • Marxism-Leninism - Why do some of you oppose me?
      • Stalinism - Papa who made the USSR an empire. Stop calling yourself an anti-imperialist though.
      • Khrushchevism - Founding the Warsaw Pact and crushing Hungarian and Polish rebels were based, but you shouldnt have dropped direct control on Eastern Europe or establish friendships with "non-aligned countries".
      • Brezhnevism - Based chad who exported me to the world. But you should've been more insistent on expanding the USSR's influence and economic power instead of detentes, and your free aid to the third world was stupid.
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - You were based but Doi Moi reforms turned you into a pro-western country.
    • Pol Potism - Siding with Kissinger against Vietnam war a dick move but wanting to bring back Khmer Empire was based af.
    • Xi Jinping Thought -
    • Titoism -
    • Anti-Atlanticism - We both oppose the westoids, but why do some of you hate Russia, China, and the USSR?



    1. While both Nazbol and Marxism-Leninism can potentially involve imperialism depending on specific interpretations and implementations, it's not accurate to categorically state that they both embrace imperialism as a fundamental aspect of their ideologies.
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