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    Social Distributism, or SocDist, sometimes mistakenly referred to as Left Distributism, is an ideological offspring based on Distributism but with more emphasis on social justice, environmentalism, and collectivized forms of labor, and has a unique strategy involving the adoption of crypto-technology to bring about widespread economic and political change. Social Distributism rejects the political notion of a Left-Right dichotomy and therefore rejects the Left's monopoly on social justice and collectivized labor and the Right's monopoly on private property, family values, and cultural tradition. Its founder also is critical of industrial society and wants to implement SocDism to transition away from industrial capitalist society. Social Distributism is a syncretic ideology that transcends the traditional political binary and the popular political compass.

    He is convinced that the monopolistic bourgeoisie and the ideology of Liberalism are not only oppressing the working masses, but irrationally depleting the Earth's limited natural resources in pursuit of ever-increasing profit. He also believes they are destroying the family, profiting off the degradation of cultures, and purposely sowing political polarization and social conflict to incite the lower and middle classes to fight each other as they distract them from their true enemy - Liberalism.

    He believes that the means of production should be distributed as widely as possible to bring about universal private and common property ownership. He also believes that we should de-urbanize and form unique and diverse localized communities based around their shared values, goals, identity, etc which includes both heterogeneous and homogeneous communities. He believes that through breaking up unnecessary monopolies and central banks through the adoption of Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology we can create an alternative market crypto-economy made up of small to medium sized businesses that allows for a diversity of cooperatives, privately owned businesses, union companies/trades, entrepreneurs, and public enterprises to operate and compete within an ecologically-just and sustainable system regulated by a built-in pricing mechanism within the cryptocurrency used to reflect the ecological costs of production. Production would be ordered to cease when ecological limits for certain time periods are met, with remaining supplies priced increasingly higher, excluding basic necessities/goods that are constitutionally guaranteed to all. SocDist believes that the State should nationalize essential industries such as education, healthcare, transportation, energy, and some others as he believes they should not operate on a profit-motive and be universally accessible. Some may confuse Social Distributism for being Market Socialist, but the differences are stark between their proposed methods, policies, and philosophies.




    It all started back in 1891 with publication of Pope Leo XIII's papal encyclical, Rerum novarum. The piece discusses the conditions of the contemporary working class and supported the rights of labor to form unions, reaffirmed the right to private property, and criticized both the problems of socialism as it rose to prominence and the problems of unrestricted capitalism which were all too well known in his time. His Holiness set up the bedrock foundations of distributism, but English writer G. K. Chesterton and Anglo-French politician and philosopher Hilaire Belloc, after drawing together the disparate experiences of the various cooperatives and friendly societies in Northern England, Ireland, and Northern Europe, turned distributism into a more coherent and concrete ideology, with works ranging from basic economics through the distributist lens (Economics for Helen) to what makes property special (An Essay on the Restoration of Property) to the importance of decentralization in governmental institutions and productive property (The Servile State) to just summaries of the concepts alone (Outline of Sanity).

    The Mondragón Corporation

    In 1941, a young Catholic priest named José María Arizmendiarrieta settled in Mondragón, a Basque town with a population of 7,000 that had not yet recovered from the consequences of the Spanish Civil War. Fr. José saw to the solution to these problems lay in the pages of Rerum novarum and other distributist authors. In 1955, he selected five young people to set up the first company of the co-operative and industrial beginning of the Mondragón Corporation. The corporation has grown to an organization that employs over 100,000 people in Spain, has extensive international holdings.

    Social Distributism proper

    Social Distributism burst onto the political scene shortly before the global pandemic reached the West. SocDism is a fiercely independent and trailblazing ideology that is currently on the rise though mostly on online forums and Discord servers. There is currently only one SocDist theorist publishing material about it which can easily be found by Googling "Social Distributism." Social Distributism is still very young and standing up to ideological giants, however, this Herculean ideology might just have what it takes to reshape the political landscape in the 21st century and bring us to a post-capitalist, post-Liberal, post-Postmodernist future!

    Personality and Behavior

    Social Distributism sometimes acts like his father Distributism in some ways though he is not as devoted to Catholicism as him and is way more technology savvy. Though SocDist likes to hang around his pals Marxism–Leninism, Fourth Theory, and Market Socialism he doesn't dare let them know that he's also been hanging around Classical Conservatism and Conservative Socialism at shady bars out in the countryside.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Social Distributism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Follow the same design directions listed on Distributism's page, but make sure to:
      1. Draw a red line instead of an orange one,
      2. Draw a light red rose instead of a torch,
    3. Draw a yellow star with a light red outline over the middle of the dog,
    4. Add the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Light Red #E80700 232, 7, 0
    Yellow #FFFF00 255, 255, 0



    • Distributism - I love you dad, but you're kind of a relic of a bygone age and need to seriously update your theory and strategy.
    • Socialism - I love you mom, still I think you are too centralized and have become too liberal lately.
    • Market Socialism - I like you a lot like my... This is becoming Greek mythology
    • Christian Socialism - You're a good mate, let's talk Dorothy Day and Aquinas all night.


    • Distributist Libertarianism - Your heart is in the right place, but why do you believe in all that laissez-faire stuff? Cringe.
    • Longism - You are kinda based but you are too much capitalistic and too individualist.
    • Corporatism - I like your economic ideas but please be less authoritarian.
    • Libertarianism - Some good ideas, but awful way.
    • Mutualism - My dad likes you, I don't know why.
    • Marxism–Leninism - You were the chosen one! It was said you'd destroy capitalism not join them!
    • Fourth Theory - My crazy Slavic wizard uncle talks good philosophy, but supports Putin of all people for some reason and is way too statist.


    Further Information


    Online communities



    1. Fourth Theory was to an extent an influence upon Social Distributism, but both are formally distinct from each other.

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