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    Smurfian Communism is the ideology describing the workings of Smurf Village within the fictional, supernatural realm of the comic series, The Smurfs. It can best be described as a noocratic, localist, pacifist, environmentalist, and male-dominated form of communism.


    The smurfs follow the directions and guidance of a wise old father figure, named Papa Smurf. Kindness and cooperation are rather consistently encouraged between smurfs. They are strongly connected to nature, with certain nature-centered cultural festivities and their signature mushroom-resemblant houses. Smurf Village is also quite isolationist, with the entire village being both aesthetically camouflaged within forest cover and physically barriered by magic. The smurfs are strongly collectivist in nature, with a large focus on each smurf individual's adherence to social norms, especially in clothing, and their specialized role within the Smurf Village community.

    Due to the classless, stateless, and moneyless nature of Smurf Village, as well as the fact that the smurfs follow the marxist principle of "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs" rather well, Smurf Village can be considered a communist society.

    The smurfs are also (almost) all male, and all physically incapable of reproduction, for some reason.


    Smurfian Communism usually appears as a very easygoing ideology ball (or group of Smurfian Communism balls), who also has his goofy moments. In general, he is kind, upbeat, and devoted to helping his people. He has a slight disdain for humans, thus isolating himself from most other (human-made) ideology balls, especially capitalist balls such as Gargamelism.






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