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    Smarter Greeceball Thought

    Hello,My name is Smarter Greeceball!I'm very happy in the there!

    List of countrys that needs a communist revolution right now

    • Cball-China.pngHochi.pngCball-Laos.pngFinally five“Socialists” conutriesCball-Cuba.pngCball-North Korea.png
    • Cball-US.pngAMERIKKA!!!(Imperialism countries)
    • Cball-Russia.pngRussia(Ambitious but sanctioned by Western imperialism, and also a strategic partner of China)
    • Cball-Ukraine.pngBirdkraineUkraine(Anti-UnionAntisoc.png traitors and the rebirth point of the Nutzi.pngDamn Nazis, the licking dogs of Western imperialism and American imperialism, in order to lick the trash of the West by any means.)
    • Cball-Japan.pngJapanJ*ps(A idiot who will find fault with us when he is strong, a dog who launched the war of aggression against China, a big b*astard who has killed many of us and stolen our culture, and a modern fool who has helped the United States, often barking at our country and Russia, and has nothing to do with China as the biggest threat. But I really like animation, games, music, and Hatsune Miku.)
    • Cball-Taiwan.pngTaiwan is an inseparable part of China, and it is not a country, but a province. Don't expect to add the United States and Japan (if you believe it or not, you can directly merge it into Fujian Province)
    • Cball-UK.pngUK is the collapsed empire has now committed crimes with its eldest son United States. It has left Europe and is still looking for trouble in the South China Sea. It may disintegrate in the future.




    Economically, I will completely abolish capitalism, confiscate all capitalist companies and confiscate them, and put all means of production under the management of workers. But I will support entrepreneurship, innovation and other things. If there is surplus value, I will choose to invest in infrastructure, technological development, art, scientific research and other things that benefit mankind.


    On the cultural axis, I will use accelerationism to destroy conservatism, reactionism and feudalism. I will support the movement of LGBTQAI+, and at the same time let everyone enjoy their rights. In the future, gender will be abolished in a highly progressive society, because gender may be backward. At this time, due to the massive use of artificial eggs and artificial sperm, everyone can have children.


    Technology, I will use some surplus value to start vigorously developing (if there is surplus value, most of it will be given to the people, and the rest will be developed to the people's livelihood), and after the completion of fully automated production, I will vigorously develop science and technology to benefit the people, so that they can fully enjoy the benefits of science and technology, first explore the whole earth and then go to space, to explore more unknown. In short, it is a technocrat who serves the people.


    On the citizen axis, I will give citizens the rights they should have, such as freedom of speech and association, and give them the maximum freedom, but I will still set up police to maintain basic public order to ensure their safety, but I support private security, and will give subsidies to security.

    Councom.pngGovenmentAnSynd.pngMincomball icon.png

    I will abolish the large government and the central government, only retain some small governments, and implement the federal system of direct democracy, use electronic equipment management, and tend to be populist. The whole social management is composed of committees and trade unions, which are responsible for managing the cause of all departments, and everyone can participate in it. The committee is responsible for bringing representatives of all associations together to consider a series of issues such as people's livelihood.


    When it comes to diplomacy, I usually choose what can be resolved peacefully. A lasting peace will make the society prosperous. If others take the initiative to invade, we will fight back relentlessly. At that time, I may form a wartime government to deal with aggression

    Sometimes we have to intervene

    1:Darwinist.pngAvar.pngKrater.pngNazcapf.pngIt is suggested to hang street lamps before burning ANTI-HUMANIST TRASH that is fed by nature.VHMent.pngPosadist.pngNutzi.pngPoopenfarten.pngShowa.png
    2:Crapitalism.pngAnticom'oid.pngAn OLD OBSTINACY that should be destroyed by Accel.pngAccelerationism and Fut2.pngFuturismReactard.pngFeud.png


    Babouvism.pngFrançois-Noël "Gracchus" BabeufCball-France.png
    Karl Marx.pngKarl MarxCball-Germany.png
    Ormarxf.pngFriderich EnglesCball-Germany.png
    Deleon.pngDaniel De LeonCball-US.png
    Sun Yat-Sen.pngSun Yat-Sen(1866-1925)
    Rozalia.png Rosa Luxemburg(1871-1919) Cball-Germany.png Germany
    Commie.pngKarl Liebknecht(1871-1919) Cball-Germany.png Germany
    Lenin.pngVladimir Lenin(1870-1924)Cball-RussianSFSR.png
    Vperedist.pngAlexander Bogdanov (1873-1928)
    Lev Davidovich Bronstein.pngLeon Trotosky(1879-1940)Cball-Ukraine.png
    Gramsci.pngAntonio Gramsci(1891-1937)Cball-Italy.png
    MaoHair.pngMao Zedong(1893-1976)Cball-China.png
    Sablin.pngValery Sablin(1939-1976)Cball-USSR.png


    “State” of emergency of SGBT

    In case of some emergency, such as war or disaster, I will temporarily form an emergency government and merge the federations, and the materials will be transported to the disaster area or the front line. But I will crack down on the reactionary forces and the return of the trash that makes the country difficult to make money, protect the rights and interests of the minority groups, the welfare will not be reduced because of the war, and some drugs (normal) can be supplied in a small amount during this period, I will protect my citizens and return to development quickly after the war


    Best Comrades

    • Libmarx.png Libertarian Marxism - Do workers have the means of production? Transition to a stateless society? Free and supportive of Marxism? Anti authoritarianism? This is great! And what I hope is that this is me, but my thought is more progressive and radical than this.
    • Luxem.png Luxemburgism - The committee and workers' freedom are great, and they are feminists. Who said that the revolution can only be led by men? Women can also! Although killed by those Succdem.png damned revisionists, your contribution to the revolution is still very great.
    • Mincomball icon.png Minarcho-Communism - Let the government be the night watchman and keep the communist society, great! It is only possible to abolish the government and allow the workers to be fully autonomous……
    • Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - The main source of my thinking is that the means of production should be handed over to their original owners to control and give the workers complete autonomy. This is a good idea!
    • Minsocf.png Minarcho-Socialism - The idea comes from the comrades above. They just support the country of the night watchman (which is actually very good). This is also very good.
    • AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism - Who said anarchism must be chaotic? The All Country Federation of Trade Unions can also be a substitute for the government! Unfortunately, your supporters were stabbed by Stalin.pngStalin in the Spanish Civil War.


    • UltravisSoc-25x25.png Ultravisionary Socialism - 非常酷的思想,除了正统的比较独裁其他的都很好,不过卡尔达舍夫(TNO)的已经解决了这个问题,确实,宇宙中还有许多未探索的事物,我们需要走出地球,去探索更广阔的太空!
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - 伟大的导师,感谢你为我国的社会主义之路做了参考,你建立了世界上第二个社会主义国家,就是先锋队的腐化可能解决不了,证明你的其他理论我还是非常支持的。
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - Anarcho-Communism is a very good system, but AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism may be better, because it has the All Country Federation of Trade Unions, I'm sorry……
    • Mao.png Maoism - The greatest revolutionist in modern Chinese history! "You created a Cball-China.pngnew China, helped everyone get rid of exploitation and landlords. Your ML.pngpublic ownership economy is very good, but the power of too much power is really not very good. The RedGuard.pngCultural Revolution was a bit too violent (I think Indlibsoc.pngindividualism and Awaj.pnganarchism are really okay, so I am neutral in the Cultural Revolution, but I don't know why many people take you for granted). Therefore, I prefer yourMspont.pngspontaneity, and your Mao3word.pngtwo sonsMLM.png are also very good.", Unfortunately, it was abolished by Dengoid.pngDeng Xiaoping's revisionist groupKing of sager dunce2.png.

    United Front

    • Soul.png Soulism - 很酷的想法,就是你可别嗑药了……
    • Trot.png Trotskyism - 国际主义者,共产主义战士,谁说托洛茨基不是共产主义?(等等,你在中国的支持者支持日本?)
    • LeftCom.png Left Communism - A traitor against revisionism and a great idea of reformism! Why do you oppose democracy?And why do you hate Minarchy and Anarchy?
      • LeftCom.png - Sei favorevole alla democrazia? Certo che sei un traditore revisionista. A proposito, il comunismo anarchico è il picco della piccola borghesia! (Do you support democracy? Sure enough, you are a revisionist traitor. Go to hell! By the way, anarcho-communism is the peak of the petty bourgeoisie!)
        • SGB-Greek.png - OK, you are more orthodox than other marxists, this is true. But you really go too far. Fortunately, you are not like Communalist.png him.

    At least we can cooperate

    • Fut2.png Futurism=很棒的思想,一起将腐朽的传统摧毁吧!就是你为什么要支持Fashidiot.png 法西斯蠢货呢?
    • Antijap.png Anti-Japaneseism - 虽然我知道国内有些崇拜你是因为Showa.png 那个贵物,我也的确很讨厌 Showa.png 它,但是并不是每一个日本都是坏的,比如JapCom.png ……
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Your Patriotic War and socialist industrialization were excellent. Actually, there is no Stalinism, only ML.pngMarxism–Leninism under the JosephStalin.pngStalin model! As a student of Lenin.pngLenin, you are actually a bit good (although Lenin is not quite at ease). However, freedom of expression and freedom of association are necessary for the left, and too much totalitarianism is not good for society. In fact, I don't think you can reach the level of red fascism. Your backbiting towards other leftists is really bad.AnTory.png AnSynd.png Trot.png Wouldn't it be good to first overthrow the Cap.pngcapitalists and then expel the left from their native places? Although my friend doesn't like you very much
    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism - 虽然反威权主义是很棒的,比如 Libsoc.png 自社Libmarx.png 自马以及Ancom.png 安康,但是你在国内的支持者有些是纯粹的反左与反共,这点我非常反对,甚至想把他们挂路灯。(Although anti-authoritarianism is great, such as Libsoc.png Libsoc and Libmarx.png LibMarx and Ancom.png AnCom, some of your supporters in China are purely anti-left and File:Anticom'oidanti-communist, which I am very opposed to, and even want to put them on the street lamp.)
    • Communalist.png Communalism - Comrade, it is really feasible to abolish private ownership, but not to abolish personal property. I heard that many infectious diseases are transmitted by sharing one thing. You should be careful.
    • Sorelia.png National Syndicalism - A Synd.pngSyndicalist has Ultranat.pngUltranationalism, Mutualist.pngMutualism, and Corptism.pngCorporatism? Yes, although not as good as Strasser.pngStrasserism and the Natbol.pngNational Bolshevism, you can also. Gramsci's ideas have yours, as the Nazis should have done! Or Strasser.pngStrasserism! This is National socialism!
    • Strasser.png Strasserism - Hitler.pngHitler is not National socialism, Strasser is! Trade union socialism and state-owned socialism may work, as can land nationalism. If you lead Cball-Germany.pngGermany, perhaps the Cball-Germany.pngGerman people will lead a better life. "Because Hitler.pngHitler only oppressed Zio.pngethnic minoritiesGay.png and waged war, you were truly for the sake of the Volk.pngGerman workers, although GermanStalin.pngErnst Thälmann was better.". But I can consider your Strans.pngtrans version.

    What's trash?

    • Pinkcap.pngPink Capitalism - 虽然你是万恶的资本家,但是你至少不像State Libtard.png那个贵物一样糟糕,虽然你也是支持性少数群体的,但是你仅仅只是想让他们成为你的顾客?
    • Bhl.pngBleeding-Heart Libertarianism - 同上,只是比上面的好一点。
    • Socliber.pngSocial Libertarianism - 跟上面主体差不多,不过福利和凯恩斯经济学可以考虑一下,但是是糟糕的家长制(大悲)
    • Patcon.pngPaternalistic Conservatism - 跟上面一样是家长制,家长制的腐败问题真的会比较严重,还有你就是Succdem.png那个贵物的保守版本,不过福利尚可接受。
    • Zio.pngZionism - 我知道你们曾经住在巴勒斯坦地区,也知道Nutzi.png死纳粹屠杀了你们,但是这并不是你们残害巴勒斯坦人的理由,你们很多都是披着犹太皮的西方资本家,在西方的援助下,让中东鸡飞狗跳,这一点是真的糟糕。(I know that you once lived in the Palestinian area and that the Nutzi.pngDamn Nazis slaughtered you, but this is not the reason for you to harm the Palestinians. Many of you are Western capitalists in Jewish clothing. With the assistance of the West, the Middle East has become a real disaster.)

    YOU ARE A D! I! C! K!

    • Fashidiot.png 束棒 - You have plunged most of the people into a deep sea of fire. You launched the Second World War, glorified aggression and plunder, and publicized extreme nationalism. This is very bad! You have also maimed people of other nationalities!
    • Anticommunism.png Anti-Communism - 你个他*的死*东西,你个**就应该去死!你这个反动派!即使你是左派,但也是这些 Succdem.png LibtardSoc.png 的思想,我告诉你,我跟你没完!尤其是那些 Reactard.png Copeservatism.png Pig.png Fashidiot.png Wignat.png Poltard.png Authright.png Libright-yellow.png Rightunity-yellow.png Trad.png 们,我跟你没完,你等着我!你等着啊!来我们这儿绝对没你好果子吃![因为语言过激被主持人删除]
    • Sinophobia.png Sh*t p*g b*tch - 我*你?!你就是个**!你全家都他妈滚去吃屎!我们中国人哪儿惹到你了?你还支持日本鬼子,还要说给别人听,呸!恶心!啥玩意儿啊,你跟那些贵物他妈的简直一模一样!(I F**K YOU MOTHER! YOU ARE A PENIS! YOU FAMLIY F**KING GET OUT EAT SH*T! Where did we Chinese offend you? You also support J*ps (Sho*a) and tell others, boo! Nausea! What kind of thing? You are exactly the same as those TRASH!!!!)
    • Reactard.png Reactards - You are the enemy of the Communist Party and progressives! Wherever you are, we will smash you! You let your parents suffer and the country rot! During this period, I will use all means to smash you!
    • Pinkie-icon.png Pinkieism - 你他妈的不是我,你这个傻逼玩意儿!!!你跟当年的雅利安人有什么区别?(You f**king are not me, you are a BEASTARD!!! What's the difference between you and Aryan people back then???)
    • Paleo-SGBism.png Paleo SGBism - 卧槽,你这傻逼能不能滚远点!你他妈的才是粉红!都跟你说了,日本并不是每个人都是坏的!极端民族是坏的!(WTF! Can you beastard away! You're f**king pinkie! I told you that not everyone in Japan is bad! Extreme nationalism is bad!)
    • State Libtard.pngState Libtards - 你简直是那些白左的思维!就是你这种贵物败坏了我们进步主义者的名声,搞得大家都向 Copeservatism.png 保守蠢货那边靠了,你简直是披着保护少数群体的皮的独裁者!我不会上你那破直升机的,笨蛋!并且我会击落那架讨厌的直升机!
    • Authcap.png Di*ktator Crappie - 你就比 Nazcapf.png 那个家伙好一些,除此之外,你很差,因为你是个独裁者,又是个资本家!
    • Crapitalism.png Crappie - 万恶的资本家!你剥削了广大的平民百姓,为了那利润你干了多少破事?倒奶,无偿加班,扣工资……
    • Succdem.png Succdem - 选举根本实现不了社会主义!你是一个资本家伪装的社会主义者!你还摧毁了德意志的共产主义道路!你杀了Luxem.png 罗莎·卢森堡和卡尔·李卜克内西!你偷了社会党的名字,你不配叫社会党人!修正主义者!
    • Pinochet.png 屁大帅 - 你把智利搞得乌烟瘴气,所谓的皮诺切特经济奇迹,不过是给了资产阶级罢了,无产阶级呢?他们在 Allende.png 阿连德的统治下还可以吃饱穿好,而你呢?穷人们只能满足面包的需求,你还拿直升机清除共产主义者……我不会去坐直升机的,并且我会把你那架破直升机击落,你这个独裁者永远都不会得到善终的!你毁了智利!独裁者!即使 Posadist.png 波萨达斯的核弹炸不到你,我还可以让太空的攻击型卫星摧毁你的直升机!!
    • Obj.png 一个类人生物 - 大姐,你特么讨厌我们每一个左派?我们这些左派才不需要你喜欢呢!你只会让那些你觉得最伟大的老板来狠狠的压榨人民群众!就你们这些资产阶级高贵吗?你这个搞优生学的帝国主义猪猡!人家Rozalia.png罗莎·卢森堡也是个犹太人,她是为了全世界的女工解放,让工人们得以自治,她是个反独裁的伟大革命先驱,她是为了革命事业和进步,而你这个贵物呢?是为了让我们穷人彻底没有翻身之路,你对穷人的歧视,对帝国主义的崇拜和那所谓的优生学让你和 Rozalia.png 对比之中,你毫无意义,你只会被我们人民群众消灭,然后永远被钉在历史的耻辱柱上。
    • Wignat.png White Aryans - Ah, you idiot! What the f**k did his mother, blacks, Asians and Native Americans do wrong? Why are they guilty? The goddamn Nazis are inspired by you b**stards. Are you still doing a lot of bad things? Huh? You his mother Lenin and Trotsky are Jewish Bolsheviks, you are white trash, you are the scum of your noble white people! I tell you, you are as hateful as the Nazis!
    • Radfem.png Radical Feminism - 我**要的是男女平等,不是女尊男卑!你这*狗能不能别剥夺我们男性的权利!(What I want is equality between men and women, not inferiority between women and men! Can you sh*t dog not deprive our men of their rights!)
    • Crusade of Romanianism.pngCrusade of Romanianism - Based the Libsoc.pngLibsoc, cringe the Fashidiot.png fasho, F * * K Y O U THE Anticommunism.png Anticom!!!

    Burning in the 18th floor of hell, never reborn.

    • Showa.pngStu*id St*rds - F**K YOU J*PS! You launched the 918 Incident and let the people of all East Asia and Southeast Asia be invaded by you! You massacred 300000 compatriots in Nanjing, and you raped many girls in China and North Korea! You took killing and war as fun, stole a lot of our culture, and you also killed nearly 18 million of our compatriots! I'm glad you're dead! How can there be such anti-human existence in the world?
    • Nutzi.pngDamn Nazis! - And you!How many Jews have you slaughtered? 6 million! You killed the wrong person! Those Jewish capitalists have all gone to other countries. You are lucky. Instead of killing the Juncker aristocracy and the remnants of the empire, you have slaughtered these innocent Jews. You have not only slaughtered Jews, but also Cball-Belarus.pngBelarusian, Polandball.pngPolish, Cball-USSR.pngSoviet, Cball-Czechia.pngCzech! You also slaughtered the disabled, Commie.pngcommunist fighters, Gay.pnghomosexuals!Your sin can't be measured. The so-called Aryan Superman is all made up by you. Don't pretend to be an Cball-Iran.pngIranian!
    • Nazcapf.pngNutCrappie - You are the worst thought in the world! Because you are not only a Nutzi.pngNazi pig who slaughters other nationalities to promote Aryan supremacy, but also a Pig.pngcapitalist who exploits the people! Don't you treat homosexualsGay.png and disabled people as human beings! You are more evil than the Nazis. Now we should not only put you on the street lamp, but also burn your body. Go to hell!
    • Darwinist.png Succdar - 啊,你这个死*玩意,我*你*的,你伪造了真正的 Darwin.png 达尔文理论!还有人类费尽心思进化就是让你来退化成动物的?
    • Nazcaptransh.png Heinrich-Cheungism - 昭和主义+保守主义+反共主义+神秘法西斯主义+资本主义+右翼加速主义+国家资本主义,你还是个中国人……除了超人类主义,其他的完全站在我的相反面,亏你之前还是个马列毛+民布,我怎么感觉你思想退化了呢?(Showa statism + conservatism + anti communism + esoteric fascism + capitalism + landian accelerationism + national capitalism, you are still a Chinese... In addition to Transhumanism, others are completely on the opposite side of me. Before you were a Marxist Leninist Maoism+Nazbol, how can I feel that your thoughts have degenerated?)
    • PCB-Burgsys.png Burgundian System Burgsystangle.png - What is it? What the f**k is this? You are better than Hitler.png Hitler. Don't mess with your dark sun! Look at what you did in Burgundy! Do you want to destroy the whole world without killing the Cball-France.png French? It took so long for human beings to develop and let you destroy them? You are crazy? Support the corn poppy movement to dry up Burgundy!
    • Taboritsky.pngTaboritskyism - Taboritsky, you crazy! What did you do after unifying Russia? You killed all the people who were not Russians in order to find “Alexei”, and you confiscated their personal property! Those citizens had a good life in other places, but you did it. The key is that you force new recruits to take mustard gas. What the hell is this? Alexei won't come back! Your empire worship is meaningless! You are a Zio.png Jew yourself, and you still clean up Zio.png Jews? After midnight, a more magical ideology was born on your land! You have committed a heinous crime! I knew it was time for Bukharinism.png Bukharina to chop you into dumplings!
    • LiuZhongjing.png Auntology - I've lived f**king for so many years. It's the first time I've seen such an anti nationalist d**k! Let's forget that you are a Reactard.pngreactionary and Neocuckservative.pngAmerican imperialist. The problem is that you are pro Cball-Japan.pngJ*ps and you should give the j*ps a m*ther f**ker defense, especially the Tojo-alt.pngfool 731! I really don't know how Cball-China.pngChina raised you for 5000 years, you idiot. Go to hell on the 18th floor! Bastard! Even a Pinkie-icon.pnglittle pink is better than you, a foolish contrarian!Stupid thing, are you still a Feud.pngfeudal relic and a Neocuckservative.pngtotal Westernist? "You and Pinkie-icon.pngLittle Pink are two extremes, a foolish person who Sinophobia.png Splits the Motherland against a Backward ethnic groupSinophobia2.png, and a mindless Kak-Dunce.pngUltranationalist. Both are terrible!"!

    Self-Insert Relationship

    Best Comrade


    United Front

    • 620PCB1-icon.pngSix-two-zero thought - 很棒的同志,在B站就看到了,并且教我做我的维基即使我太贪得无厌了,但是思想保守只会阻碍社会进步,家长制不太好,会让国家的老虎苍蝇变多,社民是资产阶级假扮的社会主义,工人自治可能会更好。(Great comrade, I saw it at station B and taught me to be my wiki. Even if I am too greedy, ideological conservatism will only hinder social progress. The poor patriarchal system will make the country more tigers and flies. The people are the socialism disguised by the bourgeoisie, and the workers' autonomy may be better.)

    At least we can cooperate

    What's trash?


    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - You Sinophobia.pngS*nophobia fool and Anticom'oid.pnganti-Communist pig! Why are there still brain powder of the killer Suharto.pngSuharto! You are also an ultranationalist in Indonesia, but luckily I can barely accept (?) in your economy. If you are an authoritarian left, I may have a better attitude towards you. After all, I like to unite all radical factions from the authoritarian left to the free will left to overthrow Cap.pngcappie and Reactard.pngreactionaries.
    • - What are you trash? Anticom'oid.pngAnticom'oid, Crapitalism.pngcapitalist pigs, Reactard.pngreactard, Imp.pngimperialists, and stupid right dogs?A very rubbish Neocuckservative.pngNeocope, Obj.pngobjectivism, Pinochet.pnga*shole marshal, Austrokak.pngeconomic freedom, Neoreact.pngneoreactionism, Anticom'oid.pnganti communism,Copeservatism.pnganti progresstivism, Dicktator.pngdi*ktatorship, Imp.pngimperialism,Darwinist.pngsuccdarEugen.png... What, and this idiot Nutzi.pngBandraOUN-B.png? You are simply a STUMBING BLOCK to human progress! Moreover, technology benefits the people, not oppresses them.But your Pac.pngpacifism, Technocracy.pngtechnocracy, and Indiv.pngindividualism may be okay, but the king can't take them at all! A Republic is better than a kingdom! F*cking Neocuckservative.pngWestern imperialism!Cball-Taiwan.pngROC is not China! It's just some scum doing a fake regime! Even Dengoid.pngDeng Xiaoping's ideology in Cball-China.pngPRC is better than this pro Neocuckservative.pngW*st, pro Cball-Japan.pngJ*ps, and unforgettable sh*t!From 2018 to 2021, which one of you is not better than you are now? Right dog!
    • BERNHEism.png BERNHEism - You are just one damn, one by one Dengoid.pngDeng Xiaoping+Lysenko.pngLysenko+Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich Cheung! Very cringe Anticom'oid.pnganticom'oid,anti socialist, Statecap.pngstate cappie, Cap.pngfree market+regulated economy (chagrin), Ultranat.pngUltranationalism and File:Tot.pngTotalitarianism! "Even if Homophobia.pngHomophobia, we'll have to create the PolState.pngpolice state and Pig.pngcapitalism that Ancom.pngAnarcho-communists hate the most!"! What isolated chauvinists! Get your m***er's NeoLibtard.pngneolibtard, Neocuckservative.pngneocopeservatism! F*ck your m***er's Dicktator.pngdi*ktatorship! MaoHair.pngMao Zedong and JosephStalin.pngStalin are much better than you! Technology leads people to happiness, not to persecute them! No wonder NeoLukko.pngNeo-Lukkoism hates you so much! So am I!You Technobougie.pngbourgeois technocrat!

    Burning in the 18th floor of hell, never reborn

    • Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheungism - As a Chinese, you believe in Showa.pngSh*wa statism and Poopenfarten.pngEsoteric fascism. What are you? I like some Japanese culture and songs, but the anti-human thing of Showa.pngSh*wa statism is pure silly. You said that you are still a national capitalist pig, and you are still reactionary. In addition to Transhumanism, I have to hang you on the street lamp!And what is your stupid statement about privatizing everything? I would rather believe in Communalism than hang up the street lamp before turning it into nature's fertilizer.
    • Hydra.png Hydra'ism - Aryanism+Anti-Communism+Nazis+Estroic Fascists... You have the same degree of fascination as Taboritsky. Do you want to return to the primitive society? Utopian Nazis can't appear. If they do, we will kill them. You are more powerful than Hyberboria. You'd better climb (without mercy)


    • SGB-Greek.png Smarter Greeceball Thought - Yes,I can added,but can you stop worshipping Sukarto?This really very isn't cool,thanks.(If you are an authoritarian left, I can accept it you.)
    • i confussed you hated sukarno?
    • SGB-Greek.png - Because he is Anticom's idiot and Si*ophobia
    • is suharto dumbass also sukarno was sinophobia also.
    • SGB-Greek.png - Sorry,I scolded the wrong person. It's Suharto. Sukarno is Cball-Indonesia.pngIndonesian Commie.pngSocialists Comrade,Sorry

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- add me

    Panth.png Pantheonism - Sláva Ukrayíni! Heróyam sláva! Anyways, would you be so kind to add me?

      • SGB-Greek.png -OK.
        • Panth.png Pantheonism - So, when are you going to add me?
          • SGB-Greek.png - My sand box is brake,sorry.
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - add me?
    • Ascheominh-icon.png Ascheominhism - Add me?
      • SGB-Greek.png - OK
    • DualPlay.png DualPlay - Literally Crusade of Romanianism.png Stelism. Also add me NihilDualCom.png (TBA)
      • SGB-Greek.png - OK,I should add you.
    • Atronism-icon.png Atronism - Jesus Christ, this is somehow unbelievably based. And I thought I was a hardcore leftist. Can you add me?
    • SGB-Greek.png - Added,and you are very good comrade.
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - you're basically me but libertarian, which is fucking based. add me
    • Hydra.png Hydra'ism - I'm not Slavo-Aryanist per say, I mean, I support Slavo-Aryanism but also in general Aryanism.
      • SGB-Greek.png - Oh, I know, but I'm against any kind of Aryanism. No matter what Aryanism you believe in, I hate it. And your Anticom'oid.png anti-communism, Wignat.png white pig ideology, Nazcapf.png national capitalist pig, over-discrimination and Reactard.png reactionary, and Poopenfarten.png esoteric fascism are very bad.
    • - 中國同胞!加一下我吧 ^^
      • SGB-Greek.png - OK
    • LibMarxBall.png LibMarxBall - 同志,我不知道为啥账号突然登不进去了,所以新注册了个账号。。。。
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - add me?
      • SGB-Greek.png - Added.
    • Borker thought pixels.png Borkerface1776 Do you have a Discord Account? Also can you add me?
      • SGB-Greek.png - Added,but I don't have a Discord Account,sorry.
    • O'Langism.png O'Langism - Add me?
      • SGB-Greek.png - Added,and you're a great comrade.
    • Ascheominh-icon.png Ascheominhism - WħËñ ÿòÙ aÐd mÈ?

    Closest match: Ancom.pngAnarcho-Communism

    Closest match: Libertarian Communism.pngLibertarian Communism

    Closest match: Libertarian Communism.pngLibertarian Communism

    Closest match: Soul.pngSoulism

    Closest match: Ancom.pngAnarcho-Communism

    AuthValues.png AuthValues

    Closest match: ML.pngMaxism-Leninism

    Closest match: Libmarx.pngLibertarian Marxism