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    Slovene Social Liberalism

    Slovene Social Liberalism is the special type of very short-lived liberal parties in Slovenia. Their main purpose is to prevent a Janša government.



    Social Liberalism has a long history in Slovenia. First called Young Slovenes were formed in 19th century. Slovene liberals joined the Democratic Party when they broke away from the increasingly conservative People's Radical Party, later they formed their own Independent Democratic Party.

    After Independence

    Originally the Slovene Youth Wing of the Communist party, LDS became soon the main centre/centre-left force in Slovenia and merged with the first anti-communist movement Slovenian Democratic Union and dominated the political landscape until 2004 when the centre-right parties won a majority.

    After that the party soon split with Zares as new main social liberal party. The Social Democrats, LDS & Zares formed a coalition after Janša's government lost their majority because of corruption scandals but this coalition fell soon due to corruption too.

    After fresh elections there was an hung parliament with neither the new social liberal PS and their ally SD nor the centre-right SDS-led bloc won a majority. After difficult negotiations Janša formed a coalition but this one fell again cause of corruption accusations, so a new PS-led coalition was formed but PS split because of own corruption accusations. Parts of the PS formed SAB soon after.

    New fresh elections led to a victory of a new social liberal party, SMC. In 2018 SMC lost most of their support because of corruption scandals and the new main social liberal party LMŠ forming a coalition with the other social liberal/centre-left parties SMC, SAB, the SD and DeSUS but this coalition needed the support from Left.

    After Left withdrew their support SMC and DeSUS who both lost much of their support over the years joined Janša. The remaining centre-left parties (for a short time together with parts of DeSUS) the "Constitutional Arch Coalition" (KUL). Later a new social liberal party GS was formed.




    • Populism - I'm a populist but J*nša too.
    • Gerontocracy – Pls pick a side.
    • Kleptocracy – REEEEEEEEEEEE, actually i like you.
    • Anti-Corruption – Fight the corrupt J*nša regime! Actually I don't care
    • Agrarianism – Why do you still help SDS?
    • Democratic Socialism – You have cringe position about NATO and you overthrew my last government but we both hate J*nša.


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