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    "Hey buddy work on this page and it could be a page on the main wiki." - Neo-Slavery
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    Slavic Nationalism, or Pan-Slavism advocates for the advancement and unity of Slavs, an ethnolinguistic group in Central and Eastern Europe. It arose in the 19th Century, especially within the Austro-Hungarian Empire in countries like Croatia and Czechoslovakia, initially concerned with national sovereignty. It inspired Yugoslavia, the Slovak Republic under Jozef Tiso, Czechoslovakia and still lives on today under use by populists in Slavic countries. Slavic Nationalists in modern day tend to be Russophilic and/or nostalgic of former Pan-Slavic states like Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Pan-Slavism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw three horizontal section
    3. Color to blue, middle white, and bottom red
    4. Draw a kolovrat in the center
    5. Draw eyes


    Pan-Slavism is a walking stereotype of Eastern Europeans or Central Slavic Europeans in cases like Polish People. He drinks vodka, eats potatoes, fights bears and listens to hardbass and folk music. He's obsessed with Russia to the point of fanaticism.


    Slavic Brothers

    • Trumpism - Very good friends, America is in the right hands.
    • Polish Falangism - One of my great Western sons. But why so Catholic? Real Slavs are Orthodox. Or Pagan. Pick one.
    • Tsarism - God Save the Tsar!
    • Russophilia - Long live Russia!
    • Slovak Fascism - Same as your brother, but what's this I heard about letting Jews escape?
    • Bulgarian Fascism - Now this is the kinda thing I'm talking about, why can't you two be more like your cousin?
    • Gopnism - My delinquent son. Beating up gypsies is fine, but you need to cut it out with the drugs.
    • National Bolshevism - Bolshevik Pan-Slavist? Based!
    • Neotsarism - Not a bad kid, just has some bad influences.
    • Alt-Right - Hahaha (((remove kebab))) right?
    • Russian Orthodoxy - Православие, Самодержавие, Народность
    • Slavic Paganism -Hail Perun!
    • Hyperborea - Pagan ultranationalist? I like it.
    • Black-Hundredism - Restore the monarchy, very based.
    • Zhirinovism - Based.

    Acceptable Non-Slavs

    • Marxism-Leninism - I like to make Soviet memes and LARP as KGB, but the USSR was too secular and too internationalist. At least you made Russia stronger than it is today.
    • Serbian Radicalism - Yugoslavism is cool but please stop killing other slavs because you don't like them.
    • Esoteric Fascism - We both like Hyperborea and the kolovrat, but you're like him.
    • Putinism - Why are you hurting Ukrainian brothers?
    • Pragmatic Pan-Slavism - Son, why are you such a softie?...

    Enemies of the Slavs

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