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    Skeletron Thought, also known as Skeletronism, is a National Bolshevist, Reactionary Stalinist Paetelist ideology.



    It supports totalitarian regimes all over the world and wants to eliminate all forms of influence that the civilians have over the country. It wants the government to exterminate everyone with a opinion against the state through a strong secret police.


    Skeletronism wants the markets to be planned out and controlled by the state to ensure the safety of people. Any trading network set up by the people that is not planned out and controlled by the state is therefore illegal and will be shut down as soon as possible.


    It wants to close its borders to other countries and block its people from the outside world, so they will think all countries are like this. This way, it is less likely that the people will attempt a coup, thus ensuring the safety of the state even more.

    Culture & National Identity

    Skeletronism is [[File:Atheism.png]atheist, but still respects the abrahamic religions. According to Skeletron, they made the world and are therefore in charge of the world we all know. The nation’s identity is white, heterosexual, cisgender and atheist/christian. If you do not have the full national identity, you will be taken somewhere in the middle of the night in a van, to never return. Skeletronism does not like immigrants, Black Lives Matter or LGBT+ movements.

    Personality & Behavior

    It generally gets pissed off if people start talking about that capitalism is good and that raccoons are bad, but can be quite nice. It sends people into a van that goes somewhere (). It has a dirty brain, so it will turn stuff into dirty stuff and is very, very, SMART. It has a Lower Saxonian Drenthish accent.





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