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    Six-two-zero thought is a Self-Insert by 620, being economically in the left, culturally centrist (varies upon region) and moderate authoritarian.He believes that the market should be completely controlled by the government.And everyone are equal.Do not argue about politically sensitive issues with him,because he doesn't want to argue with others about political views.


    Views on Disputed Areas:





    • Left Communism- Based economics,but what you're doing looks like a mental patient.



    • Capitalism- Laissez faire market is doubleplus cringe.
    • Ancapstan and almost all ideology on the Libertarian Right - Almost the opposite.
    • Totalitarianism - Too much authority can only destroy a country!
    • Extreme Progressivism - Too much progress will only destroy this society!
    • Extreme conservatism - Too much conservative will also destroy this society!But in the community of countryhumans, I like to call myself a reactionary.
    • Radical Feminism-Boys should respect girls, but this does not mean that girls can discriminate against boys!
    • Sinophobia - DIE.
    • Caste System- Why do we have to be stratified when we are born?
    • Jihadism- Why attack innocent people?
    • Showaism - Why do you exist in this world? You genocidal scum?
    • Six-two-zero Fascism - 你个傻逼东西,能不能不要给我丢脸了?(You the bastard, can you stop humiliating me?)


    This is evaluated according to your ideology. Please look at my user wiki on English wiki(WIP) according to your personality.If you can speak Chinese, then you can come here.



    • Torch Socialism - Very good Chinese comrade, but why do you like him a lot?
    • Dual Posadism - I met you in Chinese wiki.You are based too,'BUT WHY POSADISM'???Are you serious?
    • Noelism - Not a fan of Traditionalism.But your view on the current situation in China is very based.
    • Yoda8soup - Fellow socialist.But I dislike the Progressives.And why do you use graphic tools?
    • Glencoe - Good,but why Libertarian Left?
    • Neo-Kiraism - Too much progressism,but based views on countryhuans.


    • Celfloskyism - A fellow Chinese welfarist, but you are anti Communist,and hates the CCP a lot. :(




    • Applethesky2021 - My friend  Mikolayism isn’t a ‘Sinophobe’. He is anti-CCP and pro-ROC.
      • - OK.I think I misunderstood him.
    • Template:Inexistent-Template - Add me?
      • - ADDED.
    • Celfloskyism - Add me? And Apple is right.
      • - OK.But I think I should look at your Self Insert page carefully first.
    • Owfism - Add me to relations?
      • - OK.
    • Yoda8soup - Add me?
      • - ADDED.
    • Glencoe- Add me
      • - OK.
    • Atronism - Could you add me? I already added you a while ago (although you never asked).
      • - OK.
    • Neo-Kiraism - add me? btw based views on countryhumans. i often like to call myself a staunch anti-reactionary revprog, but when it comes to countryhumans, im a reactionary.
      • - OK.I think in countryhumans, the heads can only be round,and the others are heretics. And almost all countryhumans cps should be banned.
    • Smarter Greeceball Thought - Can you add me?
    •  Revolutionary monarchism - Can you add me?


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