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    Situation-Blartism is the ideology of Blart, it is a combination of Situationism with the economics of Syndicalism being used instead of council communism.

    Now, Blart still believes Neo-Blartism mostly, and this is as much a component if it as it is a replacement. He also somewhat believes in Post leftism, (as in rejecting some of the more LARPy elements of the left), but stil doesn't consider himself Post-Left.

    He still likes oats, and is a Femboy


    Acts very similar to Left-Communism, will constantly go on and on about theory that no one cares about.

    Also incorporates the personality of Blartyboy himself

    Why the song is the song

    "The wizard of menlo park" is this ideology's song. Why? Its about Thomas Edison?

    I dunno. I like the sound of it. Though Thomas Edison was very good at presenting himself as a great inventor of various things, while he didn't actually do all that much, he did some things, but nowhere near as much as he presented himself, so he kinda fits the spectacle thing, but thats still a stretch.


    Best Friends



    • File:Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism - If I had a "friend but with some bad qualities" I would put you there, but I like to keep it to three. Overall, I kinda prefer your previous ideology but that had some radlibby and kinda statist aspects that don't seem to be here in your new one.
    • Post-Left Anarchism - Based stuff, but your disrespect for syndicalism and communism is unacceptable, also I disagree with you on stuff like class struggle, but fine.
    • Badempanada - I'm starting to get the feeling that the person who makes your videos and the person who makes your tweets are like, two different people.
    • Anarchism - I disagree theoretically, you do not have appropriate understanding of class struggle and the state, but in practice you can be good.
    • Left-Communism - Please do stuff, please.
    • Market socialism - Markets are not built to sustain workers self management[1] and even if it could work there are inherent problems with markets that won't just go away.


    Further information





    1. This video basically assumes that markets are the only option, but all the arguments against worker democracy in it are market-based, so whatever
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