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    Singularitism is when a totalitarian state forces people to work day and night, every second they are able, to create time travel. Howver, they are not told why. Eventually, when the time machine is created, the leaders go back in time and somehow prevent the big bang. This dictates literally every movement of every subatomic particle that has ever existed or will ever exist, in the universe, so it is edge-of imagination totalitarian. It also prevents any inequality from ever occurring, even between individual atoms, as everything exists in a singularity. It completely undoes any past inequalities that have happened between these atoms, so it is edge-of imagination leftist. It is also edge-of-imagination Trad.png Culturally Right, because it wants to go back to a time before atoms existed. However, it is distinguished from OmniBackIcon.pngOmni-Back because it not only wants to return to a pre-big bang society, but also wants to prevent it from ever happening and causing inequality. Keep in mind that this ideology was designed to be the farthest authleft ideology possible.


    • only says " . ", but translations can be anything that the character would say
    • obsessed with time travel
    • values every particle equally

    How to draw

    literally just one black pixel



    OmniBackIcon.pngOmni-Back - . (translation: Based, but why not make it so that the big bang never happened in the first place?


    Everyone else

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