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    Silly Chimpism is the ideology of the PolCompBall user Silly chimp, he is the slightly more radical version of METBOL.png Metbolism. He is also a devout Lutheo.png Lutheran and a lover of Monkey.png Monkes.

    Unlike regular og Metbolism, Silly Chimp is an RelNat.png Religious nationalist He is slightly more authoritarian and believes in establishing a Russia/Poland/Hungary style authoritarian government through democratic elections.

    He is culturally right to far-right, semi-authoritarian and economically center-right. Believing in a Tradcon.png Traditionalist state, with a regulated market economy and a Confess.png Confessionalist approach on politics and religion.




    Welf.png Economics Cap.png

    He believes that Cap.png Capitalism is flawed but is the best economic system we currently have, he believes that by regulating capitalism we can get rid of the degeneracy and inequality, consooming and monopolization it sometimes causes. He still believes that we should maintain free markets and competition, and only have equal opportunity and not equal outcome. He supports a moderate amount of Welf.png welfare so people can get some benefits like le healthcare (America bad haha) and education and some nice gibs and shieet.

    Nation.png Nationalism RelNat.png

    He is a Religious Nationalist RelNat.png he believes in a Greater Finnish state and prioritizing Christian immigration, he used to be an Ethnonat.pngEthnic Nationalist until he realized that it is un Christian and the problem isn't non white immigration but non Christian immigration, he was too lazy to make a new self insert so he just edited this page. He also believes in Irridentism.png Irredentist claims in Karelia and a Pan-Nationalism.png Pan-Nationalism inspired sense of unity between Finns and Karelians.

    Eccon.png Environmentalism Agrnac.png

    He is a pretty unique type of environmentalist. He believes that the key to saving the planet is a gradual return to a simpler way of life where people hunt, fish, farm and consume locally. Basically an Farm.png Agrarian Traditionalist lifestyle revival. However he is not a luddite or primitivist despite being opposed to Transh.png Transhumanism and Loving Monkes, he still supports SpaceCol.png Space Colonialism, cool robots, flying cars and stuff, and is an Agrarian mostly for cultural and environmental reasons rather than primitivist ones.

    ReactPix.png Technology SpaceCol.png

    See above^^^

    Bodily autonomy

    His stances are largely similar to that of Metbol, being largely against prostitution, gender transition, abortion and psychiatric medicine pill usage. Birth control, homosexuality, plastic surgery, premarital sex and masturbation should be legal, but frowned upon. Like Metbol he believes plastic surgery is only acceptable if someone suffers a severe injury; for example, if a fraction of their face was shot off.

    PCB-Transphobia.png Anti LGBT PCB-Homophobia.png

    Like Metbolism, he is in favor of creating LGBT-free zones as a means of countering "LGBT ideologies". This typically means that displays of public LGBT pride and the teaching of LGBT ideologies in schools is disallowed, as well as most other issues concerning the LGBT community, such as testosterone/estrogen implants or puberty blockers, and the aforementioned subjects spoken of in the Bodily Autonomy segment.

    Unconditional free speech

    He supports unconditional free speech on the internet and often believes that "hate" speech can be quite based too.

    Conmon.png Monarchy

    He supports a House of Hesse Kassel Conmon.png Constitutional Monarchy that Finland was supposed to have once, believing that it is a vital part of conserving tradition and unifying the nation. However this is not a very important part of his ideology.

    ProtTheo.png Religion Lutheo.png

    He supports Lutheranism staying as the state religion of Finland, he want's a revival of traditional Conservative Lutheranism, this meaning that he wants to restore the Social Conservatism of the Church and is against things like ordination of women and of course gay marriage. He identifies as a very traditional High-Church Orthodox Lutheran and wants to keep Lutheranism as "Catholic" as possible with as little EvangeliBaptiPentecostal dipshit influences like gospel music and stuff.

    Kingism.png Gender roles Tradwife.png

    He dislikes most feminist movements due his belief that Men and Women are fundamentally different in roles and biology, and that he believes these differences are important to the functioning of society at every single level. However, he still believes that Men and Women are equal in rights and nobody should be forced to act according to traditional gender roles, except among the clergy since he is against the ordination of women.


    He is against abortion for both moral and religious reasons believing it should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, mothers life or health in danger or the first weeks when it's literally just a clump of cells.

    Personality and hobbies

    Silly Chimpism is a devout Lutheran and an extreme Finnish nationalist, he supports a Greater Finland to liberate Finno-Ugric Karelians and unite them under one flag. The reason he loves Monkey.png Monkes so much is beacause they are basically humans but funny and never bother themselves with shit like politics, which is why funny Monke memes and videos are a great way for him to clear his head. Many of the based communities he follows on the internet also love Monkes.

    His hobbies include, lifting weights and working out (obviously since every chad right-winger needs to do this), Snowboarding, Cross-country skiing, reading books and occasionally Polcompball stuff on the internet. (Duh!) One important hobby for him worth mentioning is Judo, he likes martial arts believing that it is a very chad sport, great for self-defence and shit, and also really fun once you start learning it.

    He loves based stuff on the internet and social media and browses it quite a lot. (Not in an unhealthily obsessed way.)

    And he also hates the modern degenerate world A LOT.

    How he would have voted in Finnish elections

    • 1907 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1908 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1909 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1910 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1911 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1913 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1916 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1917 - Nation.png - Young Finns Party (Swallows faction)
    • 1919 - Monarch.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1922 - Monarch.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1924 - Monarch.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1927 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1929 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1930 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1933 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1936 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1939 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1945 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1948 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1951 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1954 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1958 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1962 - Natcon.png - National Coalition Party
    • 1966 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1970 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1972 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1975 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1979 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1983 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1987 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1991 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1995 - Christianright.png - Finnish Christian League
    • 1999 -Euroscept.png- Finns Party
    • 2003 -Euroscept.png- Finns Party
    • 2007 -Euroscept.png- Finns Party
    • 2011 -Euroscept.png- Finns Party
    • 2015 -Euroscept.png- Finns Party
    • 2019 -WelfChauvin.png- Finns Party


    Good friends


    • Identi.png Identi2.png Identitarianism - DEFEND EVROPA! Not from non whites but from non Christians, The pan Europeanism is also kinda cringe tho, i prefer having my own lil country.
    • Soccap.png Social Capitalism - Almost perfect economy, just move the focus point a bit more from welfare and more towards jobs and opportunities.
    • Natcon.png National Conservatism - Definetly the most based mainstream ideology, i'll gladly vote for you!
    • Rpop.png Right-Wing Populism - Yeah, same as above!
    • Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism - Otherwise based but not perfect economics.
    • Conmon.png Constitutional Monarchism - Preserve tradition.
    • Tradcon.png Classical Conservatism - Very based but needs more nationalism and then it's perfection.
    • Fiat.png F.I.A.T - I could always watch those leftoids be eaten by lions! LOL :D
    • Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Could move a bit less economically right and more authoritarian, but overall a pretty based dude.
    • Typicalfan icon.png Typicalfan1ism - Not bad tbh...
    • File:Neo Daveism.webp Neo-Daveism - Still super fucking based for a Socialist.
    • ChristConservF.png SomeCrusaderism - Based but kinda too moderate. Still made me realize that Ethnic Nationalism is un Christian. Also sometimes shills to progressive ideas a little bit.
    • Typicalfan.png Neo-Typicalfan1ism - Good values, just isn't that fanatical about them as i am, also a bit too libertarian and economially right wing, but otherwise alright.
    • Typicalfan2.pngTypicalFan1 Thought - Pretty close to perfection, a little too moderate and libertarian, otherwise very based.

    Positive Frenemies

    • Fash.png Fascism - I sometimes really sympathize with you and i'm willing to work with you, but I won't support you because i'm somewhat more democratic than you and not a Corporatist.
    • Conserv.png Conservatism - Not cringe at all, but really boring and too moderate. What exactly are you trying to conserve?
    • Nazcaptransh.png Heinrich-Cheungism - Overall a pretty based dude with a nice personality and all, but your ideology seems a little... weird.... and...dystopian. Also is a.........WEEB!
    • Lpyapersonicon.png Lpyapersonism - Pretty based otherwise but cringe multiculturism and way too economically right-wing.
    • NEOMETBOL.png Neo-Metbolism - Mostly still as based as og Metbolism and i genuinely wouldn't mind living under this. Cringe Anarchism and Socialism tho...
    • JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism - Wayyy too economically right and a bit too libertarian and anti-environmentalist, but otherwise quite based, i'm just gonna put this in positive frenemies beacause you are a frenemy of the Inkybusters.
    • Oiboioiismicon.png Oiboioiism - You are a great based ally in the fight against the leftoids and i am glad you are back, however i am still aware that you might be a larper which is why i am a bit cautious about you.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Based chud! But sometimes just an edgy degenerate who makes me want to commit die...
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - Based chud! But sometimes just an anti-woke consoomer who makes me want to commit die...
    • Rwsjw.png Right-Wing SJW - This was actually relatable back when i was an edgy teen, now this is just understandable, but not relatable anymore.
    • Nothisispatrick.png Daveism - Mostly pretty based tbh, minus the Socialism.

    Negative frenemies

    • Deepe.png Deep Ecology - Animals should have some protective rights, but they are not our equals! Pentti Linkola was based tho ngl.
    • Potashism.png Potashism - Cringe ideology, but is an inkybuster which is based.
    • Euanism - Cringe ideology, but a nice dude.
    • Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism AdmAlt icon.png - You're a cringe leftoid but a fairly decent and respectable one, not hyper cringe.


    • Libtard.png Liberalism - Libtard!
    • MiniWholesome.png Wholesome 100ism - Reddit soy, i don't like reddit, the people there, their views on everything, the communities.... just so full of soy...
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Antisemitism is cool and all but why did you have to start such a horrible world war and commit mass genocide? Also you kinda ruined Christianity.
    • Gay.png LGBTism - Your movement is literal trash!
    • Trans.png Transgenderism - Oh you're transgender, name every suicide method!
    • File:Catarchytangle2.png Catarchy - Well... this just sounds like a typical dystopia so i'm gonna put it here. Still better than Airisuism tho...
    • Inky-sprite.png Inkyism - I almost find it hard to believe that people with this cringe unironic ideologies actually exist. Also a cringe janny tyrant. (Haha Inkyism more like Stinkyism!) But he has made a few good decisions during his reddit mod+discord mod+wiki mod giga basement dweller career.
    • ProgNeoCorp.png Progressive Neo-Corporatism - Yeah... pretty cringe.
    • United Russia.png Putinism - Based Social Conservatism and a fellow Judo lover, but is standing in the way of Greater Finland, and a bit scary sometimes. Also mega fucking corrupt and a kinda shit leader tbh..
    • Progchrist.png Christian Progressivism - b...BuT JeSus SaY nO jUdGie!111!! ThaT mEan BeiNg ConsErvAtiVe SiN!111!!!

    Sworn enemies

    • Neoairisu.png Neo-Airisuism - Lmao, the annoying Trans-Anarcho-Weebist is now a Rojava larper too!
    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - Do people seriously still believe in this old fart of an ideology lmao.
    • PCB-Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - FUCKING CRINGE ASS LOSER.
    • Anqueer.png Queer Anarchism - Hello cringe department this is an emergency!
    • Anfem.png Anarcha Feminism - What 0 pp does to a girl.
    • Prog.png Progressivism - SOY
    • SJW icon.png SJW - Crybaby.
    • CHAZism-icon.png CHAZism - Haha get rekt!
    • Antifa.png Antifa - How about you bash deez nuts on yo face soyboy.
    • Vaush.png Vaushism - Goddamn horse cock loving, child porn watching, retarded ass neckbeard leftoid.
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - Starving commie scum.
    • PCB-Airisu.png Airisuism - If cringe was an ideology.
    • Oofit icon.png Oofitism - YUCK!
    • AirOof.png AirisuOofitism - Double EW.
    • Kirakween.png Kira Kween Thought - *SIGH* Very bruh...
    • Samikakoism ball.png Samikakoism - Ew, i stepped in shit!
    • Plend-icon.png Plenderplarism - What the fuck?
    • Incel.png Incelism - Absolute degenerate coomer stinky poop ideology, you are to me what TERFS are to queer feminists. Holy shit go outside and touch grass and take a shower and talk to women and stuff like that...


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