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    Silasism is the newest self-insert of the user Sorcerersilas is here. it is culturally center-left, economically center-left to left-wing, civically libertarian, and diplomatically syncretic.


    Competition Laws

    I want to return to the anti-trust laws of Progressive-Era America. This is what I would do to crack down on corporations:

    • Break up all existing monopolies and trusts.
    • Crack down on survelliance by tech corporations.
    • Prevent the conglomeration of already existing corporations.
    • Cut off all corporate subsides.
    • Ban corporate lobbying. (AKA corruption disguised as activism)
    • Prevent corporations from keeping workers from getting breaks.

    Also, the idea of corporate "personhood" is absolutely idiotic. Corporations are not people, I don't care what Mitt Romney says.

    Workplace Democracy

    Workplace democracy has been proven to be generally beneficial. I think that workers should ideally own the means of production, the they get less profit while doing more work, while for the rich it's the other way around. Here's how I'd like to encourage workplace democracy:

    • Implement a Marcora Law; In other words, a law that allows unemployed workers to use their entire alloted amount of unemployement money to create a coop, thus both lowering unemployement and expanding workplace democracy.
    • Prevent large private corporations from crushing cooperatives.
    • Fund cooperative development funds (pretty much what they sound like, funds to develop cooperatives)
    • Give tax breaks and the like to cooperatives.
    • I think that Employee funds (basically, a socialist version of SWFs) are the ideal way to transition to market socialism, even though I think they might not be achievable in the modern day.


    I'm pro-union. In my opinion unions are important for maintaining worker's rights and should not be suppressed. However, I think that guilds might deal more competently with stuff like that.


    I think guilds are a good way to organize the economy. There would be guilds for certain trades. Due to this businesses in guilds could talk about problems that the trade is collectively having and fix it. Workers can get more representation in their workplace through guilds too.

    Universal Basic Income

    I think that universal basic income is a good way to reduce poverty in an unmessy, non-bureaucratic way, and I view it as necessary due to the rise of automation. "But people will just become lazy and quit their jobs!" Universal basic income was implemented through the Alaskan Permanent Fund in Alaska and a 2018 paper showed it didn't have any effect on employment. "Then poor people will just use it to get drunk and high!" While drug sales may be more noticable in poor communitees, drug use is equally distributed among poor, middle class, and wealthy communities.


    Taxes I want are:

    • High land value tax.
    • High wealth tax.
    • Inheritance tax. (for the ultra-rich, not average people)
    • Environmental taxes.
    • Low corporate tax.
    • sales tax on unhealthy foods and drugs.


    I view housing as a human right and think that the housing crisis is one of the biggest current issues in the world. In addition to high LVT to punish land hoarding, I also am a staunch YIMBY, believing that overly restrictive zoning laws are one of the main reasons behind the housing crisis and want to initiate a government program devoted to building more houses and providing more housing, not unlike Finland's Housing First program. bad housing isn't the only reason why i'm a YIMBY, other problems with single-family housing is isolation (Hard to talk with your neighbors when you're in a surban house), environmental destruction (Obviously car-centric cities aren't good for the environment), and racism (A lot of the zoning laws we still have were originally made for racial segregation and continue to trap blacks in low-income neighborhoods). Also, Landlords should need to get real jobs first. I'm also against rent control, because while it may protect people who have landlords from landlords, it doesn't protect people who don't have landlords. My ultimate goal would be to have the majority of housing be owner-occupied, cooperative, guild-owned, state-owned, or muncipalized.


    It depends. While free trade can be done well, with some countries having benefitted highly from free trade, this doesn't mean free trade is always good, with free trade sometimes leading to corporations getting too much power, workers being exploited, human rights-abusing countries gaining more power, and other problems. These should be combatted, sometimes with protectionism. However, at the same time, overly high tariffs are bad, as they have a tendency to have bad effects for the economy and lead to cronyism, with the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act being a prime example. So overall my stance on this can be summed up as cautious, both when it comes to free trade and protectionism.


    Transport, national parks, healthcare, water, electricity, education, libraries, and in general basic utilities will be nationalized.


    One thing for sure is that America's healthcare system is horrific. I believe since that healthcare is essential to survival, it is therefore a right. I'm in favor of transitioning to a single-payer healthcare system.


    Due to automation being on the rise, work will eventually stop becoming a necessity, because automation will eventually completely replace it and all our jobs will be done by technology. The thing about work is, most jobs are already pointless. if you have a job, it's likely that you're contributing as much to society as the unemployed, and your job could either be (A) replaced with technology, or (B) doesn't really need to exist in the first place.


    I think the agricultural sector should be organized in a way similar to the Mondragon Corporation, So agriculture can thrive while small competitors in agriculture are still protected and have say in their business.

    The World

    Nationalism or Globalism?

    I view nationalism and globalism as double-edged swords. For nationalism, Unity of one's country is always a good thing, and it's completely understandable to want sovereignty for your country if said country is a victim of Imperialism. However, being too obsessed with your country can lead to ideologies like Ultranationalism, Jingoism, xenophobia, racism, and Irredentism, and it's bad to close your country off from the world. As for globalism, International cooperation is a good thing, but globalism can also lead to imperialism with a mask of "spreading freedom".

    Military Spending

    How much money you should spend on military depends on the country, but for the USA we need to spend a fuck ton less on the military. I mean, come on, by 2021 $801 billion was spent on the military! I also like how neocons/neolibs are like "how are you going to pay for healthcare?" and then refuse to cut spending on our obviously overbloated military budget.

    East Or West?

    Neither, both are shitty.

    Foreign Policy

    I'm a non-interventionist. If you look at history, intervention usually makes countries worse rather than better. I mean, most countries we intervene in in the modern day are in very bad condition. When a country is in bad condition, it's pretty simple that war isn't gonna make it better. that said, I'm not always anti-intervention- I mean, I think we can all agree intervention against Nazi Germany was justified.


    I'm generally pretty lax on immigration, And think that we should give illegal immigrants the path to citizenship, but only as long as they don't have a criminal record. That said, in emergencies we might need to close our borders. Also, I think immigrants who don't know English should be given basic English lessons as part of the path to citizenship.

    Social Issues


    I mean, they aren't hurting anyone so who gives a shit? Being bisexual myself, I don't see anything wrong with being attracted to the same sex, and I think marriage is no matter of the state. That said, while transitioning should be allowed, not until 18, and I also dislike the idea of Pride Month, believing that it exists for the interests of corporations, not actual LGBT people.


    Soft drugs should be legalized (albeit taxed and regulated), while use of hard drugs should be decriminalized while dealing hard drugs is criminalized. Incarceration is a horrible method to deal with drug dealing, and, as shown with the War on drugs, al incarceration really does is cause poverty and ruin the lives of the victims of drug dealing, while drug dealing itself thrives. In fact, if the war on drugs never happened, I'd say that drug dealing would be much less of a problem than it is today.

    Sex Work

    I prefer a Nordic model approach to prostitution. As for pornography, I have no problem with it as long as it's consensual and regulated.


    I consider myself a feminist. I think gender equality is an essential part of society that should be protected. I dislike traditional gender roles, as I believe they're unnecessary to society and hurtful to both men and women. As for abortion, first and second term abortion be legal, but not third term unless in the case of rape, incest, if the mother's life is in danger, or other situations like that.

    Mainstream Media


    Indigenous Rights


    Technology & Environment

    Opinions on Ideologies



    Libertarian Market Socialism - liberty, markets, and workplace democracy are all based.

    Social Libertarianism - People should be free from poverty as much as they are free from the state.

    Anti-Authoritarianism - Down with fascism, communism, and monarchism!

    BritMonkeyism- Very epic youtuber.

    Tridemism- Sun Yat-Sen was a hero who put an end to the Qing Dynasty and was basically the chinese George Washington. All three of your principles are based.



    Titoism- Dictator, which is cringe, and 20% unemployment also isn't good, but since you were established workplace democracy and fought against the axis powers, you're a whole lot better than other dictators.


    State Socialism - Worst form of socialism.

    Neoconservatism - Words cannot express how much I hate you.

    Ethnic Nationalism- Yeah, no. nationality should be based on similar principles and citizenship, not ethnicity.

    Racial Nationalism - Ethnat but even more stupid, imagine thinking that citizens are only legitimate if their skin is a certain color.

    All Fascists- being edgy isn't a political ideology.

    Opinion on self-inserts


    • Tomjazzism// (97/100)- Very similar to me, except more radical and having some different views on philosophy.
    • Novoscarletism //- Me but more culturally conservative and authoritarian.
    • Owfism /- Mostly based, although I don't like e-democracy or world federalism.
    • Pantheonism //- Wacky, but overall based even though there are some bad parts





    Justice by Thomas Paine

    A Primer by Peter Vallentyne





    • Tomjazzy: You should look into how the public health issues you listed as "individual choices" can be effected by environment, especially in the case of obesity. Obese people are often that way because healthy food is more expensive, and they don't have the time to prepare it. So by taxing them more and giving the obsess less healthcare, you're polices will disproportionately effect the poor.

    Add south Floridan socialism plz- tony567

    • New Model Of Cheesenism - add me pls
    1. I don't consider myself a Buddhist but think it has some good ideas
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