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    "All you need is hate."

    James N. Mason

    Siegeism is a Neo-Nazi ideology which seeks to accelerate a nuclear war in hopes of overthrowing the governments of the world to establish a white ethnostate. He is portrayed as a crazed lunatic wearing a skull mask. He will be extremely violent if necessary to achieve his goals. His views are expressed in modern day groups such as Atomwaffen division. Most members of the group embrace either Radical Forms of Islam, Christian Identity, Paganism and Neo-Nazi Satanism



    • Nazism - Heil Führer! 14/88
    • Esoteric Fascism - The black sun is always spinning and in the sky.
    • White Nationalism - For the white race and for white pride, against the inferior minorities that try to destroy the great superior white race!
    • Turnerism - turner's journals were an inspiration for the siege, you are also based.
    • Nazi Accelerationism - accelerate your hate!
    • Jihadism - the white jihad is the only option to defeat the jews who control the world!
    • Juche - we are with you korea! from the belly of the beast!
    • Jokerism - siege the fucking system,introduce a little anarchy.
    • Crusadism - White crusade!


    • 09Aism - some of us follow your doctrines but others think you are a pseudo-Nazi degenerate.
    • Guevarism - your ideas about guerrillas are good, but stop being such an international commie
    • Islamic Theocracy - islam creates strong men but some of us are islamophobes.
    • Homofascism - some of us like yaoi 0w0
    • Stransserism - some of us think you're sexy uwu
    • Illegalism - stealing, burning, and commiting murder are all based based, but you do not align with any ideology.


    • Police Statism - KILL THE POLICE!!!
    • Jewish Theocracy - Fucking Jews, one day we will eradicate you subhuman scum, GAS THE JEWS!
    • Zionism - Israel is the country where degeneration spreads and it is not legitimate!
    • Trumpism - Trump is a globalist, not an ethno-nationalist, he is a lover of Jews!
    • Anti-Fascism - You fucking cultural Marxists, we will kill you motherfuckers!
    • Black Lives Matter - NO THEY DON'T!!
    • Bidenism - Biden is the clear example of degenerate cultural Marxism!
    • SJW - You f*ggots will be executed by my gun!
    • Marxism - More like Karl Marxcuck!
    • Nazi-Maoism - Yes, we raided your server, any problem?
    • Gypsy Crusaderism - I'm harassing you, slanderer!
    • Alt-Right - STOP CALLING US "siegefags" YOU FAKE NAZI!!

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