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    Siamese Catism believes that every human should be owned by a Siamese Cat

    Some of this ideology's followers want cats to rule humanity, with Siamese cats being at the head of leadership, but most just want to live in houses so they can knock stuff over and condescendingly look at their human.




    • Nekoism - The purity of Siamese cats must not be tainted by humans.
    • Human Nationalism - You will never rule me, but your kind may stay to be our slaves.


    • Kittie's Law - You aren't even a cat!
    • Bingusism - Cat culture being appropriated by humans is disgusting!

    Further Information


    A photo of Calypso, crown princess of the Longhouse

    The founder of Siamese Catism is Calypso, this Siamese cat. She is crown princess of the Longhouse, the name given to her human's dwelling. After her brutal takeover of the Longhouse as a young cat, she got ideas that cats in general were better than the weird humans. She quickly become a tyrant. After she found out that other cats were generally lazy, she became convinced that Siamese cats were superior due to being more active.

    Currently, she rules the Longhouse with an iron paw, knocking things over, going where she pleases, and demanding to be scratched under the chin. She also enjoys ordering her human to carry her around on their back and getting cans of delicious soft food.

    Her plans for the future are to eat more food, sleep more, and conquer humanity to create the Empire of the Siamese Cat, although the vacuum cleaner (her arch nemesis) seems to be preventing at least one of these goals.


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