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    Showa Kraterocratic Capitalism

    Showa Kraterocratic Capitalism is a fictional ideology that emerged across fictional countries in the NationStates, specifically The Crapanese Empire and (to some extent) The Teikoku of Greater Eastasia. Even with some differences, it still preaches a totally totalitarian government, which eliminates civil liberties, autocracy, a free market and corporatocratic economy, esoteric rituals, similarities with the Japanese empire and nuclear armament.

    • The Crapanese Empire Model: is based on the fictional country mentioned before, in which it preaches an economy based on slavery and war crimes, an extremely corrupt government and unknown criminality. Other features would be mandatory conscription, gun control and a somewhat bad economy.
    • Greater Eastasia Model: a more "lite" version of the previous one, in which it preaches an oppressive, corrupt government, Shinto fundamentalism, free market economy, especially black people and sacrifices with human beings. Other features would be 3-story baby carriages, no more divorces, a ban on contraception and mandatory organ harvesting.

    Personality and Behaviour

    He acts like a cross between an exploitative businessman, a Japanese war criminal and a generic dictator/general.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill in with white.
    3. Draw the Japanese imperial, only with the color yellow
    4. Draw the Nazcap symbol underneath
    5. Draw the omega symbol in blue at the top
    6. Draw Hideki Tojo's glasses with an angry expression
    7. Design the Japanese military hat, based on Hideki Tojo
    8. It's done!




    • Dengism - いくつかのクールな理想を持っている人もいますが、あなたは中国人で穏健であり、武士はあなたを切り倒します


    • 文字通り残り - あなたは儀式で生け贄に捧げられます

    Further Information

    The Crapanese Empire
    The Teikoku of Greater Eastasia

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