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    Shapiroism is a culturally and economically right-wing and economically libertarian ideology based on the philosophy of Ben Shapiro, a famous American conservative political commentator and activist. It's core principles lie in constitutionalism, American exceptionalism, interventionism, cultural conservatism, and memes.


    Shapiroism follows the Chicago school of economics, notably influenced by the works of Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman. As such, it is opposed to the majority of economic regulations, additional taxes and the rates of many taxes, advocating significant cuts to both said tax rates and government spending. It also describes itself as "supply-side economics", being more concerned with the ability of producers to sell and create their products than the ability of consumers to buy, stating that efforts by the state to manufacture demand only lengthens recessions and slows economic growth.

    Politically, Shapiroism draws most of its ideas from the American constitution, such as federalism and limited government, focusing largely on the first, second and tenth amendments in the Bill of Rights: the right to free speech, religion and assembly, uncontrolled by the state; the right to bear arms (the opposition to government regulation on the manufacture, provision and ownership of firearms); and devolved political power, where the federal government has very few, enumerated powers and the state and local governments have far more specific powers over the region.

    Shapiroism views the government only as a necessary evil, and that it's role should be only to defend the life and property of its people, hence the need for checks and balances on its power. It also believes in devolved power due the benefit of political homogeneity, as there will be less conflict among the inhabitants of a given region over changes in law if the vast majority of people who live there are politically similar, an outcome more likely when decisions are made on a smaller scale. However, despite being economically libertarian, he has been criticised as too civically authoritarian for supporting things like a powerful police force and bans on abortion and most drugs (not including weed, although he did used to want to ban that too).




    • Trumpism - You're morally corrupt but your better than Biden.
    • Labour Zionism - You think Jews should have Israel but you're also a socialist.


    • SJW - Facts don't care about your feelings.
    • Feelism - I suppose you're supposed to be what happens when feelings don't care about facts.
    • Liberal Socialism - Why won't you send me feet pics?
    • Alt-Right - This asshole is constantly trying to harass me on twitter.
    • Racial Nationalism - Racism is bad. Except when it is against those heathen Arabs.
    • Nazism - Evil man who kills Jews.
    • Fuentesism - STOP TRYING TO GROYPE ME!
    • Bundism - Anti-Zionist... Jews? DOES-NOT-COMPUTE, ERROR ERROR ERROR SYSTEMS... SHUTTING... DOWN...
    • Jewish-Nazism - I'm sorry boy could you repeat your name again.
    • Fergusonism - Oh fuck, I can't believe you've done this.


    Further Information




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    • Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans
    • The Right Side Of History
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    • Porn Generation


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