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    Shaggerist Quarkism is an ideology similar to File:Quarkism.png Quarkism, which aims to have society be a paradise for science to create the best life for its citizens. However, it differs from usual Quarkism in the fact that the science is only used to please non-degenerates, or just any white people. It aims to accomplish this via. the use of Shaggerism, where the businesses will be used to accelerate the technological progress via. corporatist means. The technological progress accomplished by the society will also be used to improve the meta-physical life of the society's best Christians, somewhat like metaphysical transhumanism.

    Political Organisation

    Shaggerist Quarkism would be run under an Absolute Monarchy. The king would be trusted to be a genius and use the internet and the metaphysical world to help improve the life of his citizens.

    Economic Organisation

    The economic organisation of Shaggerist-Quarkism would be a Corporatist state, that guides its businesses to accelerate technological progress as its #1 goal above all.

    Societal Organisation

    In a Shaggerist Quarkist society, there would be a maintained white majority, and it would be ensured that these people would be good Christians too. The Christianity part helps as this allows them to enter the meta physical realm, where more innovation can take place. To do this, the society would be run under a Christian Theocracy and use Ethnonationalist tactics to ensure the technology is being used by the right people.

    How to Draw

    File:Shagquark flag.svg
    Flag of Shaggerist Quarkism





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