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    The Sexocracy Compass is a compass that deals with Sex Doers. It puts sex-based ideologies on two spectrums: Furry vs. Human and Softcore vs. Hardcore.



    This is the quadrant that houses Sexocracy.png Sexocracy, the basic ideology of sex-doers as well as other basic sex ideologies. This quadrant follows the age of consent and other types for those rules. An example of an ideology in this quadrant would be Black Guy.png Black Sexocracy, Kaksex.png Kakistocratic Sexocracy, Pornocracy, Ramranch.png Ram Ranch Model, Ansex.png Sex Anarchism and of course Sexocracy.png Sexocracy

    Human Softcore

    This quadrant shows ideologies that never had sex, but uses sexual activities such as masturbation (or just being addicted to porn). The extremist here are mostly anti-sex and want to make sexual activities illegal. This is the most basic quadrant, where most ideologies reside. An example of an ideology in this quadrant would be Anjizz.png Anarcho-Jism, Coomerismicon.png Coomerism, Cummunism.png Cummunism, CumCap.png Cumpitalism, FH.png FuturisticHubism, File:Liquidjism.png Liquid-Jism in this compass and Virginocracy.png Virginocracy or even NatAce.png Acenationalism, State Asexuality in the off-compass of this quadrant.

    Human Hardcore

    I don't really know why I must explain the quadrants, but anyway, Human Hardcore mostly want things like rape and sexual torture to be a normal thing. An example of an ideology in this quadrant would be File:Anarcho-Cockandballtorturismf.png Anarcho-Cockandballtorturism, Cactusupyourassismflair.png CactusUpYourAssism, Maso.png Masochism, with Ingcock.png Ingcock and File:09Aism.png 09Aism being off-compass in this quadrant.

    Furry Hardcore

    This quadrant mostly wants to legalise attractions towards animals. Very few ideologies are in this quadrant, but Mudkip.png Mudkipism, Some forms of Brony.png Bronyism, Zoophilia and PMNM.png Crabbyism in all its forms would be here.

    Furry Softcore

    The quadrant of most Furry.png Furries, It's similar to Human Softcore but it's attracted to yiff, the Furry Softcore quadrant contains most types of furry with Apfur.png Furry Apoliticism, Bakedfur.png Baked Furryocracy & Altfur.png Alt-Furry, Burnfur.png Burned Furryocracy, Furconfed.png Furry Confederalism, Nazfur.png Furry Nazism being off compass.

    Furry unity

    It's similar to Center quadrant, but wants sex with fursuits and being a furry in general. Basic Furry.png Furryocracy resides here, along with most basic furries such as (Foxite mini.png Foxiteism, Sonic.png Sonicism & Changed.png Furry Assimilationism being off compass).

    Soft Core Unity

    This quadrant houses several normal fetish ideologies such as Feet.png Feetism, some forms of Fat.png Lipostocracy, Deviant.png DeviantArtism or even File:M.Sism.png Neo Monster Schoolism

    Hardcore Unity

    This quadrant houses more open hardcore fetish ideologies such as Vore.png Voreism, Vpride.png Super Voreism and Inflate.png Inflationism


    Ideologies that are Non-Quadrant don't particularly care what their sex is like. This would include broad range ideologies like Anime Tiddieisim.png Anime Tiddiesism, which could fit just about anywhere, but also includes Apolit.png Apoliticals, who also don't care about sex.

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