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    Sexocracy is an ideology that chooses the leader based on sexual appeal. Virtually sex is funded by the state. It probably doesn't exist in real life and only some of it's ideas are borrowed from sex scandals and the concept of Harem.


    In a Sexocracy there is no financial economy. The economy is status based. There are just four statuses:

    • Rehabilitative status: This status is for criminals only. Crime in a Sexocracy would be extremely low. Only serious criminals would require rehabilitative status so the population of the Sexocracy living at this status would be very low or zero.
    • Standard status: This status would be available for everyone except those on rehab status and would provide a basic standard of living.
    • Luxury status: This status would provide a luxury standard of living and would be given to everyone who worked or was incapable of work.
    • Super luxury status: This status would be available only to 'Sexual Service Providers (SSPs)' who in today's society would be described as prostitutes and/or pornographic models. SSPs would have the highest levels of luxury and also would be the most respected and adored members of Sexocratic society.

    In a Sexocracy everyone would be able to fulfill their sexual desires because of the accessibility of SSPs. They wouldn't have to feel guilty about using SSPs as the SSPs would enjoy the highest levels of luxury and using their services would be considered natural and healthy. Also drugs would be legalized and regulated for adult use.

    The leader in Sexocracy is The most attractive according to any means of measurement this person can also be the highest status in the sextual hierarchy also known as the Sex lord, who is either the constitutional head of state or the direct leader of the state.

    Economic Concept

    In a Capitalist Sexocracy, trade will flourish under the OnlyFans system and Sexual Service Providers will only serve your listing desires.


    1. Become Hot
    2. Get some sex partners & sex toys
    3. Learn to create pornography
    4. Earn money from said pornography
    5. Get a harem & throw sex parties
    6. Assert you status as the Sex Lord


    Moderate Sexocracy

    Moderate sexocracy is a variant of sexocracy that focuses on erotica instead of explicit sex.

    Naturalist Sexocracy

    Naturalistic sexocracy is a type of naturalism that focuses on sexualized nudity.

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color the ball salmon
    3. Add eyes and you're done
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Salmon #ECBCB4 236, 188, 180
    Red #E10600 225, 6, 0




    • Plutocracy - The real wealth is in everyone's pants and drive, buddy.
    • Capitalism - Brothels complement my system quite well, but what's up with ya Sperm banks?
    • Corporatocracy - Just because the Sex lord makes porn, doesn't necessarily mean they have to be a company CEO. Corporate Sex Republics are based though.
    • No Foodism - God job loosing weight, but being too thin won't get ya fucked.
    • Feminism - Some of you are prosexual but others are too critical of sex.
    • Wholesome 100ism - You're a real good circlejerk of a community, but many of y'all are complete virgins.
    • Ingcock - Nice Cock! Hmmm, time for the durability test, ay?
    • Homoconservatism - Gorgies are great, and bi men are more likely to become the Ultimate Sex Lord through their openness, but why do you want to conserve archaic and dogmatic institutions?
    • Anarcho-Naturism - Filming orgy porn with your friends on the beach is an incredible experience, but don't you think it's more fun to actually wear something before you get started?
    • Apoliticism - Also likes to rub meats, but still cares about his "wife" even though he keeps calling her annoying.
    • Femboyism - Yo femboy thighs! Wait, wdym some of you guys aren't this due to your submission fetish?


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