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    Serbian Socialism is economically far-left, anti-capitalist and anti-centrist. Despite having a socialist market economy, it's staunchly opposed to Dengoloids and theit Vietnamese puppet, often calling them "Revisionists". He's also a great fan of both Anti-Capitalism and Anti-Centrism, and he's ULTRA-patriotic. On the cultural side, he's moderately progressive but opposed to nuclear for producing energy (but he wants to use it for weapons).

    Personality and Behavior

    Really nervous and revolutionary, wants to eradicate centrism and anti-interventionist economies from the Balkans BY ANY MEANS AND COSTS NECESSARY.

    That icons stuff

     / / / 

    CoMmUnIsM No fOoD, yet another stereotype

    Dear Libtards, open your ears: YUGOSLAVIA HAD A FOOD SURPLUS YOU PRICK!!! Now close it, кретени.


      Aleksandar Franjo Ivanović Serbia/Italy




    As a Multiculturalist, we should stop our rivalry and defeat Kosovo.

    Movements that I wanted to help

    • The 1st Serbian Revolt
    • The Red Army
    • The 1919 German Communist Revolts
    • The Hungarian Soviet Republic
    • The Labin Republic
    • The Spanish POUM
    • The AVNOJ
    • The Castroist Rebels in Cuba

    Theory i'm reading


      The Selected Works of Enver Hoxha


    Every single page on wikipedia about Communism, Marxism, Leninism and Revolutionary Socialism.

    Countries that need a Communist revolution right now

    Maloross- ahem, Banderovet- ahem, Uštaska Krajin- ahem, Ukraine: a fascist countr that must burn under the fire of Communism.

    China: another fascist State but that larps as a Communist one.

    Canada: it will be a great problem for the AmeriKKKans.

    The State

    Every form of government is compatible for me, from Monarchism to Left-Libertarianism, as long as it's dominated by our Socialist Party during the transition to Communism.

    Capitalism cannot be human

    Since it killed milions of workers, capitalism is not a human system.

    The Rebirth of Serbia

    Yugoslavia, and especially Serbia has always be enslaved by Imperialist, Capitalists and Fascists. Our nation should reborn and revenge under Socialism those bastards' governments with their own blood. There will be no space for Capitalism, Centrism, Neoliberalism and Globalism in the new, gloriously reborn Serbia.

    Total Equality

    There's no space for discriminations in Serbia, so we must ensure that the competent, and not the favorites, gets a good job.

    Unemployement Logics: Produce or get tf outta Serbia

    My logics are simple: work or leave, everyone must do its possible for helping the country, and so Unemployement must be eradicated creating collective farms. People who cannot work will be assisted by the State.

    C*mmie is worse than the Fag word

    Read above

    Third-World support

    I support every anti-imperialist movement, as long as it's socialist.

    What should we tax?

    We need a medium-high tax on Land (or directly expropriation (fuck off landlords)) and a low one on imported goods (haha Protectionism go brr (fuck you megacorp)). About alcohol, smoke and drugs they can be legal and slightly taxed.

    "Races" and similar bullsh*ts

    There is no races, only ethnic groups.

    Socially Progressive, Culturally traditionalist

    While we expand minority rights, we also must preserve theirs and ours traditions.

    Immigration: just accept them for God's sake!

    I am a strong supporter of Multiculturalism and Immigration because more people = more culture and workforce.

    Corporation-Funded Landlords: The new Kulaks

    I support a Redistrubution of the land if owned by a corporation or a tax if locally owned. The Land Tax depends on Wealth and Land Surface.

    Thoughts on Nations

    Stalin's Soviet Union

    Stalin's State was a totalitarian and autocratic state who claimed to be communist, while it was just Social Fascism.

    Pol Pot's Cambodia

    Cambodia was de jure communist, but it was actually something like Nazikakistocracy.

    Deng's China

    • [Comment removed by the moderator]*



    I wish an independent path to Socialism for the ROC.

    Ceausescu's Romania

    Romania under Ceausescu was a controversial State, but at least it was Socialist and repudiated the 1968 Czechoslovak Invasion

    Chavist Venezuela

    Since they aumented censorship, the Venezuelan government lost any credibility in front of me.

    Castro's Cuba

    Finally, a true communist State that isn't Laos.

    Titoist Yugoslavia

    Best. Nation. Ever.


    I partially identify as a Sandinist, so Nicaragua is the best South American State along with Cuba and Uruguay.

    Lukashenko's Belarus

    Despite his weird cultural policies, i strongly support Comrade Lukašenko.

    Populism: The falling Promise System

    I am opposed to Populism since i live in Italy and it fucked up terribly, Milošević was one of them and i don't want to illuse my people and be deposed for not respecting promises. That's why i ACTUALLY do things, not promise it.

    Is life worth it?

    For me, life is fucked up, but we can make the possible to reduced its fuckedupness.

    People who inspires me

    Svezotar Marković (Founder of the first Socialist movement in Serbia)

    Milan Gorkić (Founder of the KPJ, killed by Stalin)

      Ivan Ribar (First president of Yugoslavia)

      Koča Popović (Heroic Liberation Army Leader and later Prime Minister of Yugoslavia)

      Josip Broz Tito (You know him if not whack yourself)

      Lazar Koliševski (Third leader of Yugoslavia)

      Josip Joška Broz (Leader of Srpska Levica)

     Alijaksandar Rhioravič Lukašenka (Belarussian Leader)

      Gamal-Abdel Nasser and Ahmed Ben Bella (Best Arab leaders)

      Edvard Kardelj (Last big man loyal to Tito)

      Aleksandr Dubček and   Imre Nagy (Anti-Imperialist socialists in Eastern Europe)

      the Monster of Firenze Pietro Pacciani (only for memes)

    Foreign Policy: Moderate Approach

    I strongly believe in a Pragmatic and flexible foreign policy if non-alignment is not possible: the enemy of my enemy, if doesn't hate me, can be my friend. Did you understood NATO! JUST STOP HATING SERBS AND SOCIALISM!

    On National Identity: Multiethnic Patriotism

    Since Serbia is a Multi-Ethnic State, the term "Serbs" is wrong. All the citizens of Serbia and all the Serbs and Rusyns should create the "Serbian United Peoples". If Serbia Reunites the Balkans, same thing. "United Balkan People".

    Anti-Pacifism, not "Neoconservative Socialism"

    I support a militarist society where the President is also the highest military charge (Marshal Tito flashbacks) and the Army can replace police forces in case of emergency or anti-communist manifestation. Our neutrality must be an armed one, not like Great War Belgium.   Talking about government, a bit of democracy, with neither right-wing nor centrists can exist.

    Small Properties, an exception

    While all the bigger industries must be nationalized, for the smaller one the Leninist NEP is the way: If 20 or more workers, it goes to the State. In the other case, the owner must'nt have another industry.

    Agrarian Socialism, the best economic system for Serbia

    Since the NATO bombings of 1999, Serbia cannot be an industrialized State. So, we must empower our low agrarian production and make it our economic base. (  Also, Djordje Martinović was Serbian  )

    European Federalism and Globalism: the Antichrist

    It's impossible for me to see the whole European Continent under a Neoconservative Regime. That's why i support anti-EU organisations. Globalism is somehow better, but only from the cultural side.

    Why NATO is The New Order

    I see NATO as the rebirth of Imperialism. They destroyed half of the World and they're now targeting Russia.

    A Federal State, the only solution

    Centralism has proven to fail: Since Milošević's centralization reforms, Yugoslavia fucked up. So, we must create a fragmented Federal State for reducing ethnic tensions and misrepresentations.

    How should we treat State-owned industries?

    First of all, we must use traditional production systems. Second, factories are owned by the State, but managed by the workers and ONE Political Commissar, for avoiding anti-Socialist uprisings.

    A Communist League led by Experts

    For protecting Our Communist Party from vile, stinky Populists, we need a Expert leadership, and this means Technocratic Socialism.

    Porn and Prostitution

    Drawn porn is ok, as long as doesn'try to represent a politician in ambiguos scenes; while IRL actors must be 18+ old. Prostitution can be legal but regulated.

    The Intelectuals

    Socialist intelectuals are welcome to our new State, while capitalist of fascist ones are just EU's puppets.

    Foreign Culture

    We will allow a costant flow for foreign culture in Serbia by translating TV series, movies and books in Serbo-Croatian.

    Imperialism: an European Weapon

    Serbia must help the EU citizens to uprise against their imperialist government with Propaganda and funding of opposition.

    The Environment: a modern Crisis

    Since i live in Italy and the Environmental crisis is menacing my life with mortal heat, we must act as soon as possible by deindustrialising our economy and produce with traditional methods.

    Reform or Revolution?

    About this question, i'm syncretic: depends, as long as we don't go on the center.

    Workers' organisations

    Workers can be a member of any organisation, as long as the organisation is Communist/Socialist. I don't want another Solidarnosc.

    Why C*mmie is an Insult

    The term "C*mmie" was born in America to insult Communism. And i don't want a so bad insult. So, if you call me C*mmie, get you balls kicked by Chuck Norris.

    The Feds: An invented problem

    Honestly, why the fuck should the FBI create puppet accounts?! I hope you're joking. If you're not joking, the OZNA will send you to Goli Otok.

    Levels of Autonomy

    In a Federal State, States' autonomy will depend on Ethnic groups and Territorial Size. For Example, Šumadija, a mainly-Serb region will be less autonomous than Sandžak, Bosniak-dominated.

    Being Horny is NOT a valid reason to get banned

    Read above n*gga.


    Do your questions here.

    User Test

    Civic Axis

      •   Anarchist (-50)
      •   Minarchist (-25)
      •   Libertarian (-10)
      •   Civically Moderate (-5)
      •   Statist (+10)
      •   Authoritarian (+25)
      •   Totalitarian (+5)
      •   Orwellian (-50)

    Type of Rule Axis

      •   (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (-50)
      •   Direct Democracy (-25)
      •   Semi-Direct Democracy (-20)
      •   Representative Democracy (-10)
      •   Authoritarian Democracy (+50)
      •   Totalitarian Democracy (+5)
      •   (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (+25)

    Economic Axis

      •   Marxist Communist (+50)
      •   Non-Marxist Communist (+25)
      •   Socialist (+5)
      •   Mixed (-10)
      •   Third Positionism (+5)
      •   Liberal Economics (-25)
      •   Capitalist (-50000000)
      •   Darwinist (-50000000)
    • If none above apply...
      •   Anti-Economy (-50)

    Economic Freedom

      •   Anti-Economy (-50)
      •   Dirigisme (+25)
      •   Regulationism (-10)
      •   Mixed (-5)
      •   Liberal Economics (-10)
      •   Free Market (-50000000)
      •   Laissez-Faire (-500000000)

    Diplomatic Axis

      •   (Alter-) Globalist (-15)
      •   World Federalist (-50)
      •   Cosmopolitan (-10)
      •   Internationalist (-25)
      •   Moderate (-5)
      •   Civic Nationalist (-10)
      •   Patriotic (+50)
      •   Nationalist (+10)
      •   Chauvinist (+5)
      •   Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-10)
      •   Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-25)


      •   Western   (-50)
      •   Western Adjacent (-25)
      •   Non-Aligned (+25)
      •   East Adjacent (+5)
      •   Eastern   (+10)
    • If none above apply...
      •   Anarchistic Unaligned ()

    Cultural Axis

      •   Revolutionary (+15)
      •   Progressive (+10)
      •   Reformist (+10)
      •   Syncretic (+25)
      •   Conservative (-15)
      •   Traditionalist (-5)
      •   Reactionary (-25)

    Technological Axis

      •   Primal (-50)
      •   Primitivist (-25)
      •   Pre-Industrial (-25)
      •   Deceleration (-10)
      •   Moderate (+25)
      •   Acceleration (+10)
      •   Automated (+20)
      •   Transhumanist (+100)
      •   Posthumanist (-200)

    Environmental Axis

      •   Human Extinction (-100)
      •   Radical Environmentalism (+15)
      •   Eco-Fascism (+25)
      •   Ecocentrism (+15)
      •   Environmentalist (+10)
      •   Moderate (-5)
      •   Industrialist (-25)
      •   Anthropocentric (-50)
      •   Anti-Environmentalism (-75)
      •   New Mass Extinction (-100)

    War Axis

      •   Pacifism (+25)
      •   Non-engagement (+25)
      •   Intervention (-50)
      •   Irredentism (-5)
      •   Revachism (-25)
      •   Jingoism (-50)
    • If none above apply...
      •   Class Warfare (+50)

    Religion Axis (Optional)

      •   Original Paganism (+25)
      •   Hinduism (+10)
      •   Orthodoxy (+10)
      •   Catholicism (+10)
      •   Islam (+25)
      •   Judaism (+10)
      •   Protestantism (+50)
      •   Neo-Paganism (-10)
      •   Wicca (+25)
      •   Irreligion (-25)
      •   Satanism (either atheistic or theistic) (-666)
      •   Shinto (+5)

    Results (feel free to add)

    How to Draw

    Flag of Serbian Socialism

    The symbol used for Serbian Socialism in the polcompball is the flag of Strasserite Serbia

    1. Draw the Serbian Tricolor
    2. Add a red Star
    3. Add Hammer and Sword
    4. (Optional) add a Zastava

    Alternative Drawing

    You can also use this flag

    Flag of Serbian Socialism

    Influenced by

      Proto-Titoism (For the Yugoslav federal and Socialist management)   Liberal Socialism (For its opening to freedoms)   Market Socialism (Because the State can't manage all)   Syndicalism (For its freedom to the workers) Protestant Secularism (Believe but not make it political)   National Communism (Serbia and the Partija!)   Pepperism (About uniting Progressism, Nationalism and Socialism in one great ideology)


    Drugovi (Comrades)

    "S Titom, za tobom, kroz juriše plamne Pošli smo u odlučni boj! Partijo naša – iz pustoši tamne, – Stijeg nas je vodio Tvoj! Partijo naša – iz pustoši tamne, – Stijeg nas je vodio Tvoj!"

    Ljudi između (People in the Middle)

    •   Market Socialism we must adopt you, but STRONGLY REGULATED. Also dengoid China is not you. (Luckily)
    • File:Khomeini.png Khomeinism The Shah is no more thanks to you. But why the excessive Authoritarianism?
    •   Mladićism A good general. Just stop taking orders from   Milošević and killing Bosnians.
    •   Corbynism Sorry for what i said about you, i know that the Brexit was a Conservative Populist plot, but somebody had to do it.
    •   Anarcho-Communism My final goal and dream, but, accept the need of a transitionary State.
    •   Putinism Эх, Америка! Anyways, please stop befriending China, that's unbased!
    •   Zyuganovism Comrade, why do you support Chinese Revisionist Fascism?
    •   Allendism based socialism, cringe democracy. But i'm still sad for your end.
    •   Independence Anarchism Free Catalonia! But Balkans stays united!
    •   Peronism Ok. You seem good. Let me close an eye for Populism, Third Positionism and hosting Ustaše and you're perfect.
    •   Monarcho-Socialism I'm not a great fan of monarchies, but   Democratic Federal Yugoslavia was based and Titopilled.
    •   Stalinism your help at Beograd was unpayable but C*ntralism, killing Gorkić and imponing your hegemony in the Socialist world isn't that good.
    •   Hedonism Pleasure is good, but why the fuck should i risk my life for it?
    •   Euro "Communism" Your Humanist reforms are good, while your foreign policy really sucks. (Also Hoxha was right about you, Anticommunist son of a bitch)
    •   Maoism A great helper against the Brezhnev Doctrine, but befriending the USA was shit. You're still better than modern China btw.
    •   Social Democracy Give up with Capitalism.

    Or i'll break your ass legs.

    •   Britannocommunism Just condemn Deng and the Soviet invasions please!
    •   Hoxhaism a fellow enemy against Euro"Communism" but i will never forgot Koçi Xoxe.
    • File:HueyLong.png Longism You fought the System, but you allied with the wrong people to do it. Still mainly good btw.
    •   Dimitrovism Wait, you wanted to unite with Yugoslavia, but Stalin said no so you killed Traicho Kostov?! Bro are you ok?
    •   Ceausescuism You confuse me. I've been in Romania and people is still divided about you.
    • Brezhnev Doctrine REVENGE FOR DUBČEK!!! (But letting Gierek be leader if Poland was based).

    Neprijatelji Naše Nacije (NNN lol) (Enemies of Our nation)

    • 2nd: That's a fucking paradox humanistic capitalism because it killed lots of workers.
    • 3rd: Thats literally the fucking Status Quo in Italy.

    Mi smo protiv ugnjetača I njihovih pomagača, Legionara i fašista! (We are against the oppressors and their collaborators, Legionnaires and fascists!)

    •   Right-Social Democracy F**k you, fascist with a capitalist mask! Also, 15/01/1919 never forget. R.I.P. Socialist Germany.
      •   Cope, asshole!
    •   Die, son of a bitch!
    •   Neoliberalism I am not populist, but i'm going to say it: FUCK OFF FASCISTIC CAPITALISTIC AND IMPERIALIST ESTABILISHMENT!
      •   Ahh... I feel better.
    •   Capitalist Libertarianism I'll tread on you and your mom!
    •   Dengism DENGOLOID!
    •   Xi Jinping Thought NAZI DENGOLOID!
    •   Three Represents EVEN MORE DENGOLOID!
    •   Neoconservatism "Demokratska" NATO armija, a gospodar proklet i zao!
    •   Vaushism A🅱️🅱️hole! You ruined Socialism's name all over the World!
    •   Italian Liberal Socialism I live in Italy and i identify as a Liberal Socialist, so you Craxiyte, should explain why are you socialist!  NATO?  NO!!  Euro?  FOR GOD'S SAKE, STOCA🅱️🅱️O!! Now shut up!
    •   Fake Titoists Izdajnici revolucije i Jugoslavije!!!! Kreteni!!!
    •   Getulism Anti-Communist?! IN THE FUCKING GOLI OTOK YOU MOTHERFUCKER SHITTY [Redacted]   Socdem!!!!! Oh, i forgot: Liberdade para Luis Carlos Prestes, filho da puta!!!
    •   Schleinism il Renzianismo non è di sinistra, e tu lo segui comunque?! Ma per piacere, è per questo che non voto.
    •   Soycial INJustice Warrior I don't give if i'm slightly progressive. I'm going to say it ONLY FOR TRIGGERING YOU: N-[Redacted]
      •   Micro-Aggression! Micro-Aggr-BLAM!  
        •   Haha ripbozo
    •   Anti-Authoritarianism Destroying a left-wing republic for replacing it with right-wing ministates? You are just NATO again.
    •   Nazism Fuck you Zelenskij!
    •   Djilaism Vile parasite traitor who infected Savez Komunista Jugoslavije! May you rot in the Hell, you Godless infamous fascist capitalist [REDACTED] son of a bitch. JUST KYS. Don't thank Tito for not sending you to Goli Otok, because we really wanted to send, kill and drop you in the sea there. FUCK YOU     SON OF A [Redacted]!
    •   Fake Leftism Go **** yourself stupud   succdem son of a whore satanic stupid ni🅱️🅱️er.
    •   Rankovićism Kill yourself.
    •     Markovićism YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY HOMELAND! Jebeš Markovića, ružna kurvo Zapada! Tvoje reforme su nas uništile i razdvojile!
    •   Pink Dengism I am Yugosexual and i am not homophobic, but you're an exception.
    •   Thatcherism Ding Dong the 🅱️itch is dead!
    •   Karadžicism Yet another dickhead.
    •   Sali Berisha Kosovo je srce Srbije, deal with it!
    •   Objectivism Literally my opposite. And that's literally SHIT!

    Self-Inserts Relations

    Drugovi (Comrades)

    Ljudi između (People in the Middle)

    •  Glorified Communism i barely understood but you're based.
    •   Jefbol Thought Anti-Revisionism is a bit controversial, BUT, otherwhise, good.
    •   User:Khomeinism A fellow anti-Neocuck but C*ntralism, that's gon' start a war in applied the Balkans (Insert Miloshevich joke here)
    •   Jd2842ism Ideology apart, you are good.
    •   Heredism You seem OK, but, defending capitalism is not that good.
    •   Altemism We both agree on Lutheranism and Agrarian Socialism, but C*ntralism and extreme Traditionalism? Cmon bro!
    •   Neo-Glencoeism You're too based and leftist for being an imperialist.
    •   Great British New Left You seem good. My problem with Corbyn is that he doesn't take a position about the EU.
    •   Pantheonism Monarcho-Socialism is good, but why you like the EU?
    •   UserWiki:DragonRed Socialism is good, but C*ntralism is the thing that made me a anti-R*nković.
    •   Kaylo Liberalism A SocDem, but at least not like   some son of a whore who destroyed Yugoslavia
    •   YTrojanism At least you're progressive and anti-capitalist. but that thing...  It scares me
    •   Waffenikism well... The situation is complicated, so:

    70% Good 25% Mid 5% Not so good

    Neprijatelji Naše Nacije (NNN lol) (Enemies of Our nation)

    •   Aceffism Yes, i'm an authoritarian socialist leaning towards communism. Also,

    Welfare Socialism > "Welfarist" Third Way.

    • Refined Citizenism Do i even have to say it? Ok! Damn you, heretic capitalist!
    •   Adamtheuseless Thought Progressive Capitalism? You're 30% right.
    •   Dumbassism Literally Bolsonarism-Getulism.
    •   Gooberism How is CRapitalism supposed to help the Environment? It isn't, it just help the rich people to build bottle caps that remains attacked on the bottle!
    •   Aurora Doctrine WTF is this shit?! Capitalist, Individualist, and believer of the horseshoe theory?! Ah, it's a BrazLib's puppet. Now i understand why it sucks.
    •   Mordecaism Seriously? A "Social" Libertarian?! I thought everybody understood that oxyMoron. Also, you're the true racist, asshole!
    •   TIIKKETMASTER Thought Just like if Teddy Kaczynski was not furious enough. Bruh.
    • Are you OK?! Because your thoughts are literraly the European Union. Russophobic bastard.

    Music that fits perfect (Feel free to add)

    Add the song and the ideology

    Steg Partije 5 Languages edition, Comrades, our destinity, The Song of Tito (Pesnya o Tito) and Heroj Tito (Romanian Version) Added by   Serbian Socialism


    • Yep. I've just made a trave in Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia.
    •   Temujin Leeism- add me
      • Done
    •   - Hello, please help me, they blocked me on the main page of the wiki. Tell them I will remove the Holocaust article. Tell them I didn't read the rules. Please talk to the administrators.😢🙏🏼🙏🏼
    •   DragonRed

    United Balkans under the communist government is a good idea. Add Turkey too.

      • The next year i may go in Edirne if the climate conditions arent like this year.
    •   Jd2842ism - Add me please!
      • Ok boi
    •   - Add me? Here's link
    •   Macielism - add me pls!!

    Best/Worst part of my ideology (Feel free to add)

      Eco-Socialism/  Imperialism

    Which Politician do i remind for you (Feel free to add)

      Vladimir Lenin -  
      Alexander Dugin -  


    Add your drawings here please   My old thumbnail   My favorite meme   My SapplyValues Test  

      My Fascist Elements test   My Communist Elements test   20th Century figures tier list



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