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    Serbian Radicalism (shortened to SerRad) began as a classic radical movement but later turned into a right-wing monarchist and eventually into a fascist movement.


    The Serb Radicalism was in the beginning a liberal movement which fights for democracy and even started a uprising against monarchy.

    After adoption of the constitution the People's Radical Party (NRS) focused on uniting of all Serb-inhabited lands and so became nationalist, anti-Austrian, franco- and russophile. In 1903 in the aftermath of the May Coup, Serbia finally became a constitutional monarchy and the NRS became the ruling party in Serbia and remained it in Yugoslavia after WWI.

    In 1929 a new party was founded Yugoslav Radical Peasants' Democracy which was the sole-ruling party of Yugoslavia during the Absolute Monarchy. This party become minor partner the more fascist Yugoslav Radical Union. In WWII Yugoslavia joined the Axis, in reaction of this a by British sponsored coup replaced this government which lead to the invasion by Germans and the first split of Yugoslavia.

    The Chetniks (influenced by the radicals) started a uprising against the Axis in cooperation with the Yugoslav Partisans. After the defeat of Italy in 1943, the Chetniks and the albanian Balli Kombëtar joined Germany against USSR and the Partisans.

    During the Yugoslavian Wars, the latest reincarnation the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) was founded and become one of the major parties together with the / Left Coalition which eventually formed a coalition. SRS supported the Serbian and Yugoslavian troops in the wars. The coalition was overthrown after the Kosovo War and the more moderate Serbian Progressive Party split from SRS and replaced them as main right-wing party and both Radical parties in Srpska merged with moderate conservative parties. SRS is only a minor party today.

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