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    Self-Insert European Unitism

    Self-Insert European Unitism, or SIEU for short, is an ideology that believes all european self-insert ideologies regardless of their place on the political compass should form a union to be stronger together. It is composed of various ideologies, most notably Inky-sprite.png Inkyism, MrsVzr.png Marsism-Vizirism, File:Slavreichismsmallnew!.png Slavreichism, PCB-Libtech.png Liberal Technocracy and ConSocNat.png Conservative Socialist Nationalism. It wants to counter an eventual american-centered bias on the wiki and believes the european self-inserts share a cultural background and a common experience of the current geo-political status quo that makes them able to work together and possibly put their differences aside. Many criticize SIEU however saying that it actually wants to impose a european domination over the wiki and that it considers it an uncivilized land to colonize. SIEU refuts those claims by calling everyone it disagrees with inferior savages and barbarians.

    SIEU Map.png
    Flag of Self-Insert European Unitism


    Europe's Finest

    Filthy Br*tsCball-UK.png

    Filthier Sw*ss

    Ideological tendencies

    Authleft.png Authoritarian Left

    Leftunity.png Left Unity

    Libleft.png Libertarian Left

    Libunity-yellow.png Libertarian Unity

    Libright-yellow.png Libertarian Right

    Rightunity-yellow.png Right Unity

    Authright.png Authoritarian Right

    Authunity.png Authoritarian Unity

    Centrist-yellow.png Centre

    Offcompass.png Off-Compass



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